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A Tale of a Formerly Fostered Cat

Posted by siyerwin on Thursday, January 08, 2009 at 5:31 PM

This is very good post. But it isn't mine (at least not most of it). Below is an email that was sent to the PAWS Yahoogroup by Fabie, a fellow advocate who volunteered to foster a sick shelter cat until the cat's nursed back to health. The usual plan here is for the cat to stay with the foster home until an adoptive home is found or until the cat's healthy enough to go back to the shelter. However, at some point, a phenomenon which Ted of On Loving Animals refers to as a "foster failure" occurred---

Cat didn't make it back to the shelter because Fabie, the foster parent, adopted the cat!

Ey, Fabie, nobody's complaining! Happy for both of you!

Dear fellow animal-lovers,

I was literally moved to tears when I read the poem, "I Rescued a Human Today." It was so touching. I could really relate with almost everything written on it because I was recently rescued by an adorable shelter cat named Angelina.

Angelina happens to be my favorite shelter cat at PAWS-PARC. She was originally named Vicky (from the warning "Be Careful" because she used to show signs of aggressive behavior). Thanks to good souls at PAWS like Heidi who patiently took care and rehabilitated her and eventually brought out the best in her. She became very tame and very "malambing." I renamed her Angelina after the stunning & famous Hollywood actress, Angelina Jolie.

When I went to PAWS last November 8 for my weekly volunteer work, I could not find her. I thought she was already adopted or worse, something bad happened to her. I was crying. I finally found her at the quarantine area. She was sick. PAWS officers Liza, Heidi, Gwen and Dr. Almoro requested me to foster her for 2 weeks so she could easily regain her strength. Before I knew it, I was bringing home Angelina plus a cage, a carrier, litter box, a plastic bag full of sawdust, cat food and medicine and even toys which PAWS provided. (HIndi ako makapaniwala! Napakabilis ng mga pangyayari at napakalakas ng convincing power ng mga taga-PAWS and of course my love for Angelina is the strongest force.) After a week, Angelina has adjusted to my little home and has gotten well. As I have spent more time with her, I have discovered more of her endearing qualities which have made me love her even more. Now, I'm planning to adopt her for good.

Her name Angelina suits her well. She is so sweet. She even looks so innocent and naive (para syang cat version ni Maria Clara) She is like an angel who provides me company. She listens to my stories. She comforts me whenever I feel sad. She never fails to amuse me. Her hugs (especially when she rubs her face with my face) remove all my cares away. She even sometimes licks my face. She' s very "malambing." She likes to be rubbed on her neck. She won't eat unless I rub her neck first. She purrs a lot. Angelina is not perfect. She is quite timid and I can say lazy. She doesn't like to exercise. All she wants to do is to sleep on my sofa the whole day, hahaha, how cute! She's actually doing me a favor because she doesn't jump around the house and break my house displays. I was really surprised that once during lunchtime, she jumped on the dining table and got a small piece of chicken from my plate without me noticing it. I reprimanded her for that. But I love her just the same. I thank God for sending me an angel cat named Angelina. She's indeed a blessing.

I'm attaching some pictures of Geline, (my nickname for her) for you to see how adorable my angel is.

God bless you and your pets. MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Fabie Ortiz
Volunteer, PAWS

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  1. 2 comments: Responses to “ A Tale of a Formerly Fostered Cat ”

  2. By fox on Jan 9, 2009, 7:48:00 AM

    ive seen this picture from her camera and the feeling was good seeing geline finally found her, that ive seen the pictures again, feelng never changes. fabie and geline, you're lucky to have each other!fabulous relationship.

  3. By marjorie on Jan 11, 2009, 1:27:00 PM

    hi there..ako po si marjorie pumunta po ako sa orientation kahapon at masaya ako na naishare ko ang aking hilig sa pag aalaga ng mga hayop espesially sa mga pusa.excited na po akong magstart magvolunteer so pls inform me kung kailan ako pwedeng pumunta ulit sa PAWS:) hindi po ako nakapag fill up ng application.

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