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Pose for PAWS at Fort Boni High Street!

Posted by siyerwin on Tuesday, December 09, 2008 at 9:08 PM

Pet portraits anyone? Everyone who missed the first session of the very well-attended Pose for PAWS at Eastwood City in QC last July 20 will now have a chance to join the upcoming sequel at the Fort Bonifacio High Street, 3:00 PM Sunday, December 14, 2008.

Pose for PAWS is a charitable fund-raising event where you and your pets can have your portraits taken by PAWS volunteer photographers. You will not only be able to help PAWS continue to help animals, you will also be able to cherish a special time in your life with your companion animals through wonderful photographs--- mementos that can last a lifetime!

A pretty worthwhile deal if you ask me!

Just head on to the Fort Boni High Street this coming Sunday with your pets and have an afternoon of photo fun with PAWS.

Hope to see you there. Thank you very much.

Dr. Dog Adonis and Me: A Filipino Dog and Human With Day Jobs

Posted by siyerwin on Sunday, November 30, 2008 at 11:08 PM

These past few weeks have been a little crazier than usual and I've had to forego my blogging duties so I can focus on my day job's suddenly increasing demands. However, this evening as I was browsing a little about local news, I stumbled upon an article about one of PAWS Dr. Dogs--- Adonis.

I really don't know why I have not posted about this particular aspect of PAWS' advocacy on these pages but I think it was because this blog started out being focused mainly on the plight of homeless cats and dogs and I probably didn't want to add more topics to write about. I can actually be classified as a lazy blogger and find writing a bit of stretch for my creative skills.

However, with the chance encounter with the aforementioned news article, I thought it was high time for a really quick update.

The Dr. Dog program is one of the worthwhile causes that PAWS adheres to. I've long wanted to attend one mainly due to my photographic curiosity. Pictures from past sessions indicate photo opportunities that would be welcome addition to my usual animal shelter scenery and PAWS fund-raising events coverage. However, since all Dr. Dog sessions are held during weekdays, I've never really found a good time to participate because of work.

Adonis is a dog that was rescued from the dog meat trade. I've not personally met him but I already envy him. He was saved from a really dire situation, adopted and was given a job that, from the looks of things, he really really loves. I'd love for the same thing to happen to me right now. Hehehe.

The article was written by animal welfare advocate Marlet D. Salazar of Inquirer:

Read more about Dr. Dog Adonis: ‘Aspin’ Dr. Dog cheers up sick kids

Animal Shelter Donations Wishlist - November 2008

Posted by siyerwin on Monday, November 10, 2008 at 7:50 PM

PAWS recently released a list of six (6) items that are most needed by the animals at the shelter. With Christmas just around the corner, how about squeezing in a couple or so of the following animal shelter essentials into those shopping lists? The cats and dogs of the PAWS shelter have definitely been good all year round (Yes, even the longest-staying shelter cat 1-2-3!) and deserve some goodies from their Santa! :)

Below are the top 6 needs of the PAWS shelter:

  1. Dry cat food [Consumption: One 30kg bag lasts the shelter kitties - 5 days]

  2. Vibravet paste [Consumption: Currently, five (5) pieces a month. For kittens under treatment]

  3. Bleach [Consumption: Biggest bottle of ZONROX lasts 1 week]

  4. Canex or any all-wormer [Consumption: Good for forty (40) average (native) sized dogs once every three months]

  5. Detergent Powder [Consumption: Ten (10) kilos a month]

  6. Old towels and newspapers

Please visit my post about the different ways you can send in your donations for more information.

Thank you very much!

This Blog in's Top 50 of 2008

Posted by siyerwin on at 10:48 AM recently released a list of blogs that they have ranked to be the year's top in terms of growth. Actually, this is kind of old news as the announcement was made exactly a month ago today and although I was emailed by the webmasters some weeks back informing me, I wasn't able to catch the release of the actual list (Oct. 10). I only saw it this morning as I was stumbling around my Technorati page and saw a couple of unusual links to this blog that do not fit the profile.

For those wondering about this, is a blog-ranking website that focuses on Pinoy bloggers. Ranking algorithm is based on Google Pagerank, Technorati authority, and RSS subscriber count courtesy of Feedburner.

This is a bit of a vanity on my part but I'm really glad to be part of the list as it gives a bit more of exposure for the advocacy. If you're also an animal welfare blogger I'd encourage you to get Ratified as we are kind of under-represented. You will need to claim your blog in Technorati and publish your blog feed via Feedburner. Email me if you have any questions.

Below is the report (go check out and support the members of our local blogging community as well! Most of these folks are worth the click.):

There are two parts in this report. The first one focused on the top fifty blogs where we have established some base data at the start of this year. We wrote to the bloggers that made it to the first part of the list for further information, asking them to share the story behind their growth, and be featured here. Here are some of them.

1. Jehzlau Concepts (
2. Selaplana (
3. Pinoy R.N (
4. Gio’s WeBlog (
5. Yugatech (
6. Macuha (
7. Our Awesome Planet (
8. EntrePinoys Atbp. (
9. PinoyBlogoSphere (
10. Ellen Tordesillas (
11. Blog ni Inday (
12. Make Money Online with a 13 Year Old (
13. The Filipino Entrepreneur (
14. Tech At Hand (
15. Philippine Travel Blog (
16. Julia Aquino (
17. PinoyBlogero (
18. Bakla Ako, May Reklamo? (
19. FruityOaty (
20. 5ThirthyOne (
21. Naruto Shippuuden Fan (
22. Vista Pinas (
23. Touched By An Angel (
24. Bryan Boy (
25. Alleba Blog (
26. Evil Woobie (
27. Maiylah’s Snippets (
28. Shutter Box Philippines (
29. Kubiertos (
30. Aja Lapus (
31. JoanJoyce (
32. Ederic@cyberspace (
33. Mindanao Bloggers (
34. The D Spot (
35. TaintedSong v10 (
36. Tops 2 Bottoms (
37. Mar Roxas for President 2010 Blog (
38. Jozzua (
39. BlogComics (
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43. Motorcycle Philippines (
44. Belolats (
45. NiervaDotCom (
46. Manuel L. Quezon III (
47. Influential Blogger (
48. Sasha-Says (
49. Mom Exchange (
50. BatangYagit (

The second set are top fifty blogs where we did not have base data at the start of the year (such as their Feedburner API was only activated during the year) but their current rank and growth is worth commending. They are:

1. OFW Life Blog
2. Starmometer
3. Ultimate Pinoy Hunks
4. Silkenhut’s World
5. ChiQ Montes - Wordpress Theme Designer
6. Cellphone9
7. Sacha Chua
8. Make Money Online
9. ramblings
10. Pinoy Teens Online
11. Pinoy Rickey
12. Pinoy Food
13. Mukamo Philippines
14. Europe String
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16. Overseas Pinoy Cooking
17. Make Money Online | Get More Traffic at Manuel
18. Filipina Images
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21. Filipina Soul
22. Reyna Elena
23. Music Picks
24. Technograph
25. Ready To Be Rich
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28. Skirmisher
29. Ver 6: En Route - Philippines Travel Photography
30. Gaining Genius from the Global Goldmine
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33. The Man Blog
34. | Ramblings of a Newbie Blogger
35. Shopping Finds
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37. Philippine Freebies Promos Contests
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45. The Journal of The Jester-in-Exile
46. Pusang Maganda
47. keyboard monologues
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50. When Silence Speaks

Shelter Feeding Program: A project proposal for animal advocates

Posted by siyerwin on Monday, November 03, 2008 at 8:29 PM

Here's an idea about how we animal advocates can help alleviate the somewhat recurring problem of animal food shortages (especially cat food) at the shelter.

If you have some free time for volunteer work and are looking for something to do then why not participate in what we call the Shelter Feeding Program where we encourage people to visit the shelter to bring home-cooked food for the animals? It can be a great get-together activity for you, your friends and your family and would benefit the shelter cats and dogs in more ways than one:

  • They will get a taste of delicious food! A welcome break from the commercial kibble that is the shelter's staple food.

  • The shelter animals will get some socialization from their human visitors which would increases their chances of getting picked by adopters.

  • Your bringing of food will provide relief to the shelter's resources as it will help stretch the supplies even for just one more day.

What kind of cooked food to bring? Here's our recommendation (Don't worry there's no fancy cooking required):
  • Six (6) kilos of boiled "sawdust" or ground pork (just boiled in plain water, no salt, no seasoning)
  • 1-2 kilos cooked rice (or approximately equivalent to two large rice cooker filled with cooked rice)
  • Ten (10) kilos of boiled galunggong
  • One (1) huge "kalabasa" or pumpkin - peeled, seeds removed, boiled until soft.
Also please bring detergent/diswashing soap and sponges. We highly recommend a little food-bowl-washing fun to make the experience complete! Food bowls are all cleaned before food is served.

Bring a camera!!! :)

Students from the Chiang Kai-Shek School volunteer for the Shelter Food Program (September 2008). Here they are washing food bowls! I took this picture and I tell you these kids are some of the most efficient bowl-washers I've seen in a long time. They went to the shelter and they meant business!

Here they are preparing the food. They brought rice which they mixed up with some nicely boiled ground meat! A sure treat for the shelter kitties! Yumyum!

The kiddies on their way to the cattery with PAWS Humane Education Program Director Anna Cabrera.

The kitties, sensing the coming visitors and the treats they bring, scramble the welcoming committee, which, basically, is just all of them rushing to the cattery entrance.

Food is served. Check out that one cat standing on her hind legs hoping to get first dibs.


If you wish to do this little feeding project, I need to emphasize that you will need to coordinate with PAWS about it. The PAWS shelter is currently running on a (very) skeletal volunteer work force and the schedule of the volunteers who must be there to supervise your feeding project needs to be arranged. Email philpaws @ yahoo. com or call 475-1688 to arrange a nice afternoon with the shelter cats and dogs.

Our past calls for cat food donations have always been answered by kind donors. And though I'm unable to mention all your names here except for Matthew (The 10-year old cat-lover who broke his piggy bank and spent all his savings to donate 30 kg. of cat food), please know that your help means a lot to the animals and not only do they nourish the animals but also continue to inspire and fuel the spirits of other PAWS volunteers and advocates like you.

If you wish to make a cat food or cash donation please visit my donations page.

Thank you very much!

Dog with tumor needs your help

Posted by siyerwin on Friday, October 31, 2008 at 12:04 PM

Reno needs your helping hand. Found bloodied on the road side, he was brought to PAWS volunteer veterinarian Dr. David Arceo by two compassionate animal advocates Joe Claret and Daisy Medel. He was diagnosed with a tumor and was given a slim chance of survival. But after responding well to a round of chemotheraphy, perhaps due to divine intervention and the natural resilience of the Filipino dog, Reno's chances have been upgraded and is now the focus of a fund drive.

(Pictures after the jump)

The following is the announcement made by PAWS in the What's up, PAWS? Yahoogroup:

We call Reno our "Miracle Dog" because, unlike Romeo/Juliet, we did not send out an alert since the prognosis was not very good. Rescuers were advised to pray and hope for the best.

Last week, Dr Arceo texted us with this message: "This dog continues to surprise. The other eye which I thought was completely blind and hopeless, is now a feasible, seeing eye! He is now on his second round of chemotherapy. ."

Dogs with special medical needs like Reno are not included in the PAWS Shelter's monthly budget /overhead cost of P80,000.
Please help us continue Reno's treatment by sending financial support to:
Account Name: The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)
Bank: PNB
Account Number: 072-830174-0

(Please click here for other ways to send in your donations)

Donors may fax a copy of their validated deposit slips to 724-1986 and indicate their mailing address on the slips so that we can send official receipts.

Donors may also call Dr. David Arceo at Companion Animal Clinic, Antipolo, Rizal tel 6682050 to ask about what other medicines they can sponsor.

Thank you.

-The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)

The Adoption Fairy Spotted at the PAWS Halloween Fundraising

Posted by siyerwin on Monday, October 27, 2008 at 5:14 PM

PAWS Scaredy Cats and Dogs Adoption FairyYesterday's PAWS Halloween event at the Eastwood City was a total blast with over 300 costumed humans and pets attending and scaring the heebie jeebies out of this blogger. But one particularly unexpected encounter made the event even more interesting and filled the shelter cats and dogs with more hope that they will soon be granted the gift of adoption.

Meet the Adoption Fairy--- a magical creature conjured by the cries of homeless cats and dogs and adoption program volunteers in animal shelters everywhere. Don't get me wrong. I liked all the other magical creatures that joined the PAWS Scaredy Cats and Dogs Halloween celebration/contest but it was the Adoption Fairy that made the whole thing more special. More so since her wings were adorned by the images of shelter animals that I have featured here. Good thing I wasn't a judge 'cause I would have given her all the awards. Hehe.

I didn't get the fairy's name though so if you guys are reading this, do please send me an email so I can give credit to your noteworthy [costume] creation (They won the Most Original Costume Award). Thank you for featuring the shelter animals in your costume!

Congratulations to all the other contestants, winners and otherwise! Thank you for supporting this fund-raising event for the shelter animals. I will try to post more pictures in my Flickr account. Have Flickr? Add me up!

For an official update about the event, please join the official PAWS mailing list at

BTW, a photo from the event is featured on the front page of the Philippine Star today (October 27, 2008)!

Make adoption your only option!

PAWS Pet Memorial Wall

Posted by siyerwin on Saturday, October 25, 2008 at 12:35 AM


Have you ever wondered if there's a place here in the Philippines where people can go to commemorate their pets who have passed away? Humans do it all the time in memorial parks and cemeteries where they occasionally visit the resting places of their relatives who have passed on. They light candles and offer flowers in honor and loving memory of their dead.

PAWS, in a project called the PAWS Pet Memorial Wall, has made such a thing possible by allocating a portion of its animal shelter, a.k.a. PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center (PARC), for its Pet Memorial Wall where humans/pet guardians/owners can dedicate memorial wall tiles for their pets who have moved on to the rainbow bridge.

This project is also meant to raise funds for the shelter as each tile (dimensions: 8 x 10 in.) costs Php 2,000 (approx. $40) inclusive of a four-line dedication with layout provided by PAWS (for approval by tile owner).

This is a pretty good way to create a lasting memorial to the pets that have been a significant part of our lives while at the same time reaching out a helping hand to the animals who are in dire need of our help at the shelter.

The shelter currently houses more than 130 cats and dogs, most of whom are looking for adoptive homes.

The Memorial Wall will be maintained for as long as the shelter stands.

For more information, please contact PAWS at philpaws @ Thanks!

More pictures of the wall:

Compassion that builds shelters, mends broken bones

Posted by siyerwin on Wednesday, October 22, 2008 at 9:00 AM

The animal shelter is replete with stories that will swell the heart with cheer and some that will rend it to pieces. I've always supported the idea of PAWS putting up a blog similar to that of Animal's Asia's Jill's Blog to tell the world about the plight of animal welfare here in the Philippines. But in the absence of such, for now the next best thing is a subscription to the official PAWS mailing list at Yahoogroups: It's a nicely moderated mailing list where animal-lovers, advocates, volunteers and donors can get updated about what's up in the Philippine animal welfare scene.

In this post are a couple of updates straight from the shelter. These are testament to how the generosity of animal welfare advocates, the concerned citizens and donors, are changing the lives of shelter animals for the better.

Your Compassion Builds Shelters for Animals...

PAWS Dog QuarantineDonations and funds raised through fund-raising events have further improved conditions at the PAWS shelter through the construction of a dog quarantine area where newly rescued dogs are observed and treated for illnesses. This way, the other healthy dogs have more protection from diseases that dogs coming from the outside might be carrying. This is one less problem for the shelter to have to deal with.

PAWS Dog Quarantine
PAWS Dog QuarantinePlease keep on donating and supporting PAWS' events (upcoming: PAWS' Scaredy Cats and Dogs 2008). These events are the only way the organization proactively creates some funding to help continue on its mandate of working for a society that treats its animals kindly and humanely.

Cash and in-kind donations are accepted and will certainly help in the improvement of the animal shelter.

I strongly urge you to visit the shelter to see what your generosity is accomplishing for the animals.

Your Compassion Mends Broken Bones...

Rescued dog Romeo's xray of fractured hind legThe image above is the x-ray film scan of a hind leg of one rescued dog named Romeo. The poor dog had been walking the streets with leg bones literally shattered to 3 pieces. An email blast was sent on his behalf a number of weeks back in the PAWS Yahoogroup. Help came in the way of cash donations that were to pay for his bone-pin operation which cost about PHP 15,000 (approx. USD 320). The entire amount was raised in a matter of days and the operation was performed successfully. Romeo, which later turned out to be a Juliet (a case of mistaken determination of gender), as of last update, was on her way back to the shelter for recovery and re-homing.

Juliet isn't the first sick dog to be the recipient of the kindness of other people. Sponsors also recently stepped up for Iris and Lady, two shelter dogs that were successfully treated for heart worms. Donors also paid for the treatments of John Lloyd's liver problems and the continuing treatment of Malcolm's severe demodectic mange (Malcolm is a really huge bull mastiff that was abandoned at the shelter).

Bull mastiff Malcolm: a shelter dog with demodectic mange
Contact PAWS (philpaws @ to learn more about how you can help in treating sick shelter animals.

Let's all keep working together for the animals!

The shelter animals send their thanks and love to all.

PAWS' Scaredy Cats and Dogs - Oct. 26, Eastwood Central Plaza

Posted by siyerwin on Friday, October 17, 2008 at 7:59 PM

PAWS' Scaredy Cats and Dogs PosterThe Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), in cooperation with Eastwood City, invites everyone to SCAREDY CATS & DOGS, a grand Halloween fund-raising event to be held at the Eastwood Central Plaza on October 26 (SUN) at 3pm.

Now on its 5th year, kids & pet-lovers can once again dress up themselves and their pets and compete in the fun costume contest. Categories are as follows:

Crypt Keeper’s Choice – Most Original Costume
Casper’s Choice – Cutest Costume
Phantom’s Pick – Most Creative Costume
Scream of the Crop – Scariest Costume
Midnight Society – Best Group in Costume
Halim-Aw-Aw / Hali-Meow Award – Best Native Pet in Costume
Best Ghoulist Partners – Best Pet & Guardian Tandem
Mr. Boogeyman – Best Male in Costume
All Hallow’s Eve – Best Female in Costume
Transylvanian Star – Best Pet in Costume

Aside from exciting prizes for each winner, this year’s best dressed Pet & Human will win Eastwood Cinema Season Passes which will entitle the bearer and a friend to watch FREE movies for 6 months at Eastwood Cinemas.

Aside from the costume contest, there will be FREE face painting for kids, fun Halloween games and the much-awaited Trick-Or-Treat around Eastwood City.

Registration starts at 130PM and early Registrants will receive FREEBIES from sponsors.

The P250 registration fee will go to the PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center, a temporary shelter for more than 100 dogs & cats who were either abandoned or rescued from cruelty or neglect. The shelter staff & volunteers work hard to rehabilitate these animals with the ultimate goal of finding new loving homes for them so that they can get a second chance in life. The facility is solely dependent on donations and fund raising activities such as this to keep it running.

So celebrate Halloween with your pets and help make a difference in the lives of the animals in the PAWS Shelter.

SCAREDY CATS & DOGS : YEAR 5 is made possible through the generous support of Alpo, McDonald’s, Chuckie, Eastwood Cinemas, Frontline Plus, Sergeant’s, Toytown, Nestea, KitKat, Nescafe, Shopaholic and the Philippine Star Pet Life Section.

Do shelter dogs smile?

Posted by siyerwin on Monday, October 13, 2008 at 7:10 PM

Former shelter dog Missy with JJ!I remember about 2 years ago when I started volunteering and shooting pictures of the residents of the PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center (PARC), I often got requests from PAWS to take pictures of "smiling" shelter dogs. While I often said yes to the requests, I distinctly recall that I failed to deliver that particular assignment week after week. I did catch a few "smiles" along the way but most of the stuff I kept producing would have given me the boot if they were paid gigs. All I kept getting were images of sad, bored dogs longing for something better.

The images on this post were sent to me by a reader who, with his family, have brought a couple of shelter dogs into their wonderful home. Jeremy PedreƱa's photos of Missy and Tweety with his wife Julie and son JJ are photos that I would have loved to have taken.

There's a ton of material on the internet asserting that dogs smile as a very clever adaptive mechanism. Wolves pull back their lips into a smile as a submissive posture to dominant wolves. Pet dogs differ from wolves in that they use the smile to elicit favorable reactions from their human alphas. If smiling gets them a warm hug or a nice pat on the head, why would they not do it, right? Alex Lieber of believes that a dog genuinely smiles because he "associates the expression with something that makes him happy."

Do shelter dogs smile? Yes they do but since happiness is a commodity not very easy to come by in a shelter for homeless animals, dogs probably smile simply to satisfy a biological need (panting) or to maintain the peace in the shelter pack hierarchy.

There's something different about the smiles in Jeremy's photos compared to those that I get at the shelter. Jeremy's images put mine to school!

All smiles with July, Tweety and Missy -

Jeremy takes a picture of Julie with Missy and Tweety. Jeremy and Julie has a long history of loving animals. He tells me he chose Tweety because it was sort of love at first sight when they met at the shelter. He loved Tweety's playfulness and thought she was perfect for his active lifestyle.

Julie and former shelter dog Missy!
Missy on the other hand was chosen by Julie because she wanted to give her another chance at a good life. Missy was abandoned at the shelter apparently because she was causing fights between a husband and wife. The husband threatened to kill Missy so the wife decided to leave her at the shelter. Missy initially didn't cope very well with her new homeless life. She went into some separation-anxiety and fell ill. She was on her way to recovery when Julie decided to adopt her.

Tweety sleeping at her new home! -
To most homeless dogs, finding a forever home is but a distant dream. Dream no more, Tweety.

Missy and Tweety and their forever home! -
Home is where the smile is. Ted Teodoro of OnLovingAnimals , in a comment made in my fostering post, attests to the positive effects of a loving home environment to a rescued pet animal.

Tweety at the shelter -
The photo above is a photo I took weeks before Tweety was adopted. Do you see the difference? Tweety was one of three dogs rescued from UP village. They used to be some of the Pasilyo Dogs (Corridor dogs) of PARC back when the dog quarantine was still under construction.

Thinking of getting a pet? Going to pet shops means death to thousands of animals in animal shelters and dog pounds everywhere. Make a difference in the lives of homeless animals. Visit the closest animal shelter & dog pound and save a life.

Did you adopt a homeless animal? Send pics! I'd love to put them here to show the world--- to give hope and to inspire more people into adopting homeless animals. It doesn't have to be an adoption made through PAWS. It can be an adoption from other shelters, or one that you personally did; a kitty you picked up from the street, a puppy that ended up on your door steps, or an adult dog you rescued from a dog pound, etc.! Email me. I'd love to hear your story!

sherwin [at]

dog rescues

An Email from Shaun

Posted by siyerwin on Tuesday, October 07, 2008 at 6:51 PM

Here's a little update on one of two highway cats that were previously rescued by PAWS (Read story HERE). The update came from none other than one of the rescued cats himself: Shaun!

I guess things are looking up for this cat at his foster home (Yes, you can foster shelter animals!). He even learned how to send email with attached pictures to boot!

If you wish to send back a reply to Shaun after reading his email, he told me I can give you all his email address. Say hi to Shaun at shaun @ Drop him a note if you want to become his "online friend" or better yet, tell him that you want to adopt him! Yes, Shawn, the former highway-tunnel homeless cat now an internet savvy homeless cat is still looking for that forever home. He says he prefers one with internet connection but he really doesn't care. As long as the humans he'll be living with aren't like his former humans who threw him away in the middle of the highway, he'll be fine with it!

Here's that note from Shaun:

Hello, my name is Shaun.

You may not recognize me now so I'm sending my old photos way down below just to help you recall who I am.

Shaun the highway cat at his foster home!I myself don't want to remember how I ended up on that tiny shoulder in the Shaw Tunnel two months ago.

My rescuer from PAWS says I was severely dehydrated when she got me.

I'm still a bit scrawny but, hey, my ears are a lot cleaner now, and I really am quite a handsome fellow if you look at me closely.

I am currently staying at my foster mum's place where I am immensely enjoying lazy afternoons by my window "station". My foster mum says I shouldn't make myself too comfortable because someone will eventually adopt me and give me what she calls a "forever-home"

"Forever home" sounds nice. Whatever or wherever that is.

If you give me this "forever home", I promise to love you and keep you company even during the darkest episodes of your life. Abandonment is something I would not wish on anyone.. My next owner and I will have a relationship that's definitely for keeps.

Take that as a promise from a kitty who's been in a dark, scary tunnel.


NOTE from PAWS: Those interested in adopting Shaun - please accomplish the PAWS Adoption Application Form found in ph and send to philpaws@yahoo. com or handcarry it to the PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center (PARC), Aurora Blvd., Katipunan Valley, Loyola Heights, Quezon City. Map available at Thank you.

Cat Shawn Rescued from Edsa-Shaw TunnelShawn at Vets in PracticePAWS Cat Rescue

Wanted: Cat Food Donors

Posted by siyerwin on Sunday, October 05, 2008 at 11:45 AM

shelter cats need cat food donationsThe PAWS shelter is currently running into serious problems keeping up with expenses on cat food and are asking for help from fellow animal-lovers. The shelter cats consume about 4.5 to 6 kilograms of cat food (kibble) every day which cost about Php360 to Php450 ($7.66 to $9.57) on the average.

A 22.7 kilogram (or 50 lbs.) bag of Princess Cat (the cheapest one we are able to find right now, available at Whiskers n' Paw Prints in Katipunan Rd., Quezon City) costs about Php1,800 ($38.30) and would last about 4 to 5 days. That's around Php10,800 ($230) per month which is a really significant amount considering PAWS doesn't have a steady source of funding.

If you wish to chip in to help the 100++ cats currently living at the shelter, you can do so in 3 ways:

Buy cat food to donate

You may donate any brand but we currently recommend Princess Cat because you get more with less. You may drop off your donations at the PAWS shelter in Quezon City (Map HERE). We invite you to go visit the shelter to personally meet your beneficiaries--- the animals!

Donate cash for cat food

The best way would be to visit the shelter to personally give your cash donation. You may also do it via bank deposits, transfers or through online payment systems. Please go to for more info about donating cash. Please be sure to email Anna Cabrera of PAWS at philpaws @ (cc me at sherwin [at] after sending in your money and tell her the details and purpose of your donation (e.g., cat food).

Send a letter to your favorite pet food company

Urge businesses to get involved by sending them a letter about the plight of shelter animals. A small donation of 150 lbs. of cat and food per month from each of the top 3 pet food companies here in the Philippines would be more than enough for the needs of the shelter kitties. Which companies to write to? This report about the Philippine Pet Food Market might help answer that.

PAWS is not having any similar problems with the dog food supply because there are more dog food donations than cat food donations.

Thank you for reading!

Wanted: Foster Homes for Shelter Cats and Dogs

Posted by siyerwin on Wednesday, October 01, 2008 at 11:35 PM

Want to help a rescued cat or dog prepare for a new home?

One way you can do this is by sparing some room in your home and fostering a shelter cat or dog. The PAWS shelter, after all, does not have infinite space and it constantly needs to make some for new rescues and for the animals that need its help the most. This is also an opportunity for anyone who wants some animal companionship but may not be able to commit to a long-term ownership/guardianship of a cat or a dog.

Most shelter cats and dogs have been through some painful experiences being sick or being the object of unimaginable cruelty from humans. Hence, in a lot of instances, rehabilitation through continued human companionship (of the un-cruel kind) is required to bring back the animals' trust in humanity. This will increase the chances of making their transition from a traumatic home to a loving home as smooth as possible.

Foster homes are also sought for kittens, puppies or sick animals that need constant attention. There are over a hundred cats and dogs at the shelter at any given time; a certain percentage of which are sick or are too young to be able to survive on their own without constant loving supervision.

Rescue Dog William Needs a Foster HomeThe typical rescued or abandoned cat or dog will be underweight or sick. We need foster homes that are willing to bring them back to a good state of health to increase their chances of getting adopted. The above picture of William is perhaps one of the extreme rescue cases as far as state of health is concerned. Unfortunately, finding a dog in this heart-wrenching state, out there in the streets, is not as rare as one would wish.

PAWS needs your help in helping these animals by taking care of them until suitable permanent homes are found for them, or, in the case of kittens, puppies and sick animals, until they grow old enough or are nursed back to health enough to survive a shelter environment. No shelter will beat the care a real loving home environment can give a rescue cat or dog.

What do you need to consider before fostering?
  • Do you have spare room in your home?
  • Can you keep sick cats or dogs, kittens or puppies sheltered indoors?
  • Will you have time to spend interacting with your wards?
  • Will you be willing to administer medicines when necesary?
  • Will you be able to bring it to the vet when the need arises?

What would it cost to foster a shelter animal?

I honestly do not have a figure to give but I would say that you may need to shoulder some costs entailed in caring for pets. PAWS will certainly provide veterinary services [If available... Note: There is currently no regular shelter veterinarian] and will provide medicines, cat food and dog food, if it has some to spare. Please remember that the organization is solely dependent on donations and money it raises at fund-raising events and that there may be occasions of cat and dog food and medicine shortages.

What do you need to do to be able to start fostering?

By all means get in touch with us right away! Attend a volunteer orientation or schedule a visit to the shelter to meet some of PAWS' adoption counselors. We do still need to assess your capacity as a foster parent. If you've had experience taking care of pets in the past and have a passion for it, then I doubt if we're going to have problems. And even if you're new to pet care, as long as you are eager to learn, I believe there may be a way to work things out. Many volunteers will be willing to guide you through it all.

What are you required to do?

All we ask is that you treat your foster cats or dogs as if they were your own. I would also urge (not require) you to become proactive in finding forever homes for them. That, after all, is our ultimate goal, isn't it?--- To get all the homeless animals home! Note: After your foster baby gets adopted, there will always be more waiting for foster care!

Read the story of Lance at News Hound and see how fostering can work wonders to any animal in need: A need for foster parents

Another related story is that of Rex which I posted here a couple of times. Fellow animal welfare advocate Alya Honasan fostered Rex from a bag of bones to a bag of happiness and then found a wonderful forever home for him!

Rex (Labrador) before fostering of Alya Honasan
Rex before fostering.

Rex adopted and currently living in Cavite
Rex after fostering.
(Photos courtesy of PAWS and Popi Laudico)

There are other ways that you can help out. Adoption is but one aspect of the advocacy. Fostering is another. Become a volunteer and find out more about how you can help. Let's all work together for the animals!

Disclaimer: This post is not an official announcement from PAWS but merely a personal plea from this blog. To my knowledge, PAWS has not issued any official guidelines regarding their fostering program but it does exist. I know of several PAWS volunteers and supporters that have done it, are doing it. The conditions and guidelines set forth in this post may change without prior notice so if you're really interested to join this program, please contact PAWS directly and thresh out with them any details that aren't clear. Thanks for reading!

Pet Blessings at Boni High Street and Eastwood (Oct. 4 & 5)

Posted by siyerwin on Sunday, September 28, 2008 at 3:15 PM

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society is mounting a series of PET BLESSINGS to celebrate the Feast of Saint Francis of Assisi, patron saint of animals.

It will kick-off in the morning of October 4 with a private affair at the PAWS Shelter where the animals currently being cared for and rehabilitated by PAWS will be blessed (10.30am)

The other two blessings are for the public and will be held within a special Mass for the Animals at the Bonifacio High Street at 6:00 pm on October 4 (Sat) and at Eastwood Central Plaza at 5:00 pm on October 5 (Sun).

Pet Blessing at the Bonifacio High Street, The Fort, Taguig Pet Blessing at the Eastwood City, Quezon City

The Bonifacio High Street Pet Blessing sponsored by ALPO will be highlighted by a Candlelighting Ceremony and the renewal of pet owners’ commitment to their companion animals. This activity is part of PAWS’ participation in World Animal Day which also falls on October 4th.

On the other hand, guardians & their pets attending the Eastwood City Mass for the Animals will get a chance to join in the procession of a life-sized statue of St. Francis around the venue.

Offerings and collection will be done by PAWS' Dr. Dogs while music will be provided by the 92AD Choir.

The PAWS Animal Blessings are made possible with the generous help of Frontline Plus, Krispy Kreme, Bayopet, Shopaholic and the Philippine Star Pet Life Section.

Per request of parishioners, PAWS will also give a special talk on Responsible Pet Ownership and Animal Welfare at the Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral (ICC) in Pasig City at 12:45 pm on October 4, 2008.

Different ways to send in your donations to PAWS

Posted by siyerwin on Saturday, September 27, 2008 at 2:30 AM

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society is a not-for-profit volunteer organization that relies on the funds generated through fund-raising events, merchandise sales and donations. Your donations, whether in cash or in-kind, go a long way towards helping the group perform its mandate of fighting for the welfare and humane treatment of animals. This post summarizes the different ways you can get your donations to PAWS.

Cash Donations

The digital methods - For the internet savvy donors that would like to donate cash without leaving their seats, these currently are your options:

  • Paypal - One of the biggest online payment systems currently available which is quite convenient to use. You can literally send your donations with just a few clicks of your mouse. For residents of the Philippines, donations sent through Paypal can be funded by charging it to your credit or debit cards. For residents of countries like the U.S. or Canada you can set it up against your savings accounts to fund your donations.

  • Donate via Paypal
    Get a Paypal Account
    Learn more at Paypal

    Automatic monthly donations can be set up using Paypal. Email me at sherwin [at] mefindhome [dot] org to find out more!

  • MyAyala - This is a virtual shopping mall brought to us by subsidiaries of the Ayala Corporation. It carries a wide range of products which can be purchased with ease. They also accept PAWS donations through credit or debit cards.

  • BPIExpressOnline - This is the online banking facility of the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI). BPI savings/checking account holders are all eligible for Express Online access which basically is just your online access to your BPI accounts. You can pay bills, open new accounts, load your Globe cellphones, transfer funds to other BPI accounts, etc.

    You can donate to PAWS via their funds transfer function but you will need to add the PAWS BPI account to your third-party accounts list before you can do so. The cool thing about their funds transfer feature is that, besides the one-time funds transfer option, you can set it to automatically send money at regular time intervals. You can send in any fixed amount, say, on a monthly basis! And it's free, too! You wont get slapped with any of those interbranch fees that you normally get slapped with when you deposit through a branch outside of Metro Manila or Greater Manila Area.

    There are 2 methods of enrolling third-party accounts to your Express Online. You can 1) print, sign and then snail mail the enrollment form to BPI or 2) you can print, sign and then bring the form to your account branch. I recommend the second method because the third party account gets added to your list on the next day after you visit your branch to submit the form!

  • You may add the following account to your third-party accounts:
    BPI Account Name: The Philippine Animal Welfare Society
    PHP Account No.: 3943-0086-11
    Go to BPIExpressOnline

The analog methods - For those who like to get out there and take that nice walk to the bank or that trip to the shelter:
  • Bank deposits and wire transfers - This is pretty self-explanatory and perhaps is best for those who don't like going online to deal with money matters. Below are the PAWS bank account details.

  • Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI)
    Account Name: The Philippine Animal Welfare Society
    USD Account No.: 3944-0021-61
    PHP Account No.: 3943-0086-11

    Philippine National Bank (PNB)
    Account Name: The Philippine Animal Welfare Society
    PHP Account No.: 072-830174-0

    Above account numbers lifted from

  • Cash & Checks - I believe this method is still the preferred choice as PAWS likes to personally meet their donors. If you visit the shelter to give your donation personally, they'll be able to show you around to see how your donations are being put to good use. Please make checks payable to "The Philippine Animal Welfare Society".

In-Kind Donations

There are currently two drop off points for your donations in-kind. First is at the PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center (PARC) and second is at the head office of PAWS. Both are in Quezon City:

PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center (PARC)
Aurora Blvd., Katipunan Valley, Loyola Heights, QC
(Map at
Tel no.: +63 2 4751688

87 Small Horseshoe Drive,
New Manila, Quezon City


Thank you very much. Hope to see you at the shelter!

Frozen Yogurt Fundraising for PAWS by White Hat & Reema Chanco

Posted by siyerwin on Wednesday, September 24, 2008 at 12:30 AM

PAWS and low-fat diet go hand in hand this Saturday, September 27, 2008, 1:00 PM onwards at the SM Mall of Asia with a fund-raising activity by White Hat, a mall store that sells frozen yogurt, and celebrity host and animal welfare advocate Reema Chanco.

Reema Chanco & White Hat Fundraising for PAWS

(Click on the image to enlarge)

Simply put, Reema Changco, will be at the White Hat store from 1:00 PM onwards this Saturday to serve customers and for that, 50% of the sale made by her will be donated to the PAWS shelter! Neat!

A trip to the mall this Saturday will be made more worthwhile by a cup or two of frozen yogurt. Ask your family and friends to tag along and make sure you drop by the store after 1:00 PM! Thank you very much! :)

Where is the White Hat store located in Mall of Asia?

It's on the Second Level of the Entertainment Mall near the SM Science Discovery Center and right across the Nike, Speedo and Fila stores. A location map is provided on the poster image above.

Press Release:

THE WHITE HAT and REEMA CHANCO work together for the animals

On September 27, 2008 (Saturday), customers who visit THE WHITE HAT at the MALL OF ASIA will get a Triple Treat. First, they get to enjoy a cup of super delicious and healthy Italian frozen yogurt. Second, they will be personally served by celebrity-host and animal advocate REEMA CHANCO. And Third, their purchase will help support the Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS).

This is the second charity event hosted by THE WHITE HAT as part of its social responsibility program called CELEBRITY-FOR- CHARITY.

“Our company cares very much about our customers. We make sure that we serve the best –tasting yogurt from Italy with a choice of more than 21 healthy premium toppings. We also try to give back to the community by inviting celebrities who volunteer to serve customers, for which we donate 50% of the day’s proceeds to their favorite charity.“ said Eric Chao, THE WHITE HAT marketing manager.

Reema Chanco is a familiar face on TV. Not only is she a Nike Athlete, she recently covered the Beijing Olympics for Solar Sports and is one of the hosts of 3R, a popular women empowerment program on TV5. Passionate about animals, REEMA and her two dogs, Sasha & Sophie, have been supporting PAWS for several years already.

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the prevention of animal suffering. Founded in 1954, the organization is responsible for many "firsts" in the field of promoting animal welfare. It spearheaded the lobbying of the first Philippine anti-cruelty law and has pioneered humane education efforts around schools. In 2001, PAWS put up the country's first animal shelter with an active adoption and spay-neuter program.

The shelter, which is called PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center or PARC has successfully placed more than 500 rescued animals into loving homes The facility is solely dependent on donations and fund raising activities to keep it running.

So if you love to eat healthy, drop by THE WHITE HAT at the Mall of Asia on September 27 and help make a difference in the lives of the animals in the PAWS Shelter.

Shelter Wishlist - September 2008 - Cat & Dog Food S.O.S.

Posted by siyerwin on Sunday, September 14, 2008 at 2:34 AM

The shelter is running out of cat and dog food.

PAWS Shelter Cattery
Help us avert a crisis by donating cat and dog food to fill the tummies of homeless cats and dogs. Donations help free up shelter resources and help stretch its ever-thinning supplies.

The PAWS shelter always needs the following:
1. Dog and Cat food (dry and wet)
2. All-wormer for dogs and cats
3. Medicine, vitamins: Amoxicillin capsules (250mg), LIV52 , IMMUNOL tablets
4. Powdered detergent soaps
5. Zonrox Bleach
6. Old Newspapers
7. Lactose-free milk for unweaned kittens (COSI or AL 110)
8. Dishwashing liquid or paste (for food bowls)
9. "Kusot" or woodshavings for kitty litter
10. Clean towels or rags
11. Collars (native dog size)
12. Garbage bags (size: XXL)

Drop off your donations to the PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center (Map HERE) or at the PAWS Headquarters at 87 Small Horseshoe Drive, New Manila, Quezon City.

Thank you very much for your time and generosity.

Adoption Update: Jasmine at the Farm!

Posted by siyerwin on Thursday, September 04, 2008 at 11:10 AM

Jasmine, the longest-staying shelter dog turned farm dog, looks like she's immensely enjoying how things turned out for her. Recent pictures sent by her adopter Marla Nicandro, now all part of my collection, shows how well she's coping up in her forever home.

Jasmine and adopter Marla Nicandro

Marla and Jasmine are all smiles!

Former Shelter Dog Jasmine and friend Ruffa
Jasmine and friend Ruffa waiting for treats! Marla says Jasmine initially didn't like getting treats. Now she loves them and "wags her tail in anticipation"!

Former shelter dog Jasmine at her new home
Just chillin' beside mommy Marla

Jasmine on a leash
That's one pretty farm dog right there!

"Thank you for adopting me, Marla."

Thanks for these wonderful pictures, Marla. Please send more! :)

Are you an adopter of a PAWS shelter cat or dog? Send me pictures of you and your baby! I like collecting them! Drop me a line at sherwin [at] ;)

Join the Protest Against the Slaughter of Dolphins! Sept. 3

Posted by siyerwin on Tuesday, September 02, 2008 at 9:08 AM

September 3, 2008 will be the fourth annual Japan Dolphin Day and we are inviting you to join people all over the world to speak out against the brutal killing of dolphins in Japan.

Below is an invitation from PAWS and Earth Island Institute-Philippines for a peaceful protest at the Japanese Embassy in Roxas Blvd.:

Dear Animal Advocate,

PAWS and Earth Island Institute-Philippines are among the 45 organizations in the world who are participating in JAPAN DOLPHIN DAY activities on September 3 - a protest against Japan's mass slaughter of dolphins.

(Directions and map after the jump)
For those who would like to join us in our peaceful picket outside the Japanese Embassy located along Roxas Boulevard tomorrow, September 3, please proceed to the San Juan De Dios parking lot at 9:30am.

Protest march to the Japanese Embassy (only a short distance away from SJDD Hospital) and a short program will be finished by 11am.

To know more about JAPAN DOLPHIN DAY, please click on the following links to go to go to the related Humane Society International (HSI) web pages:
Help us speak out against the cruelty by joining this peaceful picket.

Thank you.

-The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)

We encourage you to literally speak out against this brutal trade. Talk about it with your friends and put it on your blogs, Multiply, Friendster, Myspace, etc.

Thank you very much.

An Afternoon at the Shelter

Posted by siyerwin on Monday, September 01, 2008 at 8:37 PM

PAWS Shelter Cat for AdoptionIt's been a while since I last had the opportunity to take pictures of the shelter animals but last Saturday afternoon I found myself having a lot of time on my hands so I packed my trusty cameras and off to PARC I went.

My favorite images usually happen on such afternoons. The light at the shelter can be very amazing if you know where to look and if you have the time for waiting. The cattery benefits from amazing warm sunsets during summer but an overcast day in the monsoon can still give you that soft, fuzzy light that photographers love.

The newly renovated outdoor cattery was my photo location of choice for this particular afternoon and the images shown in this post are my favorites.

I have been a volunteer for PAWS since 2006 and I must say that the new outdoor cattery is perhaps the best proof that the organization is moving forward. I've never seen the PARC cats fatter thanks to a re-focused effort to improve conditions at the shelter by improving the facilities.

PAWS Cattery

The shelter was renovated under the able direction of volunteers Heidi Guzon and Gwen Protasio. Heidi runs her own cat shelter and brings her experience in designing the PAWS cattery.

Of course the renovation wouldn't have happened at all if not for the donations that PAWS receives and the money raised from PAWS events. Yes, animal welfare advocate/animal-lover, you had a hand in this with your generous donation and your participation in past PAWS fund-raising events.

PAWS Cattery
The next project (now ongoing) is the construction of 10 dog quarantine kennels which looks to me are going to get finished as scheduled considering the success of the Great Dog Dash last August 31. Read more about it in my previous post.

PAWS Shelter Cat for Adoption
A kitten sleeps soundly in their shiny new shelter.

PAWS Shelter Cat for Adoption
The afternoon was made better by two human visitors that adopted a couple of shelter cats. Above is one of the two lucky cats.

PAWS Shelter Cat for Adoption
The cats seem to be getting along much better considering there are over 100 of them right now! Occasional brief boxing bouts still occur between some but in general they appear to be more tolerant of each other.

Feral Cat at the PAWS Shelter
Above is a shelter cat of a different sort. This one's part of the feral community that has made the shelter their shelter; a recipient of PAWS' trap-neuter-release endeavor right within its backyard. It rained that afternoon and this cat found cover under the PAWS Memorial Wall which is another fund-raising project of PAWS (will tell more about it in future posts).

PAWS is an organization that depends heavily on the support of volunteers and advocates. Help PAWS save more cats from cruelty and neglect by adopting, volunteering or donating.

Hope to see you at the shelter!

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