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Emil, Emil, Emil...

Posted by siyerwin on Friday, February 15, 2008 at 12:02 AM

I first posted about Emil last May 2007. He's been at the shelter for quite some time even then. Now, 9 months later, he's still homeless and waiting. Below is Emil seen through the eyes of fellow PAWS volunteer Celine.

Adopt a homeless dog! Adopt Emil!

Written by Celine Quijano
Edited by Alya Honasan
Photos by Elsie Araneta and Sherwin Castillo

THE DOGS knew someone was approaching, and a barking frenzy commenced. One dog managed to keep his calm amid the excitement, however, lazily turning his head. It was the quiet and dignified Emil, estimated to be about five years old, and a long-time resident of the shelter.

Emil moved closer and looked at me curiously. His white coat was mottled with soft brown patches in the sunlight. His beautiful green eyes stood out; when I first met him, I thought he had one of the most unforgettable stares I had ever seen.

Adopt a homeless dog! Adopt Emil!Adopt a homeless dog! Adopt Emil!Emil is a deep thinker, a doggy philosopher. He seems to listen to your every word, and it’s almost as if he wants to say something important in return. Emil is easy to handle on a leash, and a good walk cheers him up. Small things, like a gentle stroke or a caring human voice, can make him happy. He likes to cross his front paws while lying on the ground before closing his eyes to get some sleep. But his senses are incredibly sharp; move close to his spot, and his eyes quickly open.

Sometimes I wonder if Emil is still haunted by whatever ghosts inhabit his past. Like other dogs in the shelter, Emil went through many hardships before he was rescued from the streets. He was frail, and had to fight for his life. It took a lot of strength to survive—that, and a will to live.

Adopt a homeless dog! Adopt Emil!Suddenly, I saw scaffolds forming at the corners of Emil's mouth. Emil smiled lazily—and such a handsome smile, too. Was he remembering a good memory? Or imagining a future to look forward to?

Emil is a wonderful dog. He also happens to be one of my own adopted dog Mario’s best buddies, back when he was still a resident of the shelter. They were always together—and it pains me to see Emil still searching for his forever home.

In the months that I have known Emil, he has grown lonelier and more indifferent with each visit. Won’t you please keep the light burning in this gentle philosopher’s eyes—and welcome him into your heart and home?

Adopt a homeless dog! Adopt Emil!CLICK HERE FOR THE ADOPTION PROCEDURE.
You may also email us at philpaws @
or call up PARC (the PAWS Shelter) at 475-1688.

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  1. 2 comments: Responses to “ Emil, Emil, Emil... ”

  2. By Anonymous on Feb 15, 2008, 3:44:00 AM

    what kind of dog is Emil? he's really interesting. i'd love to adopt but im afraid i live in a different country =-=~ someday i wanna get a dog like him..

  3. By siyerwin on Feb 19, 2008, 12:33:00 PM

    Hello! I'm no expert but he seems like a mix of some kind. I'd say he's Filipino! ;)

    thanks for dropping by! :)

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