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Van Damme

Posted by siyerwin on Monday, March 10, 2008 at 9:42 PM

Written by Gui Garcia
Edited by Alya Honasan
Photos by Sherwin Castillo and Liza Umayam

As I was massaging Van Damme’s light, tan coat with shampoo, the enthusiasm evident in his wagging tail brightened up his countenance until the very end of his refreshing bath.

“Is somebody going to adopt me yet?” I could almost see the question in Van Damme’s eyes, which were glistening with excitement. He was more than eager to get out of his kennel, probably in the hope that he had finally found a new home.

Van Damme was abandoned at the shelter about a year and a half ago. He is kept in a separate den from the other dogs. But don’t let his isolation give you the wrong impression—Van Damme is one of the friendliest dogs at the shelter. It’s just that he’s very affectionate, and sometimes, he wants all the attention. He would be perfect as an only dog in the family. He’s a very energetic male dog, and will appreciate daily exercise. A strong, firm grip on his leash will also be essential, in case his sense of adventure gets the better of him. He also tends to be very playful with people and with cats, although he never harms them. He enjoys baths, especially when you start massaging his coat.

This charming dog is approximately three years old. He’s neutered and dewormed, and has had all the necessary vaccines. Although he has a kidney problem, it can be treated with medication.

Van Damme is waiting for the family he seems so ready to devote his life too. But until then, the closest thing he’ll get to a home will be his dog kennel at the shelter, where he’s cared for by the PARC staff. Won’t you give this lively dog another reason to jump for joy?

At the UP Adoption Booth: AS Parking Lot with PAWS Volunteer Abby

UP Adoption Booth: Van Damme's fans

Taking a walk to the UP Main Library

Taking a walk to the UP Main Library

You may also email us at philpaws@yahoo. com
or call up PARC (the PAWS Shelter) at 475-1688.

*Help Van Damme find his forever-home by re-posting this in your blogs, websites, yahoogroups, forums, etc., and forwarding to relatives and friends who you think might be interested in giving a good dog a good home. (Some even go as far as printing these out and posting in their school / office / neighborhood bulletin boards! :D) Thanks! :)

Check out my other post about Van Damme HERE.

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