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The Ten Finalists - The ALPO Frisbee Challenge

Posted by siyerwin on Thursday, May 29, 2008 at 9:36 PM

The Alpo Frisbee Challenge finals will be happening this Saturday, May 31, 2008, in SM Baguio. Baguio residents are invited to go and watch this exciting event organized by the Philippine Animal Welfare Society. It also serves as fund-raising event for the animal shelter.

Dress up your dogs and bring them to the event to join the Doggie Fashion Face-off for a chance to win amazing prizes while enjoying a Saturday afternoon with your family and friends! Below are the schedule of activities:

11:00 AM Vet Consultation
12:00 PM Doggie Fashion Face Off Registration, Alpo Frisbee Competition Registration
1:00 PM Dog-Themed Art & Crafts Session
2:00 PM Fun Games for Dogs and Humans
2:30 PM Responsible Pet-Ownership Talk
3:00 PM Doggie Fashion Face Off
4:00 PM Alpo Frisbee Challenge Competition Proper

The Ten Finalists for the Alpo Frisbee Challenge

Every dog lover who has ever been to Boracay knows this duo: Erick and Julie are their names - and Frisbee is their game. They were the 2007 ALPO Frisbee Challenge champions. Will they be able to hold on to their title this year?

Erick Kim and Julie - 1st Place (Manila Eliminations)

Lito is a professional dog trainer. Kim is every trainer's dream dog: obedient, alert and smart. But are those qualities enough to get them the top prize in this Saturday's championship match?

Lito Barrameda and Kim - Second Place (Manila Eliminations)

Nice rescued Poypoy when he was a pup. You've come a long way, Poy! Show 'em that native dogs can do it, too.

Nice Rodriguez and Poypoy - Third Place (Manila Eliminations)

Vina's mom is Kim - the second placer in the Manila Eliminations. At SM Clark, Kim was placed in the throwing ring with Vina upon request. Reason? Vina whimpered and experienced anxiety attacks when her mom was not in sight. A second dog in the ring will no longer be allowed in the Championship Match. Is this the end of a Mama's Girl's bid for a Gold Medal?

Oscar Enciso and Vina -First Place (Pampanga Eliminations)

Frisbee-catching is not all that Boger can do. His wide-range of talents, including posing in a "sit" position with his front paws up in the air has endeared him to the SM Clark crowd. Every round of applause from the crowd seems to pump up the energy of this dashing duo.

Atty. Byron San Pedro and Boger - Second Place (Pampanga Eliminations)

Archie and Agos were the only finalists who had to go through a harrowing tie-breaker in the Elimination Rounds. This team definitely had us chewing on our nails as we watched them try to beat the clock in catching that one last frisbee that made all the difference. Will we get the same cliffhanger ending from them in the Championships?

Archie David and Agos - Third Place (Pampanga Eliminations)

This team moved like well-oiled machine on the frisbee ring: Kayu caught every single frisbee thrown at him by Aletta! Theirs is the highest score ever in the elimination round - a whopping 47 points!

Aletta Yniguez and Kayu - First Place (Batangas Eliminations)

The youngest team in the competition has a "magic" formula of their own. Once Baron learns to focus more, they may just beat all their other rivals for the top prize.

Gino Bailon and Baron- Second Place (Batangas Eliminations)
They hold the record for the farthest frisbee thrown that was ever successfully caught within the throwing area. Aidelbert will probably try for the 7-point mark in the finals. If Java catches several frisbees from his master's "discus" throws, he will probably be the dog to beat in the Frisbee finals.

Aidelbert Tangcora and Java - Third Place (Batangas Eliminations)

They had the highest score from among all eliminated contestants. When ALPO decided to have an even number of 10 entries in the Finals, Jessie and Zheal got the Wildcard slot. Perhaps this team's long trip from Zamboanga was not in vain after all?

Jessie Abilla and Zheal - Highest Scoring Team from Eliminated Contestants (Wildcard)

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