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Email Scam Alert!

Posted by siyerwin on Wednesday, February 11, 2009 at 9:31 AM

I received some very disturbing news this morning. Apparently, someone out there is using the name of The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) to ask for money from unwitting animal advocates. So we're sending out this warning to everyone not to donate to any entity telling you that they're PAWS unless you've verified their identity.

The modus operandi is simple: They will ask you for money for one purpose or another--- the one that has been reported so far relates to the adoption of shelter animals. Apparently, some crooks out there are offering to send out adoptable shelter animals a la mail-order pets, which of course is crazy. This does not and will never happen as we want to meet adopters personally and hence are required to personally go to the shelter.

While PAWS may ask people for cash and in-kind donations (they usually do it through their website or through their official YahooGroup), they will never ask you to send them to a bank account under the name of a person because PAWS has official bank accounts under its SEC-registered name: The Philippine Animal Welfare Organization (PAWS).

Simple clues to tell you of a possible email scam:

1. If the recipient bank account name is under a person's name and not under the official PAWS account name.

The official PAWS banks are:

Philippine National Bank
Account Number 072-830174-0
Bank of the Philippine Islands
Account Numbers:
US Dollar Account 3944-0021-61
Peso Savings 3943-0086-11

Official account name: The Philippine Animal Welfare Society

2. They are using dubious website addresses. The official PAWS websites are: <--- Official PAWS domain

or <--- The PAWS domain is frame-forwarded to this URL. PAWS website is hosted by

You may check the bank account details that I provided against the ones on the PAWS website. If they give you website addresses besides these ones and they're using it to ask for money, please report it to PAWS by forwarding to philpaws @

The official mailing list for PAWS is their Yahoo!Group:

3. Their Reply-to email address is different from their From email address. Take note that the PAWS official email address is philpaws @ If you receive an email from philpaws @ asking for money, try pressing the "reply" button and see if the recipient email address is also philpaws @ If it's not, then that's a clear attempt to mislead. Report it to PAWS right away.

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