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Tala, The Bright

Posted by siyerwin on Thursday, July 27, 2006 at 9:50 PM

A blur of black and white zoomed past by me as I walked up to the PARC office. That was Tala, the bright, the black and the white, and she was saying hello.

Tala has been at the receiving end of a series of seemingly unfortunate events. Affectionate, playful, intelligent and obedient, and certainly one of the prettiest, it's strange why no one has taken her in yet. She has appeared on TV and the newspapers and has been represented by a handful of determined home-seekers but she remains a homeless 9 month old pup nonetheless.

There has been a number of kind souls who have expressed interest in adopting her. In fact, there was even a time when they had to make a waiting list! But alas, by reasons unavoidable and of no Tala's fault, each candidate adopters reneged on their promises and no adoption pushed through.

Tala's one of the animal residents of PARC with superbly well-balanced temperaments and she is up there at the top of my personal must-find-home list along with Hanny. Heck, I think she's at the top of everyone's must-find-home lists. Another volunteer told me that she thinks Tala's developing some sort of inferiority complex as consequence to all the failed adoption. It would be heartbreaking if that were true.

Let's not allow that to happen. Tala has all the makings of a great companion. Let her show that to you! Please adopt her or help find someone who would. No one will go wrong adopting this dog!

Please call (02) 475-1688 for more information on Tala. Click here to learn about the adoption process. Tell your friends about her and use the images as you see fit. Forward this post via email by clicking on the envelope icon at the end of this post, just between the commenting and voting links. You may also link to this blog! Please click.

Tala and her trademark smiling face. Check out the tongue on that dog!!!

Tell Tala to sit and she will!!!

Tell Tala to play and watch her go!!!

One-eyed Angel

Posted by siyerwin on Sunday, July 16, 2006 at 10:46 PM

One of the wonder cats of PARC, Angel walks around with the feline gait and confidence that usually earns her the admiration of those that she meet. She's only got one eye but it doesn't bother her one tiny bit. I asked Angel about it one time we were hanging out at PARC and her reply was surprising wisdom beyond her years.

"Why do I need stereoscopic eyes to estimate distances?", Angel retorted as she intermittently licked a paw the way a child licks on a lollipop. "If I see you, any friend, a playmate, or cat food, with my one good eye, I'll come near anyway! I don't need two eyes to know who's close to me...", her one-eyed gaze seemed to take her to some imaginary place where playmates abound and cat food are plenty. "I mean, PARC is very nice and all and I like hanging out with 1-2-3, Zorro and Alfie, and the dogs, and the occassional volunteers, but it would be great if, you know, someone would just...", Angel trailed off and fell silent.

But I understood.

Indeed Angel, like all cats, was not meant to be homeless. And neither was she meant to be walking around with a void in one of her eye sockets and, most of all, her heart. Restore the latter by taking her home and showing her that she really doesn't need two eyes to be loved and cared for.

Facts we know about Angel:
1. She was abandoned and rescued by a fellow advocate.
2. She's around 1.5 years old.
3. Infection damaged her right eye beyond healing so they had it surgically removed.
4. She'll be perfect for any cat-lover who's taken care of cats before.

Please call (02) 475-1688 and adopt Angel. Learn more about the adoption process here. If you know a kind soul who might be able to take Angel in, please forward this post to him/her by clicking here or that envelope thingie at the end of this post, right beside the commenting links.

A hundred cat licks to everyone! Thank you very much!

Paw Prints

Posted by siyerwin on at 9:53 PM

Once in a while, animal advocates get the chance to give a louder voice for their charges through publication. And I've been happy to have seen the homeless animals featured in newspapers and magazines more than once since I started volunteering. This section is dedicated to those publishing institutions that help out in un-silencing the silent plea of the abandoned and neglected. Check them out and buy their products if you can. Let's support those who support us. That is the only way we can sustain the little victories that we attain everytime people hear and listen; and everytime one of our animal friends gets adopted into a "forever" home.

Image hosting by PhotoBucket.

Hanny's Eyes

Posted by siyerwin on Sunday, July 02, 2006 at 10:29 PM

Hanny has one of those stares that rend the heart to pieces. Although all the dogs taking refuge at PARC do have that questioning, pleading look in their eyes, Hanny's eyes stand out particularly.

Here's his story: Hanny was brought to PARC by his guardians/owners. They left him there but they promised that they'd come back for him after "a few minutes". They even left their car at the parking lot to assure the staff that they did intend to come back. They never did, of course, and they were able to sneak the car off of the parking lot without anybody noticing.

I think Hanny's still waiting for them to come back.

Please give Hanny the chance to feel the love inside a home again. Let's not keep him waiting in a shelter forever. There have been a few who wanted her but they all got turned off when they learned that he's more than six years old, probably seven. I find that a bit puzzling. Hanny's got one of the nicest personality and I'm quite sure he'll reward his "adoptive parents" six years worth of pent-up love and friendship that will outlast his years.

Adopt Hanny by calling (02)475-1688 or click here to know more about the adoption process.

Please forward this post to anyone who's looking for a great animal companion. Heck, forward to everyone! Use the images as you see fit. I can send you more if you need more. Just drop me a line at find.home @ Click here for a flickr-hosted image.

Salamat po.

Something's missing in this dog's life.

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