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Volunteer Orientation on March 1... and other shelter news!

Posted by siyerwin on Tuesday, January 29, 2008 at 9:12 PM

Your voice is their voice.

There will be a volunteer orientation on March 1, 2008, Saturday, 10:00 AM, at the PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center (PARC).

What can you do as a volunteer? There are a bunch of them.

You can either do animal shelter work, help in fund-raising events to help pay the bills, help raise the spirits of hospital patients with our Dr. Dogs, visit schools to teach children kindness, or adopt!

Here's a little secret: I decided on volunteering for the selfish reason of just wanting to be near animals. I was kind of deprived of that privilege when I was growing up because folks at home aren't too crazy about them.

Now, two years after I attended my orientation, I have a companion cat that actually sleeps on my bed! She's a little hyperactive but she has managed to grow on everyone that even my 78 year old grandfather can't resist playing with her almost everyday...

See you at the shelter in 1 month!


Adoption Update:

There have been 5 adoptions at the shelter so far this year (as of January 26, 2008):

4 cats, namely, Goldie, Garfield, Ngay and an unnamed kitten are homeless no more!

1 dog named New York has also been adopted.

Celine has already been adopted even before I posted about her on this blog! Celine found home last December!
Jaya, the shelter dog
Jaya, a dog that used to be included in the sidebar adoption gallery, passed away due to sickness. Rest easy, little friend.

If you'd like to get updates about PAWS and its animal shelter, please feel free to subscribe to this blog through a feed reader or through EMAIL. Thanks!

Spending time with Jasmine

Posted by siyerwin on Sunday, January 27, 2008 at 12:56 AM

Adopt a shelter dog! Adopt Jasmine!Jasmine's coat of white faintly glistened in the afternoon sun as I entered PARC's Dog Run 1 (an enclosure for socializing the shelter dogs). She and her buddies greeted me with the customary sniffing and licking while I bolted the gates shut. Then I returned their warm welcome with a generous amount of patting and 'hellos'. Jasmine stayed at my side long after the others have gone off to doing their doggy ways. Good Jasmine. It was a good start.

I was there actually looking to spend a little time with Jasmine whom we consider to be the shelter's Big Sister. She's logged in the longest time being a shelter-mate compared to the other dogs currently there. Elvin, one of PARC's animal caretaker who's been at the shelter for years, swore Jasmine was already there when he signed up for the job. PARC Veterinarian Doc Ami estimates her age to be at least 5 years old. There's a good likelihood that she's been at the shelter for approximately the same length of time.

Her file indicates that she is a very active dog and needs a lot of exercise. I thought there was a mistake as I didn't see that dog while I was there. Jasmine lacked the bounce of a very active dog. But Elvin attested to how active this dog used to be when, some time ago, she reportedly made a mad dash for freedom. Jasmine broke free from her leash and ran away onto the busy street in front of PARC. Hot on her heels, Elvin saw how she was almost crushed by a taxicab and a truck.

The dogs at the shelter are luckier than the dogs left to fend for themselves on the busy streets of men. But after years of shelter life and seeing all your friends come and go, would you blame Jasmine if she wanted out?

Let's give Jasmine freedom from shelter life. She desperately needs it.

Bring back the bounce and the confidence in her gait by adopting her and giving her the security, love and freedom of a home.

Jasmine walked around the confines of Dog Run 1 barely interacting with the other dogs. She found a good spot, lied down and let her eyelids droop. I called on her name as I set up my camera tripod. She stood up, looked at me and smiled...

Adopt a shelter dog! Adopt Jasmine!Jasmine hanging out with Emil.

Adopt a shelter dog! Adopt Jasmine!Jasmine up close.

Adopt a shelter dog! Adopt Jasmine!Jasmine dreaming of home.

Please feel free to forward this to your friends or to repost on your blogs. For any comments and queries, please call PARC at 475-1688 or email them at philpaws @ You may email me at sherwin @

How to take beautiful pictures of your pets (Part 1)

Posted by siyerwin on Thursday, January 24, 2008 at 12:21 PM

The most beautiful pet pictures are those with your pets in it.

Let's admit it. Dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, or any other animal companion we may have, live such brief lives that every moment with them caught on 4x6 prints become priceless possessions regardless of their technical merit in the photographic sense.

But if you're interested on how to make your pet pictures more memorable by making them technically (and, perhaps, artistically) sound without much of the techno mumbo-jumbo, I've come up with this series of blog entries which will present some simple guidelines that I hope will point you to the right direction in terms of the fundamentals.

You can make great photographs with any camera

Let me repeat that for effect. You can make great photographs with any camera. Stunning photos are possible for both film instamatic point and shoot cameras and modern digital cameras. Don't believe me? Just think of it this way. A camera, be it film or digital, is just a light-tight box that lets in light through a hole. That's basically what a camera is--- just a box with a hole! Image is recorded using either film or digital sensor, both of which are manufactured to become the light-sensitive components of the camera. Both mediums undergo a process whereby the images are "developed". Exposed film needs to undergo an analog or chemical process to "fix" the image onto the film so you can later have it printed. Digital images, on the other hand, undergo a development process which happens in the camera right after you take the picture.

So you see, the principles of photography is very much the same with either medium and with any camera ever created throughout its history. The differences lie in the advancement of technologies that directly affect the quality of images and the convenience and speed by which they are created. Please bear in mind that high quality image doesn't necessarily translate to stunning or great imagery. An image that is tack sharp isn't always better than a blurred up one. Just check out the picture of two of my favorite earthlings above, one of whom is my pet/animal companion Prada (guess which one). Sometimes the imperfections of an image, like the blown out highlights (lack of detail in the highlight areas) and the lack of focus, add to the mood and appeal of the photograph. I have versions of this photo that are sharper and better exposed but there's just something about this picture that makes it better.

The lack of a modern camera should not stop you from creating memory and art. Whip out those 30 year old Nikons, those brand spankin' new Canons, those water-proof Olympuses and those plastic Holgas and just start shooting!

(To be continued)

Dog for Adoption: Van Damme

Posted by siyerwin on Sunday, January 20, 2008 at 8:44 PM Adopt Van Damme
HISTORY: Abandoned by his former owner, because they have too many rescued dogs already.

PERSONALITY: Very friendly with people but a little aggressive with dogs especially male dogs. Very strong dog, likes to pull on his leash.

GENDER/AGE: Male, 3 yrs Old

DATE OF ADMISSION: October 4, 2006


KIDS: Yes but they should be at least 10 years old and with adult supervision.

DOGS: Aggressive with other dogs sometimes.

CATS: He likes to chase cats although he's not aggressive with them.

SPECIAL CONDITION: Has a kidney problem, can be treated with proper maintenance medication.

TYPE OF GUARDIAN: For experienced dog guardians only.

CLICK HERE FOR THE ADOPTION PROCEDURE. You may also email me at sherwin [at] or call up PARC at 475-1688.

Tell your friends about Van Damme! Please forward this post or repost it in your blogs. You may use the image/s for that purpose. Thanks! Hacked and Defaced

Posted by siyerwin on Saturday, January 19, 2008 at 6:02 PM

I found something interesting this afternoon. Some angry bird-lover may have taken the vengeful path by defacing the website I was trying to access the site to learn more about it but found only this:

(Click to enlarge) defaced by bird-lover hacker who may be reacting to Philippine Ducks massacred by Philippine Shooting Team
It was from this website where photos of some members of the Philippine Shooting Team (namely Tet Lara, Jade De Guzman and Mike De Guzman), showing off their catch of wild birds, were grabbed and shared by alert animal welfare or wildlife conservation advocates. The abusive and insensitive manner by which they showed off their haul has caused such an uproar that they were forced to put out a most absurd written denial (via email)--- claiming that they stumbled into the birds already dead and that they were really promoting clay shooting!

What they did is made worse by the fact that the wild birds in question are of the species known as the Philippine Duck (Anas luzonica) which incidentally is a threatened species classified as "Vulnerable", a status preceding "Endangered".

Did a vigilante hacker sympathetic to the poor victims of this controversy, the dwindling population of Philippine wildlife, attack as a form of reprisal?

Read more about this in my previous post.

An online petition has been initiated because of this incident. Sign the petition now!

Dogs, Ducks and the Philippine Duck Shooting Team

Posted by siyerwin on Thursday, January 17, 2008 at 11:16 PM

Below is a photo I found on the front page of last week with the following caption: "BACKSEAT DRIVER. A pet dog balances on the backseat of a motorcycle as the driver weaves through heavy traffic on the Rosario Bridge on Ortigas Avenue, Pasig City. PHILIPPINE DAILY INQUIRER/IMEE BALANDRA (CONTRIBUTOR)"

Dog on a motorcycle in Ortigas road!
Made me laugh initially until I realized how nuts the dog owner must be to put that poor dog in such a perilous situation. Imagine the dog teetering on the motor bike while the driver weaved through that busy Ortigas traffic. All it takes is one tiny slip and that dog would have been hurt badly or worse.

Does the picture sum up the state of animal welfare in the Philippines?

Last week I received another disturbing email circulating online about some persons allegedly using puppies as bait for criminal activity. The email is quoted below:

Just a quick email to warn everyone of a new modus operandi that sadly involves dogs. I know all of us are animal lovers, but please have a good presence of mind too, lest be victimized by others.

My cousin was driving home to Antipolo when she noticed a group of men trying to hide in a darker more secluded portion of the street. The next moment, a man TOSSED A PUPPY IN FRONT OF HER CAR. It was obviously an attempt to make her brake and stop. She had no other choice than to run over the puppy and get away.

She was lucky she noticed that there were other men, and that a man had thrown the puppy into the street. If she hadn't, she would have stopped or slowed down to avoid the puppy, and who knows what may have happened.

[I have also heard of a similar modus involving a doll or figure, and pretending it's a baby/child]

It's sad that unscrupulous individuals have chosen to play with compassion of others. Let's all be aware of our surroundings at all times so not fall victim to these situations.

Have we sunk that low? What sort of world do we live in now where we are forced to choose running over a puppy (or a baby?) to save ourselves from criminals?

And now it's the ducks' turn to get shot at! After the recent massacre of cats in an affluent Makati subdivision, we now have another sorry news about our bemedaled and proud Philippine Shooting Team getting caught red-handed with piles and bundles of shotgunned Philippine Ducks- which unfortunately has a conservation status of "Vulnerable", which is a status just a breath away from "Endangered". There's a Philippine law banning these kinds of activities against such threatened species.

An Inquirer article by Juan Mercado states that the “Mere possession of these species, evidenced by their very own pictures, on their very own websites, is punishable” under Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act.

And below is one of the incriminating evidence showing a certain Tet Lara taunting one of their unfortunate catch. More incriminating photos are shown in the blog of Ted, a very prolific blogger about anything animal welfare and currently my favorite duck-watcher. He eloquently expresses what I'm sure everyone in the animal welfare and conservation fronts are feeling and thinking right now about this sad, sad news.

Tet Lara of the Philippine Shooting Team Taunting a Philippine Duck
Read their amazingly lame denial here.
Read the Inquirer column by Juan Mercado here.

Rex is Home

Posted by siyerwin on Tuesday, January 15, 2008 at 3:02 PM

Below is an update from animal welfare advocate and author Alya B. Honasan about the black Labrador named Rex whom she's fostered back into a happy, healthy dog from that scrawny, mangy bag o' bones he was some months back. It's clear how much love Alya has put into his recovery. Rex deserves nothing less after what he's been through. Thanks, Alya! Cheers to happy endings!

(Photo by Popi Laudico)

MY eyes hurt from crying, but they're good tears. Today, January 13, my friends Joy and Popi accompanied me to Silang, Cavite to bring Rex to his new home.

It's a beautiful place to raise a dog, as well as a boy like Gelo, the 4-year-old son of EJ and Eva Espiritu. It's the Espiritus' pottery farm, Cornerstone Pottery Farm, where the air is clean, there's lots of space and gardens to explore, and Rex will pretty much have the run of the place. The best part is, there are three people (four, including Gelo's yaya) who are ready to dote on him. I watched the whole family scratching his belly as he rolled over in contentment, and I knew that God had really singled out this extraordinary creature for this journey. And Rex was gentle, sweet, and totally accepting of the new humans in his life.

I took Rex for one last visit yesterday to Doc Marga, who sent a letter of bilins and offered an open line for any questions to the Espiritus. Rex is now a whopping 33.4 kg, his mange is gone (although some damage to the skin remains), and he is playful and alert. Marga gave me a list of what Rex needs for Eva to refer to. As Eva had texted me earlier, she felt like a new mommy again!

It was a great welcome. Gelo was intimidated by Rex's size at first—apparently he was bigger than they had all expected—but soon he was petting him, and Eva and EJ were throwing a tennis ball in the air for Rex to catch in some vigorous play as Popi feverishly took pictures. As soon as he entered the house, Rex seemed to feel right at home, settling contentedly on the floor under the dining table. What a life to look forward to—cool morning walks and fields to sniff around and a little boy to look after! This is what dogs were made for.

I gave him a last scratch before I snuck out of the house—Popi, Joy and I all snuck out one at a time so as not to make a fuss for Rex—and I didn't look into his brown eyes anymore when I left, lest my heart hurt too much. I will miss walking him every morning as I have these last two months, and I will miss seeing those lovely eyes looking at me every day when I feed him and play with him. But in his new home, Rex will have the love and constant attention of more people, a comfortable place to sleep indoors, and the food and care he needs. I know he will be a big part of these people's lives, and not a dog who has to be kenneled half of the time and walked once a day, his movements generally limited to the end of his leash, as would have been his life if he had stayed with me. I guess part of loving is really knowing when to let your loved one go for something better—even if that means finding it in a different place from where you happen to be.

I will miss him terribly, but I gladly hand him over to Gelo and his family. My heart is so full of joy that he has a second chance at life, and that my friends and I had a part in it. I watched him leap into the air to catch his ball, an incredibly agile and strong dog—- he who had once been a bag of bones- —and I knew he was celebrating, as well. Popi took this beautiful picture of Rex [shown above] in the Espiritus' garden, a newly-fetched tennis ball in his mouth. I can't believe how beautiful he is now.

Besides, I will never, ever really lose Rex. The gift we receive when we let something wonderful into our lives is ours forever, one of the universe's great unexpected blessings, and an affirmation that there are many things more precious than deadlines and money and running around with nowhere to go. At the Espiritus' home in the green hills of Silang, I felt like we could indeed stop and play and smell the flowers and enjoy what really matters—such as allowing ourselves the privilege of loving an animal.

We're planning future visits, and Eva promises to keep me posted. I'm writing this at home with my beloved Banana curled up at my feet; she allowed her mama to embark on this little adventure with no complaint, and with a dog's profound understanding and wisdom, and for that I am grateful to her.

Wherever else life brings me, whatever else lies in Rex's future, this dog will always be with me—and knowing how big a dog's heart is, I'm certain I've got a safe little place somewhere in there, too.

Endings couldn't get any happier than this.

Watch out for Rex's story in Sunday Inquirer Magazine's February 3, 2008 issue!

Find Your Way to the Animal Shelter!

Posted by siyerwin on Sunday, January 13, 2008 at 2:38 AM

(Help others find their way to the homeless animals. You may refer them to this post using the URL: )

PARC on Google Earth!!! Please click to enlarge.

The PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center (PARC) sits right on a stretch (westbound side of Aurora Blvd.) where there aren't really other establishments except for a bus company garage. However, if you're eastbound (from left to right on the Google Earth capture above) and are bringing your own vehicle or taking the taxi, you will not be able to make a left turn from the eastbound lane to enter the shelter because you'd be right at the foot of a flyover that leads to Marikina City. You will need go over the flyover and maneuver yourself onto the westbound lane (right to left direction) of the street to get to PARC. This route is marked by the pink dots on the satellite photo. I have to warn you though that the (east) end of the flyover is a no U-turn zone so you will need to go further down the street to make a safer U-turn. You may also make a left turn at the first corner street right after the flyover and there make an about-face to get back to the street where you came from and then turn right (westbound lane). Please be very careful.

A better and safer route for those with vehicles or in taxi cabs would be to go take Marcos Highway then take the first U-turn slot. This will be a longer route though.

Here's how PARC's front looks like. Say "friend" and enter.

That's the westbound (cubao-bound) lane of Aurora Blvd. The PARC gate is open
from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM Mondays to Saturdays. Look there are flowers growing on the sidewalk!

For those commuting and coming from Cubao:

It would be easiest to take LRT 2 (Aurora blvd. LRT) and then get off at the Aurora-Katipunan station. Be sure to take the LRT's North Exit and you will find yourself on the westbound lane of Aurora Blvd. From there you cross Katipunan Ave. and follow the blue dots on the satellite photo. Watch out for a Petron gasoline station. This would be a 10-minute (give or take a couple of minutes) workout for those leg muscles.

Another option is suggested by Anna H. Cabrera of PAWS:

"...the easiest way via LRT2 is to get off at SANTOLAN station (the next and currently the last one after Katipunan station; along Marcos Highway). When they get off at SANTOLAN, you can cross to the Cubao-bound side using the pedestrian overpass. Ride any jeepney bound for Cubao (using Aurora) - fare is only P7.50 - and say that you will get off at "Barangka, near Superline Bus Terminal". The shelter is not a popular stop so you have to signal the jeepney driver to stop as soon as you see the SUPERLINE BUS TERMINAL sign. The jeep will then stop either right at the Bus Terminal or - the puzzled jeepney driver looking at you from the rearview mirror - will stop a little farther, just right by the PARC gate.. hehe.. that's what always happens to me, anyway. I find this route safer as there is no need to cross anywhere except when you're using the pedestrian overpass at LRT2 Santolan station."

If you're taking the PUJ or FX, get those headed for Calumpang, SSS Village and Parang. They will all pass through Barangka and hence will all take the flyover. You will need to get off after the flyover, cross the street and walk the distance from there to PARC. That's a short 5-minute walk.

For those with vehicles or in taxicabs coming from C-5 road, Pasig and other places from Metro Manila South:

Just find your way to C-5 road and head for Libis, QC. When you drive past Eastwood City you will shortly come to a flyover which will lead you to a tunnel (Blueridge Interchange). Take that flyover and that tunnel. They will bring you to Katipunan Road. Turn right at the Aurora-Katipunan intersection. Follow the pink dots (on the satellite photo) or follow Marcos Highway then take the first U-turn. Reminder: Don't go over the Katipunan flyover.

After passing by Eastwood, you'll shortly get to the end of the C-5 Road/E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave.
There will be an interchange (or a flyover going into a tunnel).
Take that interchange and it will bring you to Katipunan. Click to enlarge.

Here's the wide angle version of the above map. Go straight Katipunan and it
will bring you to the area in the Google Earth capture at the top.

For those with vehicles or in taxicabs coming from UP Diliman, Commonwealth and other places from Metro Manila North:

Just find your way to the Q.C. Elliptical Rd. and find Philcoa to enter the University Ave. of U.P. Diliman. Once on the Universtity Ave., turn right at the first stop light into C.P. Garcia Ave. This road will be a winding road that will take you to Katipunan Ave. Turn right at the end of C.P Garcia. It will bring you to the area seen in the Google Earth capture. When you reach the Aurora-Katipunan intersection, don't take the flyover. You will need to get from from Katipunan ave to the Marikina-bound lane of Aurora Blvd. This intersection employs MMDA's U-turn scheme so you there is no left turn from Katipunan. Turn right then make a U-turn shortly after. Follow the pink dots or Marcos Highway then make the U-turn at the first slot.

From Philcoa enter UP Diliman. Turn right at the first stop light.
Click the map to enlarge.

A wider angle of the map above. Turn right at Katipunan Rd. at the
end of C.P. Garcia. Click to enlarge

If you're coming from Commonwealth Ave., otherwise known as Don Mariano Marcos Ave., you will need to take Tandang Sora Ave. to pass through Old Balara and finally come to Katipunan Road.

Drive straight Katipunan and it will take you to the area in the
Google Earth capture above.

For corrections, comments, suggestions and questions, please email me at sherwin @

Maps courtesy of a nifty little site called MapCentral (

Dog for adoption: Phoebe

Posted by siyerwin on Wednesday, January 09, 2008 at 2:56 PM Adopt PhoebeHISTORY: Abandoned by her former owner who had no space in their house for her.

PERSONALITY: Very friendly, not so active yet playful.

GENDER / AGE: Female, 2 yrs Old.



KIDS: Yes but preferably older kids , 10 yrs old and above.



SPECIAL CONDITIONS: Has a skin allergy. May need a special diet to control her allergy. She was diagnosed with a liver problem in the past but her recent blood test results showed that her liver readings are back to normal.

TYPE OF GUARDIAN: Must always be home. Phoebe wants someone with her constantly.

CLICK HERE FOR THE ADOPTION PROCEDURE. You may also email me at sherwin [at] or call up PARC at 475-1688.

Tell your friends about Phoebe! Please forward this post or repost it in your blogs. You may use the image/s for that purpose. Thanks!

New image banner links added

Posted by siyerwin on Tuesday, January 08, 2008 at 7:11 PM

I've added two new image banners for the link exchange project. Please use any of these if you wish to link up (other linking options are found here). And if you do link up, please drop me a line because I like to keep tabs of kindred bloggers. I also like to link back.

Please know that these links have been instrumental in the adoption of a few homeless animals at the shelter.

Thanks from the shelter animals.

Banners created using Feedburner.

125x200 pixels image link: Homeless Cats & Dogs for Adoption

234x60 pixels image link: Homeless Cats & Dogs for Adoption

Dog for adoption: Celine

Posted by siyerwin on Sunday, January 06, 2008 at 12:29 AM Adopt CelineHISTORY: Rescued in Paranaque by the PAWS rescue team.

PERSONALITY: A couch potato, not active, but sweet :)

GENDER / AGE: Female, approx. 2 yrs old



KIDS: Yes, but older kids. Not below 10 yrs old.



SPECIAL CONDITIONS: When she was rescued, she had no hair and had mange, so a holistic, hypo-allergenic diet would be good for her.

TYPE OF GUARDIAN: Even a novice dog guardian can adopt Celine.

CLICK HERE FOR THE ADOPTION PROCEDURE. You may also email me at sherwin [at] or call up PARC at 475-1688.

Tell your friends about Celine! Please forward this post or repost it in your blogs. You may use the image/s for that purpose. Thanks!

Binay condemns Dasma Village cat massacre

Posted by siyerwin on at 12:10 AM

Now it's Mayor Binay's who's ordering the investigation of the cat massacre that happened last December 16, 2007 in Makati's Dasmariñas Village.

Binay orders probe of feline massacre in Dasma

By Julie M. Aurelio
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 06:44pm (Mla time) 01/05/2008

MANILA, Philippines -- Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay ordered the police on Saturday to investigate last month’s gruesome slaughter of 29 kittens and cats in a posh, gated village.

Police chief Superintendent Gilbert Cruz tasked a team of investigators to track down the cat killers, who peppered the furry creatures with air gun pellets.

"Our investigators are now coordinating with Barangay (village) Dasmariñas officials and the Dasmariñas Village Association (DVA) for any leads," Cruz said.

Binay said the perpetrators should be immediately arrested because they pose a threat to the security of animals, residents, and visitors of Dasmariñas Village.

"I have ordered the police to arrest those responsible as soon as possible. The suspects have violated a national law and a city ordinance on animal welfare," Binay said.

Republic Act 8485 or the Animal Welfare Act of 1998 makes it unlawful for any person to torture or kill animals such as dogs, cats, and horses or neglect to provide them with care, sustenance, or shelter.

"Whoever did this does not seem to have a sound mind and may cause harm to people the next time," Binay added.

On December 16, 2007, several cats were shot with air guns. The 29 cats were inside two holding cages at the back of the DVA gym.

The felines, which were up for adoption, were under the care of the Compassion and Responsibility for Animals (Cara) Philippines, which is helping the DVA address the problem of stray cats in the subdivision.

Report lifted from

PNP and NBI investigate the Dasmariñas cat killing spree

Posted by siyerwin on Friday, January 04, 2008 at 11:15 PM

Below are two video clips from "Kapuso" GMA news updates on the investigation on the Dasmariñas homeless cat massacre case. I'm glad the authorities, namely the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), are doing their job and are following leads. Let's all hope they catch the cat killers! Kudos to CARA and the Dasmariñas Village homeowners association for pursuing this to the hilt and for giving voice to the helpless cats that were killed and hurt that day.

Click here if the video clip fails to play correctly.

Click here if the video clip fails to play correctly.

Videos courtesy of GMANews.TV

Inquirer writes about the Dasmariñas Kitty Massacre

Posted by siyerwin on at 12:53 AM

Below is a report by the Inquirer about the merciless execution of homeless cats and kittens in Dasmariñas village that I posted about previously. Now let's hope it starts getting the attention it deserves from our law enforcers.

Let's all send our support to CARA and the Dasmariñas Village Association who are pursuing this case aggressively.

Cat carnage in posh Makati village draws flak
By Elvira Mata
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 01:31:00 01/03/2008

MANILA, Philippines – An animal welfare group has asked the National Bureau of Investigation to look into the slaughter of 29 kittens and cats which occurred a week before Christmas in an upscale village in Makati City.

Republic Act 8485, otherwise known as the Animal Welfare Act of 1998, makes it unlawful for any person to torture or kill an animal—like dogs, cats and horses—or neglect to provide care, sustenance or shelter, said Nancy H. Cu Unjieng, president of the Compassion and Responsibility for Animals (Cara) Philippines.


In a letter sent on Dec. 26, 2007 to NBI director Nestor M. Mantaring Cu Unjieng wrote: “On Dec. 16, an unidentified individual, using an air gun with lead pellets, shot 29 kittens and cats in two holding cages at the back of the gym of the Dasmariñas Village Association along Calumpang Street.”

The cats were all under 6-months-old, well-cared for and were not disturbing anyone. They were up for adoption and under the care of Cara which has been helping the Dasmariñas Village Association address its stray cat population problem through a program called Catch, Neuter and Release. “The program is four years old but this is the first time the cats were harmed,” Cu Unjieng told the Inquirer last week.

Recalling the brutal killing, she said: “Early Sunday morning, (Dec. 16), a security guard called us at home and told us what happened. We immediately went to the holding area and we saw blood splattered on the cages and on the walls. The cats were either dead or dying. It was a horrible sight! We called our vet, Dr. Nielsen Donato of Vets in Practice and he came quickly. But he was only able to save 15 cats.”

In her letter to the NBI, Cu Unjieng wrote: “After the carnage, three cats died from head wounds, 11 were seriously injured and euthanized by our veterinarian, eight underwent surgery to remove embedded pellets and seven were grazed by pellets.”

The village security team investigated the incident but found no witnesses who saw or heard any shots fired that night. They have no leads as to the identity of the cat killers.

“Which is why I am appealing to the NBI to conduct its own investigation to expose the owner and user of the air gun. The expertise of the NBI is crucial at this point,” Cu Unjieng said in her letter. “There is a person living in this gated village who is dangerous. If he can kill helpless cats in the holding area near the park, he may start shooting at children who are playing in the park.”


Victoria P. Celdran, president of the Dasmariñas Village Association, sent a circular on Dec. 19 to residents asking for information leading to the identification of the owner and user of the air gun. “He may be in our midst. If he can kill helpless cats at the back of the gym, near our park, he may start shooting at humans later with a gun other than that which uses compressed air and pellets,” she wrote in the circular.

“We are very, very upset. The kittens were in cages!” Celdran told the Inquirer. “The person who did this must have emotional problems. First he shoots cats, then what—children? We also want to stress that Dasma is not a practice ground for air guns.”

Celdran said they would not stop the investigations until the culprit is caught. “The village association will file a case against him. He committed a crime under the Animal Welfare Act and he could go to jail.”

Cara is also working with the Forbes Park community, the Manila Golf & Country Club and soon, the Bel-Air Village Association in dealing with their stray cat population problem.

Many communities, both here and abroad, have adopted the catch, neuter and release program, Cu Unjieng said. Apart from avoiding unwanted kittens by “fixing” these animals, other benefits are less cat fights and mating calls and free and efficient rodent control, she added.


Cara has also opened a spay/neuter clinic at the Carson Bldg., Orense corner Del Carmen Streets, Guadalupe Nuevo in Makati City. Starting Jan. 14, clinic hours are Tuesday to Sunday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mondays by appointment. For more information, call 882-5323 (telefax) and 0910-7297026 (mobile).

Homeless Animals Blog Brigade

Posted by siyerwin on Thursday, January 03, 2008 at 5:33 PM

Last update: May 28, 2008

The following 135 blogs or websites have generously provided links to Me.Find.Home. Please know that some of these links have been instrumental in the adoption of a few animals at the shelter.

I used to believe there are more animals left homeless or abandoned than there are homes willing to take them in. I no longer believe that. There are plenty of homes out there. We just need to find them all.

Let's all be filled with positive energy for the shelter animals from this day forward!

If you have a blog and love animals, I urge you to join us by simply linking up. Read more about this really simple plan for the homeless animals here. I will reciprocate links. Just drop me a line and it's done. Thank you very much.

Here they are for everyone's blog-hopping pleasure; the bloggers for the homeless animals in alphabetical order:

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title:Annishi's Crib



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title:Lou's Site

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tools:edit / move / delete

title:The Muning Who Cried Ngiyaw

title:the saga continues

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title:Vie. Rire. Amour

title:wander free

title:West Side Comic

title:ZEN state of utter nothingness


Join the Blog Brigade for the Homeless Animals!

Blogging about shelter cats and dogs and providing links with each other will give the homeless animals better chances at getting adopted. Let's link up and watch the web work its magic. - Click -

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