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Me.Find.Home is still alive and licking! :)

Posted by siyerwin on Wednesday, November 21, 2007 at 11:58 PM

Ahem. Let me clear my throat first. Meow. Ok, it's clear.

Hello, World! It's me your friendly neighborhood Pinoy animal adoption blog sounding off!

At last, I'm officially ending another months long hibernation from blogging duties. What's the reason for the brief hiatus? Well, let's just say that I got caught up living my other lives (yes I'm living the feline lifestyle) and spent too much of my creative sap into them, leaving little or none for volunteer work. Yes, that's just the truth of it. Most of my time was spent on other things that may be of more or less or equal importance, my least favorite of which is that demanding day job (ack!).

But enough of the excuses and let me get on with it while the words flow.

As my cat Prada would say "meowow", which, translated to human-speak, means "What's up, Doc?", I will try to give you a rundown of what has happened during the last four months I went on the sideline of volunteer work (at least those that made their way to my memory bank and there stayed):

  1. Cats' Lair and Me.Find.Home launched an off line fund raising campaign by coming up with a postcard set of images from this blog. I so regret not being able to post here about it as it might have helped me sell more. 100% of the funds raised went to the needs of the homeless kitties at PARC.
  2. Successful adoptions kept on happening thanks to the hard work of other volunteers and PAWS directors and staff! I kept getting whiffs of good news through email and through the ubiquitous SMS about this and that dog getting adopted. Though I seem to remember no news about the cats and that's the bad side of the news. I went to babybranny's multiply photo album and found this:
    Yikes, the cats way outnumber the dogs!!! So do the cats win?!!! Definitely not. The cats lose big time. Homeless kitties alert!!!
  3. A slew of PAWS big events, Animal Blessing, Dine with PAWS, Scaredy Cats and Dogs happened as planned thanks to the brave and tireless efforts of the PAWS' active volunteers and directors. Accounts and pictures of the events may be found at the PAWS website and at babybranny's multiply site. PAWS has also launched its Memorial Wall where you can reserve a memorial tile to remember your beloved animal companions that have passed on. If you want to know more about the PAWS Memorial Wall, please get in touch with PAWS at 4751688 or email them at philpaws [at] yahoo [dot] com.
  4. Some bigwigs from abroad are bringing in an oceanarium into our, um, shores (no pun intended). Hype is being built up for this supposedly huge thing for marine life education and tourism in our country. PAWS and its friends in the animal welfare advocacy are crying out against this project which is expected to take its toll on poor marine animals quietly living their lives in the wild. If you want to learn more about marine animals, watch Animal Planet or National Geographic Channel. You'll learn more from those cable channels than you ever will from any zoo with big fancy glass cages to boot. Wild Marine animals inside aquariums are homeless animals!!!
  5. Homeless chickens at the shelter!!! I don't have the full story on this one yet but I had to put it here because of it's smile factor. This kind of thing doesn't doesn't happen everyday (at least not at PARC). The chickens have been adopted by the way. Not by Jollibee or KFC but by vegetarian who's going to bring them home to the farm all the way to Palawan.
  6. More shelter updates, stories of rescues and adoptions and images at babybranny's site. Thanks, Liza for keeping your site updated! :)
That's it for now. But before I end the post, an adoption pitch for two of my PARC buddies, Emil and 1-2-3. I've blogged about them here and here. Please help us find a suitable home for these wonderful animals. 1-2-3 has got to be the longest-staying animal at the shelter. And Emil is too nice of a dog to get stuck in an animal shelter.

One thing that keeps on inspiring this blogger is the help other blogs have been giving the homeless animals. Bloggers stumbling on this site are generously providing links and they keep at it even when the site is inactive.

Links help us reach more people who might be able to help us bring the homeless home!!!

Thank you very much from the bottom of my cat's cute little beating heart.

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  1. 5 comments: Responses to “ Me.Find.Home is still alive and licking! :) ”

  2. By babybranny on Nov 27, 2007, 2:05:00 PM

    hi sherwin, first off: WELCOME BACK!!! WE MISSED YOU!! WE LOVE YOU!! hehe. saturdays at PARC aren't the same without you :P

    i LOVE your post, you really have a way with words. di mo na naabutan the chickens, they're off to live the good life at jackie baut's farm :D. there were also cats adopted but nobody has written stories on them (i'm hoping to do one soon).

    re the catslair postcards, you can still go ahead & promote them on mefindhome bec we still have a lot left (there are still around 25 sets with me, and some are with doc marga of VIP, and some at PARC).

    re 123, i was heartbroken to see him again at PARC:
    ME: anna, sinoli na naman si 123??
    ANNA (sad, frustrated face): MANY times
    awww!!! :(((( poor 123 :(
    btw, i saw him bullying the smaller cats again. he either swats them away from the communal food pan, or lies inside the food pan with his whole body covering the kibble to keep all the food to himself :p. what a character. i hope he finds his forever home soon, i'm sure his new parent would be thoroughly entertained with his antics :p

    another heartbreak moment for me: i saw angel, still there! and bella. i guess 123, angel, & bella are the longest-staying shelter kitties now

    the longest staying dogs are actually jasmine & ang (not emil). jasmine actually came before tintin (the dog), gina (the dog), tala, & alicia..she's the only one left :(. ang is an old dog w special medical needs.

    will you be there this saturday? hope to see ya! :)


  3. By siyerwin on Nov 27, 2007, 7:50:00 PM

    hehe. thanks, liza. i'm actually still swamped at work pero i will consciously try to make time to take pics of the animals at parc. i'm having problems with my camera din. old age by digital standards, Jurassic na camera ko.

    sige will create a post for the postcards. how many are still left?

    1-2-3 got adopted recently? then returned? again? kawawa naman yun. bella? i thought wala na si bella? you might be mistaking her for someone else. tagal na wala si bella off to a better place. am i mistaken?

    so has emil been adopted? how about jasmine?

    see you around, liza

  4. By babybranny on Nov 28, 2007, 12:50:00 PM

    hey sher,

    hello, you with a "jurassic" camera is still one thousand times better than my crappy photos! :P right now i tried to take new pics of the shelter dogs for adoption by myself (*cringe*)..will use those for the meantime for the temporary adoption gallery we plan to post in multiply, pero better pa rin talaga with your photos..especially for the official adoption gallery on our new paws website! (which will be up, acc to our website designer, by january or february). and yung cats wala pang new photos. i was stalling doing the cats, kasi it's personally so heartbreaking for me to spend time in the cattery..have to prepare myself mentally (and emotionally) before i do that LOL :p. but now that you're back,....hehehe :D

    re postcards: i'll confirm how many we have left & get back to you. but assured there are about 25 sets pa with me

    re 123: answer ni anna: "MANY TIMES" :((

    re bella, i also thought she "had long gone off to a better place," but i saw her pic in our files, getting vaccinated recently. she's there pa pala. not looking so good, as usual (unlike the robust 123, she never really thrived well in a shelter environment)

    nope, emil & jasmine not yet adopted..alya was supposed to adopt a female aspin and was checking out jasmine, but suddenly rex came on the scene & needed immediate help, so postponed muna ang "baby sister for banana" project niya :p

    if you're planning to do your next "adopt-me" story, i would suggest jasmine..she's been there too long already (and you successfully got hanny & mario promoted for adoption!) :)

    catch ya later,

  5. By siyerwin on Dec 1, 2007, 5:59:00 AM

    sige, will work on jasmine next. my weekends are actually still swamped pero i'm going on christmas break soon so i plan on reserving a day for creating a new batch of shelter animal pics.

    gusto ko makunan ng pic si kate sa office nyo. will text you soon about it. antaba taba nya!

  6. By babybranny on Dec 12, 2007, 3:08:00 PM

    re jasmine: great! that girl deserves it. it breaks my heart that she has spent her entire puppyhood and "teenage years" at the shelter. i really hope she finds a home soon.

    re kate: sure, just tell me when. yeah, she's gotten too fat, it's hard to control the overeaters in a multi-cat environment. the office is a mess (because of tiopi who is so destructive!), maybe we can shoot somewhere else, or just get a few shots in the office & then shoot in a calmer place.

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