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Cat Adoption Stories: Maxee, Champ and Curious George

Posted by siyerwin on Monday, March 02, 2009 at 10:44 PM

Luck, by definition, is that "force that seems to operate for good or ill in a person's life, as in shaping circumstances, events, or opportunities". It's a synchronicity of events that sometimes can lead to very curious and, hopefully, good results. Below are two stories of such circumstances in two people's lives. No they did not win the lottery. They got adopted by cats!

Maxee and Champ

Hi Sherwin,

I finally found the time to compose this mail about my cats and send you their pictures to add to your favorite gallery - adoption stories. My cats are Maxee and Champ.

Maxee was rescued by my housemate Andrea from a street near her family's place. She was very thin and weak then. She looks very pretty even if she is thin so her cousin wanted to keep her only because of the possibility she has breed. After two days, her cousin and husband can no longer keep Maxee so because of pity Drei just decided to bring her to me as a gift. Months before this i already told her my plan to buy a cat - [i didn't know about PAWS yet]. Like other adoption stories - it was love at first sight. I immediately felt her need of someone to take care of her and probably Maxee felt that i need her too. I am hesitant to have a pet then out of fear that i will not be the so-called 'Responsible Pet Owner'. But i guess, i should try to know. I just thought of using the net if i need guidance.

It was my desire to give Maxee a healthy life that i began to open 'animal welfare' links online until it brought me to PAWS. Maxee brought me to PAWS. I decided to become a volunteer and during the orientation, my housemate fell in love with a kitten abandoned by someone. At first we were hesitant again afraid that the landlady will oppose to two cats. But when we went inside the area for new cats - this same kitten whom we held for a few minutes was climbing the cage crying at the top of his little lungs - as if asking us to get him. Needless to say, we took him for foster care. We named him Champ because he had diarrhea when we took him and he is having a hard time pooping - he cries. We call him 'champion' every time he goes thru it.
A few months after, we've decided to adopt Champ as we already love him as much we love Maxee. Unfortunately, Drei has to leave and move out. But I'd like to give her the credit she deserves for her spending more time taking care of Champ during these days as i have work. She stays at home with them most of the time. She wanted to adopt Champ under her name but she is not ready yet as she does not have a stable job as of the moment. If in case she gets one and she gets Champ from me, even if it is painful for me, i'd give Champ to her because i have seen how much she loves him. Maybe, when it happens I'll be ready to foster another one. They are now both under my care for my months now.i thought i can't make it alone but i did and i can. They are now very happy and healthy cats with the help of a lot of readings, their vet - Dr. Javier of Lions Animal Clinic, and a little help from some friends and family.

Maxee and Champ have been two of the greatest gifts i got in my entire life. They make my day happy and light. Maxee wakes me up by kissing my nose or playing with my hair 10 minutes before my alarm rings everyday - i don't know how she knows the time set on alarm - maybe they are really smarter than us in ways we don't know. She is not very friendly to strangers because she is afraid of them but when she expresses her love and affection it'll melt your heart and it is always a story to tell. Champ loves to sleep beside me. He practically grew up with Maxee so he imitates everything she does. Champ is not good in heights, Maxee is, he learned to jump on the window sill probably after 100 failures[no kidding]. Maxee learned it after one failure. But Champ is very fast, he could escape when you open the door in a blink of an eye that's why i have a lock outside everytime i need to go out.

They are both very active and they play a lot. Sometimes i could see my things around the house but i still love them just the same. When i go home after work, i feel less tired. They have inspired me to do things for the animal welfare - things i never thought i can do. I am really into charity work ever since but i have always felt a bit empty as if i have not found the charity where i could permanently place my heart in to. Now - i have. I still participate in other charity events but at least at the end of the day - i could have something i could call my own. Something that is very close to my heart. Something that i could passionately talk about.

The vets confirmed that Maxee is a Siamese cat but it didn't really matter much coz whether she is a Siamese or a Puspin like Champ my love for them is just the same. They are 'my own'.


Curious George

This little guy showed up in my life at approximately 3-4 weeks old, scrawny, flea-ridden, and very sick. I did not have a camera at that time, and actually I am glad that I am unable to show how awful and sickly my little guy looked. To put it bluntly, when I rescued him I really did not expect him to last 3 days. I had rescued kittens in the past, that were more well off, that had died within a few days. I didn't know what to expect because I rescued him from a farm. The owner of the farm said that they had found a mother with 3 kittens a few days prior, so when I found him, I knew he had not eaten in awhile.

Actually, I am saying this all wrong. I did not find him, he found me. A co-worker and I were out in Davis walking in an old farmhouse, when both of us saw what we thought was a large rat run across the floor next to the wall behind some cabinets and a big blue barrel. I am not the squeemish type, and actually like rats, so I was intrigued and wanted to see this huge rat again. So as I was standing beside the barrell trying to peer behind it, my co-worker proceeded to walk around the corner away from the barrell. When, out of nowhere, what I thought was a big rat, was actually a tiny cat. He came running out and because his eyes were so clogged with crud and goop, he didn't even see that I was a human. He ran up right next to my foot and proceeded to try to hiss at my co-worker's tall shadow (as I am sure that that's what it looked like to him) as he was walking away. The soft spot in my heart instantly melted and reached down to grab him. When my long skinny fingers gripped around his tiny anemic body and he realized that the percieved shadow, he was standing next to, was alive he freaked. However, he was so sick that he had very little squirm or fight left in him and the gurgling in his chest cavity was so deep when he breathed that it was louder than the open mouth "wanna be a" hiss was. I knew in that moment, that his chances of making a recovery were slim, especially with the fact that I had no money to take him to the vet. But, I said to heck with it and I took him anyways.
He was so funny in the car while he was riding in his new cardboard oil stained box. He kept trying to escape and every time my huge shadow of a hand would reach to put him back in the box, he would try to hiss and retreat back to his box. When I got back to the office at 5p, I quickly got into my personal car and drove home. All the pet stores had closed by the time I got home, and all I could find at Raley's was infant formula for humans. My theory was that it would hold him over until I could get him some kitten formula. I grabbed the only premature baby bottle I could find and... well as you can see, he's still alive. The two pictures are of him a week and a half after I rescued him. I was bringing him to my office every day, along with every other place I went, until he was able to eat solid food. Another co-worker and I were trying to think of names for him as he was wildly crawling into every peice of mischeif he could get into on my desk, curiously looking through evrey object, when she came up with Curious George. The name stuck and he's a very curious boy. This time, curiosity SAVED the cat.
The most amazing thing is that the night prior to me finding him, my big black love-bug cat Skitzo had ran away from my new studio and I knew in my heart that I would never see him again as he too was ferile and knew how to hunt and survive in wild. I was so upset and stayed up half the night crying. I know that George was put in my life by God. He probably just didn't want me to be alone in my new studio. It is the first time I have ever lived alone, and I was already scared. He has used the litter box since the day I brought him home, and I have never had a problem with 'accidents' on the floor. He brings me constant joy. He is always there by the door to greet me when he hears me coming toward the house. He plays fetch, chirps at birds, does simple commands, and loves me even on my worst days. He is so much different than any other ferile cat I have owned. He is so social that it's scary. He walks up to anyone or anything that is new (including 75 pound pittbulls, but that's another story.) At this moment, he is curled up in a cute fuzzy ball on his makeshift bed. I don't know what I would do without his little attitude in my life. He teaches me so much about letting go of material objects as he was constantly breaking everything until a couple weeks ago. I have learned that his value in my life is worth an infinate amount more than any breakable (or even unbreakable) material item I have. Thank God for the kitten who saved my life that cold day in October.


Thanks, Fox and LeeAnna for sharing your wonderful fortune. The pictures are amazing!

Have a pet adoption story to tell? I'd love to hear it! Help us inspire others by sharing the joy of adoption! Throw in some pics while you're at it! Thank you very much!

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    lovely cats! happy cats!

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