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PAWS Volunteer Applicant Orientation and A Few Updates About This Blog

Posted by siyerwin on Monday, February 01, 2010 at 1:31 PM

There will be an orientation for new PAWS volunteer applicants on February 6, 10:00 AM, at the PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center (PARC). See map at the PAWS Website, or, if you need a somewhat more detailed instructions on how to get to the shelter, go to one of my previous posts on how to find the animal shelter.

After the orientation, there will be a seminar on humane dog catching that will be held on the same venue (3:00 PM). Local barangay officials are especially invited for this so kindly extend this invitation to your barangay officers. This humane education seminar is free and is an integral part of animal welfare groups' advocacy for the humane treatment of all animals.

A Few Updates about

This blog is still alive and kicking and although I've been out of the loop as of late, my heart is still with the animals and, pending resolution of my time management issues (hard to explain but let's just say that I now almost have two full-time jobs, among other things), I wish to resume active volunteering/blogging duties some time in the future.

I apologize to the comments here that are left unanswered. I also made a huge blunder of accidentally deleting about 5 legitimate comments so I also apologize to those who left those comments. It will be great if you guys re-post those comments as there was one there from a fellow animal lover who made a short note about his/her own animal rescue efforts. I have been doing this for years and have never made that mistake before. Other comments tend to be repeats of previous questions that I have already answered so I am working on some sort of FAQ section so please stay tuned. Those posting something about selling pets will not see the light of day on these pages (I've been working on a post about this for ages, hehe). If you wish to give away or abandon your pets, please send an email to me directly because I would like to try and change your mind. There are kinder options that you can take.

As usual, if you wish to receive quicker replies, I suggest emailing me through sherwin @ mefindhome . org

Also, you might see some weird changes in the appearance of this blog because of some changes in Google's (this blog is hosted by Google's services. I am thinking of moving the hosting somewhere but that will also entail a significant amount of time but that may be the direction this blog is going to.

Finally, thank you to those who send in their donations through this blog. Not being able to thank you personally is something I regret all the time but please know that whatever you give do help the cause and the animals that continue to bear the brunt of human cruelty and neglect. PAWS or any other animal welfare organization can't do it alone after all.

Thank you very much and see you all at the shelter! :)

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  1. 5 comments: Responses to “ PAWS Volunteer Applicant Orientation and A Few Updates About This Blog ”

  2. By Anonymous on Feb 16, 2010, 8:07:00 PM

    i'm a college student who loves animals and just die whenever i see them not in the shape that they're suppose to be in that's why i have been wanting to volunteer since last summer. would the shelter happen to be near guadalupe? and if it isnt when would the next orientation date be?

  3. By Anonymous on Mar 5, 2010, 9:27:00 AM

    Hi good morning..

    I have three unwanted kittens at home and my mom
    wants me to throw them at the river banks since I already have 2 cats. I feel bad though I know I have to coz we are just renting a small apartment and our landlord is already complaining coz mabaho daw ung tae. I dont want to throw them so i went to PARC but they told me that they dont accept kittens daw. I was really disappointed. I though institutions like PAWS cared for cats but they are very choosy. Its their job to give shelter to homeless cats right?. Even ung pag papa spay ng pusa may bayad..I cant afford to pay 1000 pesos.!!!

    Please help me..
    I need your reply today.
    You can also contact me in this no. 09398493812

  4. By Marla on Mar 16, 2010, 1:49:00 PM

    Dear Anonymous (with the unwanted kittens),

    I am sorry you have unwanted kittens, however, I hope you can understand PAWS' policy on abandonment and rehoming. PAWS encourages pet owners to be responsible and to spay/neuter their pets to avoid unwanted puppies and kittens, especially because a pet is a lifetime commitment and with that comes the expenses of owning a pet.


    PAWS has received many inquiries from people about whether they can donate their pet to the shelter, or whether the shelter can adopt their pet.

    Some reasons for such inquiries are because:
    - they are leaving the country
    - they are moving to a location that does not allow pets
    - their pets are being a nuisance to the family, landlord, neighbors, etc and need to be removed
    - they cannot afford to keep their pet in these hard times
    - it is better that they donate their pet to PAWS instead of their pet ending up with cruel people who will kill them for meat

    PAWS or the Philippine Animal Welfare Society is a non-profit charity organization dedicated to the protection and the promotion of humane treatment of all animals.

    The PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center (PARC or the PAWS Shelter) is for animals rescued from cruelty or neglect, which results in suffering or possible loss of life such as those with pending criminal cases filed against animal offenders.

    To clarify, PAWS does not adopt animals. Instead, PAWS adopts out the rescued animals to qualified people.

    With its limited resources, PAWS is unable to and will not take in pets that their owners wish to give up on or abandon.

    PAWS does not encourage people to give up their pets. In order to help pet owners, PAWS offers assistance in terms of advice, low-cost veterinary services such as low cost spaying/neutering and behavior training so that pet owners can KEEP their pets.

    PAWS strongly encourages responsible pet ownership and one of its campaigns is to remind people that A PET IS A LIFETIME COMMITMENT.

    In case rehoming is the last possible option, PAWS can assist the pet owner in finding a new loving home for the dog/cat for as long as the pet has no behavior or health problems* and are spayed/neutered* (*low-cost services for help or assistance on these problems may be coordinated with PAWS). The pet owner, however, must do their part and exert their best effort in asking their family and friends if they can help take care of their pet. Please note that pets up for rehoming will go straight from the current pet owner's home to the potential adopter's home.

    If you or someone you know is thinking of giving their pet to PAWS, please think again : Expecting PAWS to allow your pet to take up shelter space meant for an animal rescued from cruelty is unreasonable and irresponsible.

    Dealing with irresponsible pet owners takes away the organization's time and resources from animals in distress.

    If we act responsibly towards our pets, we are already doing our share in helping PAWS prevent animal cruelty by being a good example to our friends and neighbors.

    Please call PAWS at 475-1688 or email to help in distributing flyers about RPO (responsible pet ownership) and the advantages of neuter-spay for pets.

    Thank you.

  5. By janice on Mar 23, 2010, 2:42:00 PM

    haaay.... kung ma-a adopt ko lng tlga mga cutie pets nyo dito. f only i cn accomodate all of them in our house. kaso we only had a small house.hw i wish someday i cn own a big lot space para yung mga street dogs din that needs love & care ay ma-adopt ko rn. huhuhu im easily got hurt pag may nakikita at naririnig me na may sinasaktang animals. huhuhu i do love them so much more than my life....

  6. By John on May 17, 2010, 1:14:00 PM

    I am a dog lover and I spent a lot of my time, money and even my attention for my pet.
    And Having a pet gave more relieved for my tiring work. Thanks why I like your post and thank for this!
    pinoy pet network

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