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Alfie, the lap cat

Posted by siyerwin on Wednesday, September 13, 2006 at 10:34 PM

Alfie's the name and the lap, his domain. This kitten is perfect companion to anyone who loves the gentle and the quiet ones. Scoop him up anytime for a cuddle-session and you'll rarely get complaints. Only purrs in generous plenty.

Me and Alfie hit it off the first time we met, which was around 3 months ago. Picked him up during a lull in PARC activities and was pleasantly surprised by how friendly he turned out to be. Went to nap right then and there on my lap like it was a pillow made of clouds.

I think Alfie's in a bit of trouble though. I've noticed that most cats cope really well in the forty-plus-cat shelter environment (yes, there are at least 40 of them at PARC). Alfie, unfortunately, is not one of those cats. Let's just say that he is not very well-placed in the corporate feline ladder and he's got the wounds to show for it. I know. Cats will be cats. But I figure some of you kind souls out there may be looking for a mild-mannered companion cat with a snuggle and cuddle-ready attitude 24/7. Alfie is the one!

Please adopt Alfie and save yours truly and a bunch of PARC volunteers from a whole lot of heartaches.

Alfie facts:

1. Alfie is around 1 year old.
2. Alfie will be ok in a multiple-cat home so long as he's able to eat well. He's one of the shy ones during feeding time and forty cats is probably just too much competition for him sometimes.
3. Alfie is 100% certified cuddly!

Here's one of Alfie's earlier pics when the white in his fur was still pristine and still no wounds to show his rank. I'm rooting for the under-um-dog, er, cat! :)

Alfie's one of my most photographed PARC residents. He's not the unruly type and knows how to stay put... most of the time. So it's easy to take pictures of him.

Kittens will be kittens. Here's Alfie sticking his head into piled up sacks of goodies!

You'll get a lot of this kind of affection from this fella.

One of Alfie's favorite places on earth: up in the arms of friends.

Shoulders are a favorite, too!!!

Please help find Alfie a forever home [ADOPT | LINK UP]. Kindly show his pictures to your friends and forward this post to anyone whom you think might be able to help. Click HERE to forward this post. More images of Alfie are in this post. Email me at find.home @ for your queries.

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