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Postcards For Sale (SOLD OUT!)

Posted by siyerwin on Tuesday, July 29, 2008 at 1:20 PM

There are 8 sets (4 dogs and 4 cats) left of the Postcards that I started selling through this blog last December 2007 (See blog entry HERE).

Anyone out there want to help me clear them out?

Each set is composed of 8 different images for a total of 16 different images if you get both sets. Price is only Php 120.00 per set of 8. Complete the cat and dog sets for only Php 240.00.

Payment will be via bank deposit (for local buyers) or through a meet up. Click HERE for more details.

I can ship via LBC within the Philippines for an additional Php 100.00. People from overseas who may be interested to buy please email me at sherwin [at] for your payment instructions and shipping details.

Proceeds will go to the care of the shelter animals of PAWS.

Salamat po.

A Wonderful Beginning for Trixie and Drae

Posted by siyerwin on Wednesday, July 23, 2008 at 3:50 PM

Drae Ybañez and Trixie at the PAWS Shelter!I'm not really that well-updated about the current events in the local entertainment industry but when I hear news about Pinoy celebrities/artists taking part in the animal welfare advocacy, I certainly take notice and, most of the time, start appreciating those artists more. I am pretty sure that these persons aren't doing it just for publicity being that animal welfare is still a struggling concept in most parts of the Philippines. I am convinced that most of these persons, no matter how popular they are, take part in the efforts to bring attention to the plight of Philippine animals because of their sincere concern and love for them.

Celebrities lending their support to the cause in whatever capacity, in my humble opinion, is always a welcome scenario for the shelter animals.

Consider the story of Drae Ybañez and a former shelter dog named Trixie.

Drae was a contestant in last year's Philippine Idol while it was still being shown in ABC-5. He is also a regular supporter of PAWS and I've personally seen him hosting at least one fund-raiser PAWS event.

Trixie is a Labrador Retriever puppy that was abandoned by his guardian/owner. The reason he was abandoned was most probably because he had a really bad case of hip dysplasia. When PAWS had him checked by Dr. Nielsen Donato of Vets in Practice, Dr. Nielsen recommended immediate surgery because without it, Trixie will experience severe pain and perhaps be unable to walk by the age of 2 to 6 years.

Hip dysplasia is a canine disease that manifests as an abnormality in the hip bones/joints of dogs that usually causes pain and lameness if not corrected by surgery. Trixie's case was severe in that her joints were actually out of their sockets and were resting on top of her hip bones! Dr. Nielsen said it was a wonder that Trixie was still able to walk!

Learning about this, Liza Umayam of PAWS set out to look for a possible sponsor for Trixie's surgery and when she broached the idea to Drae Ybañez, the guy readily agreed to shoulder the expenses and then agreed to adopt her after. Drae said it was love at first dog-walk because it was while he first walked Trixie at the shelter that the magic happened.

Last July 10, Drae picked Trixie up from PARC to personally accompany her to Vets in Practice for her surgery. Trixie is now recuperating from her successful surgery and well on her way to a long and happy life with Drae--- totally free from pain and human neglect.

This, I believe, is the stuff of fairy tales.

Drae's example is worth following don't you think? Adopt a shelter cat or dog and create your own fairy tale!

Pope Benedict XVI The Cat Lover

Posted by siyerwin on Thursday, July 17, 2008 at 2:06 PM

I just discovered a very interesting trivia this morning. I am probably the last person on Earth to hear about this but I still thought it a blog-worthy piece of information.

Apparently, the Pope is a cat person and that he has at least one cat back in his Vatican papal residence! Not to mention a house full of animals back in his residence in Germany. He also reportedly took care of stray cats where he stayed near Vatican before he became Pope. What a very welcome piece of trivia. After all, who better to promote homeless animals adoption than the Pope himself!

A report also says that Pope Benedict was given an 11-month old tabby upon his arrival in Sydney, Australia to celebrate this year's World Youth Day. The cat will be his constant companion while he waits for the start of the festivities in his retreat house in Australia.

He's also the first Pope to authorize a book about his life that was written by Chico, a cat who lived near his house in Germany [“Joseph and Chico: The Life of Pope Benedict XVI as Told by a Cat” (Ignatius Press, 2008)].

Oddly, however, Vatican and Catholic officials are denying knowledge of such cats (those reportedly living in his Vatican abode and the one reportedly given to him in Australia). They are said to be doing so, apparently, to protect the Pontiff's privacy and to maintain the position's "mystique". I don't know if it's just me but I find this a little bit puzzling. Why deny something that seems to be common knowledge? "Benedict’s kindness toward the strays of Rome is already the stuff of Vatican legend," says a New York Times Report.

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Thinking of buying a cat? Why not adopt one instead?

Pose for PAWS: Fundraising for the Animal Shelter

Posted by siyerwin on Saturday, July 12, 2008 at 7:15 PM

Here's an invitation from The Philippine Animal Welfare Society for a fundraising event. Please do check it out and support it. The direct beneficiaries would be the shelter animals.

Shelter cat Sammy poses for PAWS! Sporty the Retriever Poses for PAWS!

POSE FOR PAWS at Eastwood City on July 20


Are your pets ready for their close-ups? If so, then head on down to Eastwood Central Plaza on July 20 (Sun) for the launch of “POSE FOR PAWS”. Anytime from 1-6PM, you and your pet can get your portraits taken in our unique photo booths manned by professional photographers.

PAWS celebrity volunteer, Karylle, poses with her dogs, Jack and Kung-fu, to promote our latest fundraiser
Celebrity volunteer, Karylle, poses for PAWS

Proceeds from all portraits purchased will go to the PAWS Animal Shelter which houses over 100 dogs and cats rescued from cruelty and neglect. The facility is not funded by any international organization or the government, and is solely dependent on donations and fund raising activities such as this to keep it running.

Cotton poses for PAWS!
Last year, despite its limited funding, the PAWS Animal Shelter was able to spay-neuter 298 animals, respond to over 2000 calls from pet owners and animal rescuers, adopt out 30 dogs & 28 cats and rescue 42 animals in distress. Its humane education volunteer group has already reached over 5000 students and 28 schools - teaching kids and young people about kind treatment of animals and responsible pet ownership.

“POSE FOR PAWS” is made possible with the help of Eastwood City, Frontline, McDonald’s and the Philippine Star Pet Life Section.

Soul siren, Nina, poses with Moony as representatives for feline lovers and in support of POSE FOR PAWS.
Soul siren, Nina, and cat pose for PAWS!

Dogs for Adoption: Hiyas and Missy

Posted by siyerwin on Wednesday, July 09, 2008 at 8:22 PM

Below are two more shelter dog portraits* that I started sharing in 2 of my previous blog posts (Koko, Le-ann, Sammy and Jackie). These dogs are currently looking for their forever homes and are asking our help in their quest.

Hiyas and Missy have been through some trying times (and that's understating it). Hiyas, for instance, has come within a hair's breadth of being in someone's dinner plate! Good thing the dog meat traders transporting them to Baguio were intercepted by the police, which subsequently transferred some of the dogs to the care of PAWS.

Hiyas was only one of around 100 dogs rescued by the police that day and one of the 8 dogs accepted into PARC (which was almost brimming full at the time) to be rehabilitated. Most of the other 7 dogs
have already been adopted except for Hiyas and one other dog.

Adopt a shelter dog rescued from dog meat traders!Hiyas has done good work for the cause by representing the shelter animals and assuming the role of Professor Dog and tagging along with PAWS volunteers in their school rounds--- part of the Humane Education program which basically teaches children about kindness to animals. Below are photos of Hiyas
(courtesy of Liza Umayam) in one of those trips.

Professor dog Hiyas at the British School!Hiyas the Professor Dog in her visit to the British School

Homeless dog Hiyas for AdoptionHiyas makes one teacher cry upon hearing her story

Missy's story, on the other hand, is a story of abandonment, which I believe is almost as painful as being left for dead in the hands of dog meat traders. Imagine yourself having a good, loving home to call your own and suddenly, one morning you find yourself being hauled to an animal shelter, a totally alien place to you, left to live with total strangers. Like Missy, it will probably take you some time to get over a traumatic experience like that. Good thing Missy has been rehabilitated and is ready to change her destiny. Let's help reverse her reversed fortune by bringing her back to a loving home that will protect her from screwed-up humans (her former guardian's husband threatened to slay Missy because of a domestic dispute; prompting her guardian to bring her to the shelter) and give her the love she deserves.

Shelter dog Missy looking for her forever home! Adopt Missy!
Do you want to save these beautiful animals from the despair of homelessness? If you do, please call up the shelter ASAP. The number to call is 475-1688. Email philpaws @ or sherwin [at] for your inquiries.

Please read the adoption procedure:
Find your way to the shelter:

Please feel free to spread the word around. Copy and re-post as needed.

Thanks for reading and hope to see you at the shelter!

*These images were not made me but was provided by PAWS. Copyright issues should be taken up with them (email: philpaws @ but I was told that you can use them freely so long as you use it for promoting shelter adoption.

A call for cat food donations

Posted by siyerwin on Sunday, July 06, 2008 at 6:05 PM

Fellow bloggers, please feel free to re-post in your respective blogs. Thank you very much.
Shelter cats need cat food donations!July is turning out to be quite a rough month for the shelter cats of PAWS because of a continuing shortage of dry cat food. Want to do a good turn for the shelter kitties and donate some?

A 1.5 kg bag of cat food costs Php 200.00 to 275.00 in Save More Supermarket and usually lasts around 1 to 2 weeks per cat so a bag or two per donor will help a lot in alleviating the cat food shortage problem. The shelter currently has about 140 cats in its care.

Would-be donors have 4 options:

Buy cat food and donate

You may drop off your donations at the PAWS shelter in Quezon City (Map HERE) or you can course it through me. I work somewhere in Mandaluyong and lunch time or after-work meet-ups at Shangri-la Edsa Mall will be fine with me. Email me at sherwin [at] for details.

Donate cash for cat food

The best way would be to deposit your cash donations to the official PAWS bank accounts. You may get the account details at the official website of PAWS. You can also donate via Paypal (accepts credit card) if you prefer the electronic route. Click HERE to donate via Paypal. Any amount will be much appreciated and will go a long way. Please be sure to email Anna Cabrera of PAWS at philpaws @ after sending in your money and tell her the details and purpose of your donation (e.g., cat food).

Buy dog food (or cat food) to donate cat food

For every purchase of the Alpo-Friskies-Fancy Feast special promo bundle, a corresponding donation will be given to PAWS to fund the food supply of the shelter animals. This promo will run up to the end of July 2008 only so hurry and go buy those bundles! More info about this can be found HERE.

Buy Postcards to donate cat food

There are still 8 sets of postcards left with me. There are two types: the cat and the dog set. Each set is composed of 8 different images for a total of 16 different images if you get both sets. Price is only Php 120.00 per set of 8. Complete the cat and dog sets for only Php 240.00. Click HERE for more information and some sample images.

Thank you for reading.

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