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Dr. Dog Adonis and Me: A Filipino Dog and Human With Day Jobs

Posted by siyerwin on Sunday, November 30, 2008 at 11:08 PM

These past few weeks have been a little crazier than usual and I've had to forego my blogging duties so I can focus on my day job's suddenly increasing demands. However, this evening as I was browsing a little about local news, I stumbled upon an article about one of PAWS Dr. Dogs--- Adonis.

I really don't know why I have not posted about this particular aspect of PAWS' advocacy on these pages but I think it was because this blog started out being focused mainly on the plight of homeless cats and dogs and I probably didn't want to add more topics to write about. I can actually be classified as a lazy blogger and find writing a bit of stretch for my creative skills.

However, with the chance encounter with the aforementioned news article, I thought it was high time for a really quick update.

The Dr. Dog program is one of the worthwhile causes that PAWS adheres to. I've long wanted to attend one mainly due to my photographic curiosity. Pictures from past sessions indicate photo opportunities that would be welcome addition to my usual animal shelter scenery and PAWS fund-raising events coverage. However, since all Dr. Dog sessions are held during weekdays, I've never really found a good time to participate because of work.

Adonis is a dog that was rescued from the dog meat trade. I've not personally met him but I already envy him. He was saved from a really dire situation, adopted and was given a job that, from the looks of things, he really really loves. I'd love for the same thing to happen to me right now. Hehehe.

The article was written by animal welfare advocate Marlet D. Salazar of Inquirer:

Read more about Dr. Dog Adonis: ‘Aspin’ Dr. Dog cheers up sick kids

Animal Shelter Donations Wishlist - November 2008

Posted by siyerwin on Monday, November 10, 2008 at 7:50 PM

PAWS recently released a list of six (6) items that are most needed by the animals at the shelter. With Christmas just around the corner, how about squeezing in a couple or so of the following animal shelter essentials into those shopping lists? The cats and dogs of the PAWS shelter have definitely been good all year round (Yes, even the longest-staying shelter cat 1-2-3!) and deserve some goodies from their Santa! :)

Below are the top 6 needs of the PAWS shelter:

  1. Dry cat food [Consumption: One 30kg bag lasts the shelter kitties - 5 days]

  2. Vibravet paste [Consumption: Currently, five (5) pieces a month. For kittens under treatment]

  3. Bleach [Consumption: Biggest bottle of ZONROX lasts 1 week]

  4. Canex or any all-wormer [Consumption: Good for forty (40) average (native) sized dogs once every three months]

  5. Detergent Powder [Consumption: Ten (10) kilos a month]

  6. Old towels and newspapers

Please visit my post about the different ways you can send in your donations for more information.

Thank you very much!

This Blog in's Top 50 of 2008

Posted by siyerwin on at 10:48 AM recently released a list of blogs that they have ranked to be the year's top in terms of growth. Actually, this is kind of old news as the announcement was made exactly a month ago today and although I was emailed by the webmasters some weeks back informing me, I wasn't able to catch the release of the actual list (Oct. 10). I only saw it this morning as I was stumbling around my Technorati page and saw a couple of unusual links to this blog that do not fit the profile.

For those wondering about this, is a blog-ranking website that focuses on Pinoy bloggers. Ranking algorithm is based on Google Pagerank, Technorati authority, and RSS subscriber count courtesy of Feedburner.

This is a bit of a vanity on my part but I'm really glad to be part of the list as it gives a bit more of exposure for the advocacy. If you're also an animal welfare blogger I'd encourage you to get Ratified as we are kind of under-represented. You will need to claim your blog in Technorati and publish your blog feed via Feedburner. Email me if you have any questions.

Below is the report (go check out and support the members of our local blogging community as well! Most of these folks are worth the click.):

There are two parts in this report. The first one focused on the top fifty blogs where we have established some base data at the start of this year. We wrote to the bloggers that made it to the first part of the list for further information, asking them to share the story behind their growth, and be featured here. Here are some of them.

1. Jehzlau Concepts (
2. Selaplana (
3. Pinoy R.N (
4. Gio’s WeBlog (
5. Yugatech (
6. Macuha (
7. Our Awesome Planet (
8. EntrePinoys Atbp. (
9. PinoyBlogoSphere (
10. Ellen Tordesillas (
11. Blog ni Inday (
12. Make Money Online with a 13 Year Old (
13. The Filipino Entrepreneur (
14. Tech At Hand (
15. Philippine Travel Blog (
16. Julia Aquino (
17. PinoyBlogero (
18. Bakla Ako, May Reklamo? (
19. FruityOaty (
20. 5ThirthyOne (
21. Naruto Shippuuden Fan (
22. Vista Pinas (
23. Touched By An Angel (
24. Bryan Boy (
25. Alleba Blog (
26. Evil Woobie (
27. Maiylah’s Snippets (
28. Shutter Box Philippines (
29. Kubiertos (
30. Aja Lapus (
31. JoanJoyce (
32. Ederic@cyberspace (
33. Mindanao Bloggers (
34. The D Spot (
35. TaintedSong v10 (
36. Tops 2 Bottoms (
37. Mar Roxas for President 2010 Blog (
38. Jozzua (
39. BlogComics (
40. Captain’s Log (
41. An Apple a Day (
42. Me.Find.Home (
43. Motorcycle Philippines (
44. Belolats (
45. NiervaDotCom (
46. Manuel L. Quezon III (
47. Influential Blogger (
48. Sasha-Says (
49. Mom Exchange (
50. BatangYagit (

The second set are top fifty blogs where we did not have base data at the start of the year (such as their Feedburner API was only activated during the year) but their current rank and growth is worth commending. They are:

1. OFW Life Blog
2. Starmometer
3. Ultimate Pinoy Hunks
4. Silkenhut’s World
5. ChiQ Montes - Wordpress Theme Designer
6. Cellphone9
7. Sacha Chua
8. Make Money Online
9. ramblings
10. Pinoy Teens Online
11. Pinoy Rickey
12. Pinoy Food
13. Mukamo Philippines
14. Europe String
15. Bariles Republic
16. Overseas Pinoy Cooking
17. Make Money Online | Get More Traffic at Manuel
18. Filipina Images
19. Standard Web Standards
20. Hulag
21. Filipina Soul
22. Reyna Elena
23. Music Picks
24. Technograph
25. Ready To Be Rich
27. On The Wings Of My Dream
28. Skirmisher
29. Ver 6: En Route - Philippines Travel Photography
30. Gaining Genius from the Global Goldmine
32. Dulce Negosyante
33. The Man Blog
34. | Ramblings of a Newbie Blogger
35. Shopping Finds
36. Picture Clusters
37. Philippine Freebies Promos Contests
38. Iloilo Views
39. LightChasers Photography
40. Mimi and Karl
41. Just Wandering
42. Build that Geek
43. Davao Delicious
44. Migs Mobile Network
45. The Journal of The Jester-in-Exile
46. Pusang Maganda
47. keyboard monologues
48. Can of Thoughts
49. Reminiscence of my Adventures
50. When Silence Speaks

Shelter Feeding Program: A project proposal for animal advocates

Posted by siyerwin on Monday, November 03, 2008 at 8:29 PM

Here's an idea about how we animal advocates can help alleviate the somewhat recurring problem of animal food shortages (especially cat food) at the shelter.

If you have some free time for volunteer work and are looking for something to do then why not participate in what we call the Shelter Feeding Program where we encourage people to visit the shelter to bring home-cooked food for the animals? It can be a great get-together activity for you, your friends and your family and would benefit the shelter cats and dogs in more ways than one:

  • They will get a taste of delicious food! A welcome break from the commercial kibble that is the shelter's staple food.

  • The shelter animals will get some socialization from their human visitors which would increases their chances of getting picked by adopters.

  • Your bringing of food will provide relief to the shelter's resources as it will help stretch the supplies even for just one more day.

What kind of cooked food to bring? Here's our recommendation (Don't worry there's no fancy cooking required):
  • Six (6) kilos of boiled "sawdust" or ground pork (just boiled in plain water, no salt, no seasoning)
  • 1-2 kilos cooked rice (or approximately equivalent to two large rice cooker filled with cooked rice)
  • Ten (10) kilos of boiled galunggong
  • One (1) huge "kalabasa" or pumpkin - peeled, seeds removed, boiled until soft.
Also please bring detergent/diswashing soap and sponges. We highly recommend a little food-bowl-washing fun to make the experience complete! Food bowls are all cleaned before food is served.

Bring a camera!!! :)

Students from the Chiang Kai-Shek School volunteer for the Shelter Food Program (September 2008). Here they are washing food bowls! I took this picture and I tell you these kids are some of the most efficient bowl-washers I've seen in a long time. They went to the shelter and they meant business!

Here they are preparing the food. They brought rice which they mixed up with some nicely boiled ground meat! A sure treat for the shelter kitties! Yumyum!

The kiddies on their way to the cattery with PAWS Humane Education Program Director Anna Cabrera.

The kitties, sensing the coming visitors and the treats they bring, scramble the welcoming committee, which, basically, is just all of them rushing to the cattery entrance.

Food is served. Check out that one cat standing on her hind legs hoping to get first dibs.


If you wish to do this little feeding project, I need to emphasize that you will need to coordinate with PAWS about it. The PAWS shelter is currently running on a (very) skeletal volunteer work force and the schedule of the volunteers who must be there to supervise your feeding project needs to be arranged. Email philpaws @ yahoo. com or call 475-1688 to arrange a nice afternoon with the shelter cats and dogs.

Our past calls for cat food donations have always been answered by kind donors. And though I'm unable to mention all your names here except for Matthew (The 10-year old cat-lover who broke his piggy bank and spent all his savings to donate 30 kg. of cat food), please know that your help means a lot to the animals and not only do they nourish the animals but also continue to inspire and fuel the spirits of other PAWS volunteers and advocates like you.

If you wish to make a cat food or cash donation please visit my donations page.

Thank you very much!

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