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Jasmine: Gone to the Farm!

Posted by siyerwin on Monday, August 04, 2008 at 9:29 PM

Jasmine, the shelter longest-staying shelter dog, adopted!For some time now, I've been hearing some buzz about someone wanting to adopt shelter dog Jasmine who's currently dubbed as the longest-staying resident dog of the PAWS shelter (PARC). But since Jasmine was still at the shelter last time I was there, I chose not to give any indication of such possibility yet on this blog (although other volunteers have been announcing it everywhere). After all, there is always that unlucky possibility of a botched adoption for some reason or another.

Imagine my delight and sigh of relief when I opened my inbox this morning and saw one email with subject heading "pics of Jasmine - finally home!" from PAWS' Liza Umayam.

Definitely and absolutely, this is something good to blog about.

(Pics of Jasmine at her new home after the jump)

Last Saturday (August 2), Jasmine bade goodbye to the animal shelter that has been her residence for about 3.5 years. She was picked up by her new parent, Marla Nicandro, amid the gloomy and rainy weather. Marla herself was even sick and was under heavy Biogesic + Neozep medication but she still decided to push through with her shelter visit.

Marla Nicandro is no stranger to PAWS as she is also volunteer who's very active in its Dr. Dog Program. She is the proud parent of one Dr. Dog named Bacchus.

And now thanks to Marla, Jasmine will be spending the rest of her life in a farm where she could be herself and play with other lucky dogs like her.

Below is a series of pictures and words by Marla on Jasmine's journey from shelter to HOME.

Hello all!

It was a dark, gloomy and wet day when I went to PARC yesterday morning to pick up Jasmine. I woke up with a fever that morning and almost postponed the trip (health-wise and weather-wise), but then I figured there was no point in that... popped a Biogesic and Neozep and headed for PARC.

I guess Jasmine got so used to seeing people come and go that seeing me yesterday morning wasn't a big thing. (On another note: I saw Jerby staring at me from the other dog house.. waah! someone please adopt him.)
Jasmine on her way to the farm!Off to the farm we go... she seemed really excited in the car. And yes, she ended up "blessing" my trunk :-P
Jasmine meets a new friend!Natalia (daughter of my parents' friends) decided to go around the farm with me and help familiarize Jasmine with the sights.

Jasmine with new farm friends!Completely ignoring Ruffa, our lab pup. Glad to know she holds her own when Ruffa starts being the makulit puppy that she is.
Jasmine, a shelter dog no more! -

Marla promises to send more pics to show how Jasmine is faring in her new and wonderful farm home. Thank you very much Marla!

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  1. 6 comments: Responses to “ Jasmine: Gone to the Farm! ”

  2. By Ice on Aug 5, 2008, 3:12:00 PM

    Perhaps Jasmine was thinking about her fellow shelter animals that's why she seems to be ignoring Ruffa the Lab pup.

    I was fighting back my tears as I read this. I was really happy I first read about Jasmine's adoption on Philippine Star's column Dog Daze but seeing her pics in her new farm home, looking so happy and free is just so amazing. Thanks to people like Marla who give shelter dogs like Jasmine a new chance to have a loving home.

    I pray that people out there who wants to have a pet would make adoption their first option to give shelter animals like Jasmine another chance in life.

    Continue spreading the word! God bless. =)

  3. By keli keni on Aug 5, 2008, 10:36:00 PM

    aww..cute,finally she found her home.. :)

  4. By siyerwin on Aug 6, 2008, 1:05:00 PM

    Hi, Ice. Jasmine is a really great dog and I'm sure she will be a great addition to Marla's family. Yes, let's keep praying and working to make people know that beauty is really beyond breed. Thanks for your prayers. Hope to see you at the shelter one of these days!

    Keli, and a farm home to boot! Jasmine's the runner type so she'll have a blast in her new home! :)

  5. By panget on Aug 7, 2008, 9:24:00 AM

    What a good news! Lets continue spreading the words. Sherwin, please update us with Jasmine ha. tnx

  6. By Lexy on Aug 12, 2008, 3:41:00 PM

    Im so happy for Jasmine! Thanks to the good hearted person who adopted her :) Finally Jasmine has a new home :)

  7. By keli keni on Aug 12, 2008, 9:57:00 PM

    kuya syerwin,tamang tama pala yun! bagay sa kanya,im sure mas ma eenjoy niya yung pagstay dun! :)

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