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Adopting from PAWS

Posted by siyerwin on Friday, June 09, 2006 at 9:09 PM

Thank you for your interest in adopting. By simply reading this website, you are already showing the animals of PAWS that you care. The animals of PAWS are internet savvy and are monitoring this website's traffic constantly. Tails are twitching and wagging with joy right at this moment.

If you really are serious about adopting a homeless animal from PAWS, here are what you need to do:

1. Download the PAWS Adoption Form and fill it up. Once filled up, you can fax it to (02)4751688. You can also bring the filled up form personally to the PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center (PARC). A map of PARC's location can be found here. If you need more information on how to get there, just email me (sherwin [at] and I'll be glad to help. I live just a hundred steps from PARC and I may be able to give very very very good instructions.

2. Schedule an actual trip to PARC for the adoption interview by calling (02)4751688. This may coincide with step 1 and/or step 3. The interview will simply tell us how you are as an animal owner/guardian and what type of animal companion would fit you and your home.

3. Schedule an actual trip to PARC to meet an adoptable homeless animal. Choose the cat or the dog, kitten or puppy, that would complement you and your home. With a little patience and a lot of fun, I'm 100% sure you will find one!

4. Pay the adoption fee. That's Php300 for cats and Php1,000 for dogs. Before being adopted out, the animals of PAWS are neutered/spayed, vaccinated against rabies, groomed and dewormed, and provided with some sample pet food from Pedigree. After being adopted out, the animals may be brought back to the shelter to get free basic obedience training and avail of free veterinary consultations and discounts on PARC clinic services (all by appointment). The fee would simply go into ensuring that the adoption and animal rehabilitation programs of PAWS keep rolling like a happy puppy playing in the green pasture on a saturday afternoon!

5. Take your new companion home and go online to join the official PAWS yahoogroup and occasionally tell us what's up. We'd love to hear how you are doing with your new animal companion. Share pictures!

That's it! I do hope everything works out. If you have more questions, visit PAWS' Adoption Page here, or kindly call PARC at (02)4827695, or email me: sherwin [at]

Salamat po.

The pup shown above is Nicole, still waiting for someone who would adopt her. Another image of Nicole is shown here or here.

The kitten is yet another nameless one, sick and miserable. There are a lot more heart-breaking scenes like these at PARC. Please help alleviate the pain by adopting.

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  1. 195 comments: Responses to “ Adopting from PAWS ”

  2. By micah on Jun 10, 2006, 8:36:00 AM

    such cute animals, i wish i had room for them in my house, but i already have 2 big dogs.... my heart goes out to them

  3. By siyerwin on Jun 12, 2006, 11:02:00 PM

    thanks, micah! please do tell your friends about them.

    give my regards to your dog buddies! :) take care!

  4. By wesh on Jul 11, 2006, 1:18:00 PM

    hi! i was looking around and found this site.. its very neat and very animal friendly...

    if i may ask, at PAWS.. is there any purebreed small dogs available??im looking for a small dog for my daughter who is 2yrs old.. i want her to have a small dog to teach her how to become a responsible person when she grew up... my wife and her yaya will take care of it also... i dont have that much money to buy one and i believe that theres a lot of dogs that need to be adopted.. if there is.. could you please send me pix or details at my email addr

    thanks a lot siyerwin.. and more power.. will be introducing this site to friends...

  5. By siyerwin on Jul 12, 2006, 12:01:00 AM

    wesh, thanks for your interest in adopting a homeless animal from PAWS. it's indeed a good way to teach the young ones about how precious all forms of life are and at the same time giving them companions that i am sure they will cherish forever.

    however, right now, all dogs that are up for adoption are native, mixed-breed dogs. Maybe you could drop by and meet the animals yourself to see if the ones there will really not suit your current home-setting and your preference.

    Thanks for checking out the blog and hope to see you around.

  6. By wesh on Jul 12, 2006, 3:35:00 PM

    i agree with you... they are good companion and will be cherished forever..

    thanks very much... i will drop by one of this days...

  7. By bunny on Sep 11, 2006, 6:24:00 PM


    I just recently lost a dog..he died due to leptospyrosis (based on the findings of the vet).. i'm looking for a new pup to take care.. im interested with nicole..can you give me some details? you can email me at

    thanks so much!

  8. By siyerwin on Sep 15, 2006, 7:21:00 AM

    vjavier, thanks for your interest with nicole. watch out for my email.

  9. By d0rsata on Oct 1, 2006, 1:04:00 PM


    i just recently purchased a farm in nueva ecija and plan to move there as soon as my house is built. i have a female labrador and a cat that adopted me. i would like to adopt a dog for companionship for myself and my lab. i was considering breeding my lab but since i saw this site, i told myself why breed when i can adopt? pls. email me at i have been trying to call but i guess the phones are down due to the typhoon.

    thank you,

  10. By Anonymous on Oct 1, 2006, 9:16:00 PM

    The story of the animals were really touching. We hope that they can find a good home someday. We are pet lovers ourselves and have saved several stray cats who are now part of our family or have given them to other homes. It might be good for these animal shelters to have the pets for adoption exposed to grade school pupils so that they have a better chance of finding good homes. Most of the time it is the children who choose their pets and will pester their parents to acquire them.

    - Maribel

  11. By in_sneakers on Oct 4, 2006, 4:16:00 AM

    I have lots of pet fish and a hamster (which I all love so much), but what I really want is a dog (or cat). I've looked at pet stores but when I read the World Animal Day story in the Inquirer, I realized that maybe I should just adopt one instead. But aside from having to ask my parents, we live in such a small house (a townhouse) so I don't know if it'll be good enough for a dog or cat.

    Anyway, more power to you guys. What you're doing is just so wonderful and I sincerely wish the best for you and your little ones. =)

  12. By Nicah on Nov 27, 2006, 8:41:00 PM

    Hey Kuya Sherwin. :)

    Is Nicole adopted yet? If not, I'm interested. :D But how much would you think her medications would cost?

  13. By rosalie on Jan 11, 2007, 10:50:00 PM

    dis cute puppy b is na-adopt na??? kwawa nman cia..ganundin yung cat.. i have 5 dogs already and i dont mind considering another 1 my mother wont allow me to add another dog.. kc mas marami pa mga dogs nmin sa bhay kesa sa mga taong nkatira.. pero one of this dayds i want to visit your shelter to see your place and the anmals too.

  14. By leigh on Feb 12, 2007, 8:39:00 PM

    We have 2 dogs and 3 stray cats back at home (laguna), and i miss them. i want to adopt one that can live with me at my apartment in manila...thank God, i found this site! i will definitely visit PARC one of these days!

  15. By siyerwin on Feb 12, 2007, 8:46:00 PM

    thanks, leigh! see you at PARC then! ;)

  16. By carol on Mar 24, 2007, 11:06:00 AM

    Hi sherwin,

    How's everything? Tagal na since last visit ko sa blog mo.. What's the latest news here? BTW, na read ko sa email na adopted na si Hanny.. I'm happy for her and dun sa other dog. Nakita ko nga sa picture may unan pa sila!

    Well me, planning to move in a new apartment in San Pedro... searching for a place that allow pets. I really want to adopt either a cat or a dog.

    Sherwin, have you heard the "Breed Dogs for Sale" in alabang? Actually, it is not a breed dog. Those vendors are just using those poor dogs just to earn money. "kahirapan" is not an excuse to do that. Hope PAWS will do something in this case. BTW, it is located near Jollibee Alabang. Hindi ko pa nakikita kasi i dont have much time to go there because of the enrollment period here in school. I'm always ngarag!

    Well, hoping i can find a nice home so i can have a puppy (and if kaya ng budget, kitty)companion na sa house.


  17. By siyerwin on Mar 24, 2007, 8:38:00 PM

    Hello, Caroline! Good to hear from you again. Everything's good pero medyo toxic ako sa iba kong mga gawain. That's why I haven't been able to update this blog as often as i wished. Pero I've been able to shoot at PARC last week and I'm hoping to put some of them online very soon.

    Wish you luck on your home-finding. I also hope you find one that's animal friendly.

    I may have read something about the Alabang dogs in the whatsuppaws e-group. Member ka ba nun? Kindly post more details if you know more and preferably dun na sa whatsuppaws so more people will learn about it. In the mean time, I will go try and tell it to one of the directors.

    Take care and thanks!!!


  18. By james on Mar 29, 2007, 12:34:00 AM

    Hi, Im James from Malolos, I wish to be a volunteer of PAWS and probably to adopt a pet(need to consult my parent first). My only problem is I dont know how to go to your office.

  19. By siyerwin on Mar 29, 2007, 7:33:00 AM

    Hello, James. Are you the same person who commented on another post? The one from UST, Espana?

    First of all, here's a map of the immediate vicinity of PAWS' animial shelter (PARC). If the map doesn't help one tiny bit, you may email me at find.home [at] for the detailed directions. You will also need to tell me from where exactly you will be coming from going to PARC.

    Thanks and hope to here from you soon!

  20. By Luna Stark on Apr 18, 2007, 2:10:00 PM

    Hi! Despite my tendency to deviate from most perspectives, I'm a big supporter of PAWS and I am always willing to help.

    I check this blog every now and then for updates.

    When I saw Mario's picture, I fell in love. I'm really, really interested in adopting Mario, and I've always wanted to adopt an older dog --- puppies and dogs are the same to me in terms of appeal and cuteness factor.

    He'll make a good friend to our Doggy (they look almost the same minus the orange fur). Rest assured I want to take care of him and will protect him with my life when the time comes.

    I miss my baby Whitie, who died of old age last year. I was depressed for a few weeks. I think I'm ready to take in another dog.

    I'm still waiting after graduation because that's the only time my mother would allow me to take in another dog. Unfortunately I can't adopt cats because most members of my family don't like them except me. I'll have to wait until I get a place of my own before I could adopt a kitty-cat.

    I visited PARC yesterday and I'm so glad to see a facility dedicated in rescuing animals. (Uhm, just wanted to you rescue rodents / birds too? I'm a rodent person.)

    Will it be okay to go to PARC now and then to visit Mario? My graduation's on October pa eh...*sigh*

    More power to you & PAWS, Siyerwin. Thank you so much for reading. :)

  21. By siyerwin on Apr 19, 2007, 12:04:00 AM

    hello, luna stark.

    first off, i'd like to thank you for posting. and for visiting the site. i'm just amazed of how many people i've met (virtually or otherwise) that have such passion for animals like yourself. truly, thank God for the internet.

    secondly, i'm sorry to hear about your Whitie. Rest assured, he's in a very happy place right now where he doesn't have to worry about getting old..

    thirdly, thank you for wanting Mario. you have no idea how long we've been praying for someone who'd at least go to PARC and meet him. yes, please, please go to PARC and shake hands with Mario. Look for Doc Jeff, our shelter Manager, and don't hesitate to ask anything about Mario. I'm sure they'll be glad to tell you about him. Tell me when you'll be going so I can tell them ahead of time.

    fourthly, i've witness PAWS rescue a bird chick (that was left by the mama bird) once but there was no one around who knows much about handling and treating birds... want to volunteer? :-)

    lastly, go study hard. Mario will eagerly wait.

    thanks and see you around. kindly email me at find.home [at] and leave me your contact details (mobile number?)

  22. By Luna Stark on Apr 22, 2007, 9:34:00 PM

    Hi Shiyerwin!

    I sent you two emails about Mario, volunteering, and other necessary details. :)

    I'll be visiting PARC again this Saturday (April 28, right?) in the morning and I'm hoping I'll be able to literally shake hands with Mario this time. I only took a look at him during my first visit, and gosh, you weren't kidding when you mentioned he was meek. He was one of the first who welcomed me though. I was also privileged to meet the pups up for adoption, and I have to say I was captivated by Siomai licking my hand and looking up at me giving me a, "I-know-you-think-I'm-cute-oh-yes-you-do-you'll-take-me-home-yes?" look. I also saw for myself how many more dogs and cats are in need of homes in the shelter. I'll print one of the PARC flyers and ask our nearby Mini-stop branch to display it in the community board. I've also been sending YM group messages about adopting for PARC. I apologize that's all I could do to help the animals find loving homes for now. :)

  23. By siyerwin on Apr 23, 2007, 10:30:00 AM

    Hello, Celine. :-) got your emails. i liked reading them all. please wait for my reply.

    Yes, please visit Mario. Have you talked with Doc Jeff regarding him? ask them to let you walk Mario for a bit, if the sun's not too hot for walking. maybe i will see you around one of these saturdays.

    please don't apologize. anything you do to help is greatly appreciated and will go a long way in terms of inspiring people around you. hopefully, someday we'll have no need for shelters. hehe. libre mangarap.

    I have not really tried posting adoption pleas in (offline) community boards so let's see what your flyers will do. they can be good future community projects for other volunteers who'd be interested. a suggestion: how about including a picture of an animal in the flyer? :) i can provide more images if you need them.

    Thanks!!! see you around.

  24. By Luna Stark on Apr 23, 2007, 8:42:00 PM

    Hi! I agree, but it won't hurt to dream. Besides, that's how PAWS started --- with a dream turned into a goal, at least in my viewpoint.

    Unfortunately, I didn't see Doc Jeff when I went to PARC for a visit. The girl veterinarian was there though. :) I might pay a visit earlier, but surely sometime this week.

    About Mario, yes I will. I hope Doc Jeff would be around. :D

    Yes, please! Images would be great. Thanks! :)

  25. By rage_of_angels13 on Apr 28, 2007, 3:00:00 PM

    Hayyy... I really would like a cat. I thought of buying a siamese cat, but then I saw this page and felt bad for thinking about buying a purebred when here are all these homeless animals looking for a home. I live alone in a rented room, though, and it's small, so I don't think a cat would like it. Is there a cat who can be contented to stay in just one room, at least, until I can find a good apartment?

  26. By siyerwin on Apr 30, 2007, 2:16:00 AM

    hello, rage_of_angels13.

    thanks for making adoption your first option. i'm afraid there is no definite answer to your question on whether any particular cat will be contented living in a small room. some cats require attention more or less than others but they definitely all require human interaction to become a well-adapted to their environment. some can be left alone for long hours while a few go neurotic when they see no other humans or cats around. i'm not sure if there's an absolute rule as to how big the cat's living space should be. the cattery at the shelter is comprised of two enclosures with dimensions 4x4m and 3x4m approximately.

    if you live alone, you also need to consider who will take care of the cat when you have to go away for longer periods.

    it's best that you go to PARC and see the kitties there and perhaps ask the staff there who they think would be suited to your lifestyle.

    my cat lives inside my room most of the time and she seems quite adapted to the situation. i work at least 9 hours a day so she's alone for that long almost everyday. but when i go home, i make sure i give her at least 15 minutes playtime and i talk to her a lot.

    if you have more questions please email me at

    the PARC tel. no. is 4751688

    thanks and see you around

  27. By Kristine on May 19, 2007, 12:48:00 PM

    Hi! I'd love to adopt all of them. . I'm an animal lover and i already have adopted several 'askals' and 'pusakals' whenever i see one. I've been doing this ever since i was a kid. I can't adopt now coz i already have so many pets and my parents won't allow me (they always get mad). I think i will be adopting one or two when i already have my own house :)

  28. By siyerwin on May 21, 2007, 4:36:00 PM

    Kristine, thanks for visiting! Hope to see you soon at the shelter. :-) Please do help us spread the word about the homeless animals.

    Take care!

  29. By Onpu on May 23, 2007, 2:20:00 PM

    i really want to adopt but i can't go to PARC kasi it's too far from Davao T__T... Help? >.<

  30. By siyerwin on May 23, 2007, 4:52:00 PM

    Two shelter dogs, Hanny and Gina, are now in Davao with their new parents! They were adopted and taken there! :-)

    I know that may not be possible for you but you can help in so many other ways. You could ask your friends in manila to adopt or help us find adopters for the homeless animals! If you really want to have an animal companion but cannot go all the way here in Manila, you could just go to your local city veterinary office and you could find one there and tell us all how it goes! We love hearing adoption stories!

    Thanks for visiting, Onpu. Hope to see you around! :-)

  31. By bugsey2 on Jun 4, 2007, 2:20:00 PM

    I have two dogs - one is Blessie and she's 6 months old and is TOTALLY sweet (she has no agressive tendencies and she is innately caring)and she needs a HOME because my house now (we've just transferred) only allows 3 dogs.. I want to find an owner for my dear "Blessie" -- she does have a little "galis" ( I boarded her at the Barangay dog pound). She is a German Shephered and askal mix which is why she's only 6 months but looks like a huge dog!
    Anyone interested please call me at 4552889 ((Bugsey))

  32. By POL on Jul 12, 2007, 2:53:00 PM


    I really love animals, especially dogs. All of my dogs are adopted, some of them are rescued from the streets as puppies. One dog of mine was found battered and dying in the mud as a puppy. It turned out that he was a Australian Collie. I don't know how he made it to the streets but he is now big 3 year old dog.

    I would really like to do my share and adopt a dog. I would like to visit your center.

    Currently, I own 4 dogs, one of them has 5 puppies which I am wiling to keep.

  33. By siyerwin on Jul 16, 2007, 4:43:00 PM

    pol, thanks for your interest to adopt shelter dogs! we're looking forward to meet you! :)

  34. By aena19 on Sep 25, 2007, 8:36:00 PM

    awwww... that kitten looking out of the cage is really heartbreaking... i would really love to have the kitty...I'll do my best to have a space for any of them in my house.

  35. By aena19 on Sep 25, 2007, 8:39:00 PM

    awww... the kitten looking out of its cage realy brought some tears to my eyes! i've always had some soft spot for animals, specially kittens and cats... would it be possible for me to go directly to PARC to fill up the form for pet adoption? i'd really liek to have that nameless kitty looking out of the cage... T_T

  36. By Anonymous on Oct 25, 2007, 10:02:00 PM

    hey. well, i'm really opening up to the thought of adopting a dog. but i was wondering, are there dogs with specific breeds?

  37. By siyerwin on Oct 27, 2007, 9:14:00 AM

    98% of the dogs at the shelter are of the beautiful native variety and the remaining 2% are probably mixed but i'm no expert. why not drop by the shelter and check them out yourself? they'll be happy to have a visitor! :)

    see beauty beyond breed! :)

  38. By Jobelle on Dec 4, 2007, 1:32:00 AM

    Hi... I am Belle... I have a family of stray cats living with us now... We can't actually call them "ours" but I do my best to make sure they are fed and that they are ok... I also bring home stray kittens whenever one of the cats here at home are nursing...

    But unfortunately, some of my kittens died (because of my neighbor's dog)... and because they are stray cat, they leave... I wanted to adopt Nicole because I fell inlove with her in the picture.. as well as Artemis (if she won't leave me)...

    I am so proud of what you guys are doing and I am hoping I can join you one day (i am from ParaƱaque)

    If she is already adopted I was wondering if you have any other puppies... My Boyfriend and I are looking for a pet so as to share our love with... He is good with animals... Sometimes i am jealous of him because the some kittens prefer him over me :( ...

    Anyway... hope to hear from you soon...

  39. By siyerwin on Dec 4, 2007, 9:55:00 AM

    Hi, Belle!!! You're exactly what organizations like PAWS is looking for. You're very welcome to join us. Thank you for finding this site. Those cats are so lucky to have you.

    Unfortunately, both Nicole and Artemis have passed on. They were never adopted and they got sick and didn't recover. :(

    There are more than 100 cats and dogs aching to get adopted at the shelter though. Please do drop by one of these days and meet them. I'm sure you'll love them all and perhaps take home a couple lucky ones.

    Please call up 4751688 for any of your inquiries. You may also email me at find.home [at]

    Hope to see you around, Belle! Thanks.

  40. By Tri-state Blimpie on Dec 6, 2007, 9:21:00 PM

    Hi, I'm kind of interested in adopting one of your cats, since apparently. you don't have tiny dogs that would fit our home. Anyway, I like the looks of Alfie, Susan, or Jeff. Or even Artemis... Although, do you think they'd fatten up? It doesn't seem appropriate to see such thin animals right? It's like seeing Victoria's Secret's Models.. Skinny sticks... Anyway, do you have any other cats available? Like fat and chubby ones? Email me at please. Thank you.

  41. By Anonymous on Dec 27, 2007, 9:09:00 PM

    hi..I have this link in my Multiply blog....Our company is merging with its sister company next year.Hopefully this merging will be beneficial to me - financially.Why? I would like to give some amount every month to the PAWS shelter to help out homeless animals.

  42. By siyerwin on Dec 27, 2007, 11:13:00 PM

    Thanks, anonymous poster! What's your multiply address? i like to keep track of those who link up so I can return the favor! Good luck to your company and its potential merger. Thanks for your interest to help out financially! See you around!

  43. By Anonymous on Jan 25, 2008, 6:13:00 PM

    i just saw this after browsing parc website..i really WANT as in LOVE to adopt a cat, or maybe a kitten perhaps. i want a company in my apartment.i'm actually a student and i really love animals.we have four dogs at home but i havent been with them 24/7.
    so i am really inspired to have a cat...i hope i can manage to adopt one from parc...hmm.....
    but i'm afraid i won't be that good enough for one.huhu..

  44. By ROZ on Feb 12, 2008, 11:22:00 PM

    im so happy bcause there is such organizations who still put their concerns to these animals specially dogs. More power to you all. May God bless you for such act of kindness and concerns. maybe you shoul put the necessary requirments about adopting animals and its whereabouts perhaps. thank you...

  45. By Anonymous on Mar 4, 2008, 11:10:00 AM


    I'm kristy and Im so glad I passed by this site. I took the time of reading all of this wonderful and adorable pets you guys have. I felt like crying when reading their profiles. I just so wish I could adopt them all.

    We've been thinking of having a dog again and I so wish to get them all. Especially Jasmine, has anyone got her yet?

    Wer actually a big family so it would be no problem taking care of them but I really wish to have my own dog, like Chubby, or Evel or even Jammin!

  46. By siyerwin on Mar 4, 2008, 1:02:00 PM

    Hello, Kristy! I'm also glad you stumbled into this little blog. Jasmine, as of this time, is still the longest-staying dog at the shelter. I hope you can drop by and meet them all. Evel, Chubby and Jammin' are also still waiting.

    Please don't hesitate to email me directly at sherwin @ for any of your questions.

    Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.


  47. By joan on Mar 11, 2008, 2:47:00 PM

    the links no longer work...are these pets still up for adoption? do you have pictures? thank you!

  48. By siyerwin on Mar 11, 2008, 3:11:00 PM

    hi, joan! which links do not work? please check out the adoption gallery at the sidebar or click HERE for the dogs and HERE for the cats.

    Thanks for dropping by! :)

  49. By Anonymous on Mar 17, 2008, 11:40:00 PM

    hi! my name is rose.. what you're doing is a really good thing. i have a dog myself, her name is spottie, she's a native dog, ive had her since i was 9, im turning 20 now. she sleeps with me in my room. some people keep telling me that she would not last long, but to me she is as youthful as ever.. i'd like to adopt a dog however, i still do not have the money to pay for the fee.. a cat would be nice, but my sister's dog hates cats.. im also interested in volunteering at paws.. i pass by that place everyday on my way to up.. anyway, i just came across this site while i was browsing about adopting a dog, and i would just like to say that what you're doing is very noble. i hope there are many people like you.. god bless you! keep them safe..

  50. By Anonymous on Mar 19, 2008, 1:29:00 PM

    I love animals. When I was a kid I wanted to build a big animal hospital and adopt all animals I see on the street. I'm a bit older now but I still love animals. Although the hospital is a distant dream.

    I've been thinking of adopting since I saw your site a couple of months ago..I already have one cat that followed me home and I was thinking of having another one. As luck would have it another kitten found it's way inside our gate.

    We now have 5 dogs and 2 cats living in our yard. Maybe when I have a little more time I can have another kitten running around.

    I'm glad you have this site. This reminds me that there's still more I can do to help. Hope one of this days I can visit your office and help out more.

  51. By veronica on May 4, 2008, 4:20:00 PM

    hi!am actually interested in adopting kate the 3 legged cat,also i want to be a volunteer,i downloaded both forms already,and iv bn trying to call to check if kate is still up for adoption.thanks!!

  52. By siyerwin on May 6, 2008, 1:59:00 PM

    veronica, thank you very much for you interest to adopt kate. She's been adopted however and is all grown up. i've been meaning to post an update about Kate for some time now but somehow am still not able to. hehehe. sorry about that.

    Please feel free to drop by PARC anytime to check out the other animals there that are up for adoption. We're hoping more cats become as lucky as Kate is.

    Thanks and hope to see you at the shelter!

  53. By Anonymous on May 8, 2008, 4:45:00 PM

    hi! i have a 3yo siberian husky. but i got pregnant and my doctor adviced me not to come close to my pet coz very maselan ang pregnancy ko. i'm looking for people to adopt my dog. i know your org can take care of him and find him a new home. is it possible for you to take him?

  54. By iya on May 8, 2008, 10:58:00 PM

    hi:) can you post the schedule of upcoming orientations? me and my siblings are interested to be volunteers. we just have to organize our skeds. i'll see if i can adopt when i visit PARC(hopefully soon). i have 2 dogs and i don't mind another one but he should be the right size. i have a constraint in space e.

    Anyway, thank you and God bless:)

  55. By siyerwin on May 9, 2008, 10:52:00 PM

    To the anonymous poster with the siberian husky. I'm just wondering what your dog has to do with your delicate pregnancy especially if you've had him for 3 years with no incident. PAWS currently has 140++ cats and 30++ dogs we are trying to re-home. We'd be lucky to have one adoption per week. Please try a little harder and find a way not to permanently evict your dog from the only home he's had for 3 years. Maybe have someone take care of him until you've given birth? Or have a friend or relative of yours adopt him?

    If you're really resolved to give him away, please have him/her spayed/neutered first.

  56. By siyerwin on May 9, 2008, 11:46:00 PM

    iya, there will be an orientation in June but there are no exact dates yet. If you subscribe to this blog's feed [pls. CLICK HERE], you'll be informed automatically via email about the orientation schedule when I post about it. I will try to do that at least two weeks before the orientation date or as soon as the schedule is finalized.

    Thanks and see you at the shelter!

  57. By Al on May 10, 2008, 8:55:00 PM

    To the anonymous poster; willing to adopt your Husky if he/she will tolerate other dogs. Or we can also take it in as a foster home; till you give birth. It has to be in good health. Contact me at 09178556236. Will have to check it still. Hope your serious about it.

  58. By Anonymous on May 26, 2008, 1:12:00 AM

    i am denise. i want to adopt the husky jus contact me at 09283229119. thank u. :]

  59. By Jave on May 26, 2008, 8:10:00 PM

    Hello, My name is David "Jave" Go, I'm from the Philippines.

    Can i borrow this article and post it on my blog to help you in the adoptions? I will post a link to this blog along with this article. if it is ok with you please tell me through my blog chatbox or email me at



  60. By siyerwin on May 27, 2008, 9:24:00 AM

    Hi, Jave! Please feel free to spread the word! Posted a message in your chatbox.

    Thanks and see you around.

  61. By Jave on May 27, 2008, 4:43:00 PM


    Posted it already. I'm Glad I can Help. Anyway. Can you volunteer for summer only? and also is there age limit? because I'm only 15 years old turning 16 on October and I have school so I cannot help during school days or better yet, is there a way I can help Without having to go out my house? I can provide old newspaper once in a while, is that enough. reply in my chatbox again, Thanks


  62. By almeric on Jun 22, 2008, 10:05:00 PM

    hi kuya sherwin,

    good evening. i just want you to know that i want to be a PAWS volunteer and i also want to adopt a pet but there is one problem regarding on the application forms. i don't know if there is a problem with my computer or with the site. thank you and wishing to be part of this project.

  63. By Haveness on Jun 23, 2008, 11:56:00 AM

    Hello... I wanted to adopt a pet for my son but every time i open the PAWS website it said "This Virtual Directory does not allow contents to be listed." - i don't know why and i don't know where to get the form for adoption. Please help. Thank you very much. My email address is :

  64. By nigel on Jun 23, 2008, 4:45:00 PM

    i luv cute puppies especially to heart belongs 2 her, wish that i could adopt her...... i want her very much....

  65. By siyerwin on Jun 24, 2008, 8:15:00 PM

    almeric and haveness, the PAWS website is indeed currently having problems. I'll report it to PAWS and will get back to you.

    Nigel, sadly, Nicole never got adopted and she passed away due to her heart ailment...

    There are more dogs at the shelter needing homes. Why don't you visit the shelter and meet them? :)

    Thank you all very much for dropping by. See you around.

  66. By siyerwin on Jun 25, 2008, 1:06:00 PM

    PAWS website has been restored. thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  67. By shei on Jun 29, 2008, 3:12:00 AM

    I love to adopt a dog/puppy.
    I recently lost my puppy miko and until now nakakiyak pa rin. I still have 4 cats (sandy, blue eyes, orange, miyaw) and 1 dog (dumbo) left. I loooove them so much! They are my babies and they sleep in my room.. di sila nag-aaway kaht magkakatabi :)

    I prefer having native dogs and cats. If I could only adopt them all, I will!

    Kuya, pano po papunta sa PARC? I'm from Nova K.C. and I would like to visit one of these days and adopt a puppy..

    thank u..

  68. By siyerwin on Jul 1, 2008, 9:40:00 AM

    Hello, shei. I've made a post about finding your way to PARC at If you're still having trouble figuring out the way after reading that, you may email me at sherwin [at] mefindhome [dot] org. Please feel free to drop by Mondays to Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Thanks for taking in native dogs and cats. You guys a special breed of humans as far as I'm concerned. ;-)

    See you at the shelter! :)

  69. By shei on Jul 2, 2008, 4:50:00 PM

    Hi Sherwin,

    already saw the directions and i'd say it's very helpful.

    I have scheduled a full day leave from my work and I'll be visiting the shelter soon, really, really soon : )
    c yah there...

    Have a great day!

  70. By siyerwin on Jul 6, 2008, 1:14:00 AM

    thank you very much for your time, shei! see you around!

  71. By alessa on Jul 15, 2008, 9:19:00 AM

    Hi Sherwin, I truly admire you for your commitment in helping these animals. Are there any puppies available for adoption at the shelter right now?

  72. By siyerwin on Jul 17, 2008, 1:47:00 AM

    Hi, alessa! Most of the time there are no puppies at the shelter but things change a lot there so your best bet is to call them directly and inquire. The number to call is 475-1688. There are always plenty of adoptable adult dogs there though. Why not give it a try and meet them? :) Sometimes adopting adult dogs are better than getting puppies. We've listed down 10 good reasons why. :) Thank you, alessa. See you around!

  73. By thedemigod on Jul 21, 2008, 3:37:00 AM

    Hi siyerwin! I can't even begin to tell you how happy i was that PAWS had a local chapter in Manila. I thought this was just a california thing and I've been so wanting to adopt for the longest time now.

    Thanks for putting this up. I am bookmarking this and will definitely apply for adoption when I return.

    Thanks again!


  74. By siyerwin on Jul 21, 2008, 8:28:00 PM

    Unless I'm mistaken, that PAWS in California is a different entity from The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS). Well, anyway, it's still good that you stumbled into this site. Thanks and hope to see you at the shelter one of these days! :)

  75. By panget on Jul 23, 2008, 10:36:00 AM

    Hi sherwin. hope you dont mind if nirerepost ko sa blogs ang pictures & stories of dogs & cats available for adoption. Spreading the words & awareness. I want to be an animal volunteer, but i think i have some physical limitations right now.Maybe kapag naging very healthy na ako, i can do more. So for now, this is the least i can do. Can i ask if you have other picture pa ng animals for adoption?So i can post it in my blogs. tnx.

  76. By siyerwin on Jul 23, 2008, 6:56:00 PM

    sure, panget. :) can i see your blogs? thanks and get well soon!

  77. By iris on Jul 23, 2008, 9:10:00 PM

    Hi Sherwin, your pictures of the shelter animals are really beautiful and quite poignant. I see that you are already selling postcards with these images. Perhaps you could also sell these as gift cards (the ones indicating that you have donated a certain amount to PAWS as a gift to the receiver). I would definitely purchase some this Christmas if you have them. I feel that these images would evoke more empathy for the cause, rather than the cartoon images on the gift cards that are presently being sold.

  78. By panget on Jul 24, 2008, 3:56:00 PM

    i spread words thru friendster. my account is HELP ANIMALS IN THE WORLD. i only made it last june.To all animal lovers, spread the words & awareness. Because all living being deserves a good life.

  79. By joseph on Jul 28, 2008, 12:22:00 PM

    umm..... could i really have a shih tzu or any puppy for free? i have already a pittbull and two stray dogs but i really want a small dog on my own. >how could i get a form in adopting a dog...pls help me... thXx..!

  80. By siyerwin on Jul 28, 2008, 12:29:00 PM

    iris, thanks for your suggestion. will definitely consider that. thanks for dropping by and hope to see you around!

    panget, thanks for the support!

  81. By Anonymous on Aug 5, 2008, 11:58:00 AM


    I just want to inquire if the dogs for adoption are being trained. I just thought that maybe, PAWS can have more funds if the trainers, who provide training to the dogs in the center, can also provide training for owned dogs for a small fee or donation. This will help both PAWS and owners in taking care of their pets.

    Please email for your thoughts.

  82. By KRISSY on Aug 11, 2008, 4:46:00 PM

    hi panget what's your friendster account? i want to see your blog regarding those cute animals.. thanks!

  83. By Anonymous on Aug 19, 2008, 6:34:00 PM

    hi,s labas evergotesco s commonwealth my ng titinda ng mga puppy..kawawa kc an liit ng plastic n basket n pinaglalagyan nya...db bawal e2..kawawa ung mga puppy..everyday ung matandang lalaki my benibenta..sana m tingnan nu...

  84. By unknown girl on Aug 21, 2008, 3:22:00 PM

    sana po magrescue kayo ng mga aso sa may novaliches saka po sa may san jose del monte bulacan.Nagpunta po kasi kami doon nung sabado, ang dami po mga aso sa daan na naghahanap ng pagkain sa daan. kawawa naman po sila. sana po magawan ninyo ng paraan na marescue sila.

  85. By Anonymous on Aug 22, 2008, 1:35:00 PM

    Dogs are very good companion thy usually help me remove my stress...i love my dogs i have 14 and i make it a point to give them each a quality time. i consider them my children

  86. By siyerwin on Aug 27, 2008, 9:25:00 PM

    14 dogs?!!!! Want to adopt some more? :)

    To the anonymous poster who reported about the puppy trader in ever gotesco, can you provide more details about this and email or call up 475-1688? Or better yet, help us by reporting him to the police. I doubt if he has the necessary permits for such a business.

  87. By Anonymous on Sep 16, 2008, 1:16:00 PM

    do you have purebreed cats?

  88. By siyerwin on Sep 16, 2008, 7:59:00 PM

    The shelter cats are all pure Pinoy kitties! ;)

  89. By Anonymous on Sep 19, 2008, 11:16:00 AM

    im kris from las pinas. im wondering how to get there and the puppy. i would like to adopt a puppy, can u help me? if cno po sa inyo pwedeng magbigay ng puppy sa kin just text me call me, naawa po kc me pagbinebenta cla.. thanks. pls do text me at 09156013831..thank you..

  90. By siyerwin on Sep 21, 2008, 12:58:00 AM

    Hi, anonymous. A detailed instruction on how to get to the shelter with maps and all is provided at

    Thanks and hope to see you around!

  91. By chiko on Sep 21, 2008, 8:59:00 AM

    Alam ko ung sa Alabang. Near Jollibee yun, diba? I wanna adopt a cat soo bad. =[ can u guys mail me for more details?

  92. By siyerwin on Sep 24, 2008, 10:01:00 AM

    Chico, most of the stuff you need to know should be on these pages. If you have specific questions kindly email me at sherwin [at]

    Or better yet, drop by the shelter and meet all the cats! They love visitors!

  93. By Anonymous on Oct 1, 2008, 10:18:00 PM

    hi po.. gusto ko po sna mag-ask if meron pa ktulad ni missy na for adoption?kc po.. me, my brother, ok.. its my whole family who would like to adopt a dog like missy? ;) we do hope na meron someone like her?thanks po.. and god bless!

  94. By Mint on Oct 5, 2008, 7:40:00 PM

    Hi there, I'm just only have 4-5 adoptable dogs at the moment? My husband and I are interested in adopting a young dog, a puppy if possible, and I want to ask if maybe you have more.
    Thanks so much and God bless you for what you are doing to these animals. :)

  95. By Marla on Oct 6, 2008, 1:39:00 PM

    Hi Mint, if I may... there are many dogs at the shelter, hope you can drop by to see them. I have some pictures/write-ups of the shelter dogs here:

  96. By roanne on Oct 6, 2008, 7:59:00 PM

    hi hope i can vcit parc nx wek..cnu po pla hahanapin ko dun?

  97. By Kayla on Oct 6, 2008, 10:49:00 PM

    hi, would you know when the next orientation for volunteers is? :D

  98. By siyerwin on Oct 7, 2008, 9:52:00 AM

    Mint, there are more adoptable dogs at the shelter. Please check out Marla's website (Thanks, Marla!!!)

    roanne, look for Liza, Anna, Heidi or Gwen! Thanks and see you around.

    Kayla, no news yet on the next orientation but will post here as soon as I hear word. You may subscribe to my blog feed through email to get notification as soon as I do! Click to subscribe. Thanks and see you around.

  99. By Anonymous on Oct 15, 2008, 4:27:00 AM

    hello there..

    im very glad that i found this org, PAWS. Im from one of the provinces in central luzon and it will be very good kung magkakaroon po ng animal shelters sa province namin. i have been wanting to know kung pano ba mag setup, or kung pwede ba magkaron ng PAWS branch doon. We have an agricultural school where they offer the veterinary medicine course, and the students could do OJTs in the animal shelter, kung meron lang sana. because like any other place, marami din po akong nakikitang stray animals and nakakaawa naman sila. Hope you can help me.

    Also, kung pwede kayo mag conduct ng animal awareness seminars sa mga schools, that will be great.


  100. By siyerwin on Oct 15, 2008, 7:50:00 PM

    Catherine, please get in touch with philpaws @ if you wish to make inquiries regarding putting up shelters.

    Putting up one is just a small piece of the battle plan though. The sheer number of strays out there will overwhelm any shelter instantly. Yep, humane education is the key. Contact PAWS for inquiries regarding such.

    Thanks, Catherine, for having a heart for the animals. They need more people like you!

  101. By Anonymous on Nov 18, 2008, 1:32:00 AM

    hi sherwin
    i love the postcards,hope you get to have more another set..i love the pics of the cats and dogs you take..i love the pic of the fire cats,if am not mistaken..thanks!!i went there last sat with my sick cat though..too bad i was not able to meet you...i got sum stuff from the shelter too..i met the staff and they have been very accomodating..loved the cats..if i have time ill definitely go there and bring cat food again,perhaps dog food too...i wanted to adopt 2 cats,i fell in love with 2 of the cats there,i know i would like to have them but i have to get my sick kitten well first though..he is really sick,they saw my cat last saturday..thanks again,hope to see another set of postcards from you with new pics *=)---veronica

  102. By Anonymous on Dec 5, 2008, 3:06:00 PM


    i have a friend who wants to have a dog to take care at their house. i want to give him one but i don't know where to buy. one time i watched lovely day in GMA i saw your website. please help to find a dog as a gift to my friend because i want to surprise him. i hope that you can help me. tnx and God bless!

  103. By Anonymous on Dec 5, 2008, 3:18:00 PM

    hello sherwin,
    I have a friend who loves to have a puppy to take care. I want to surprise him by giving a puppy as a gift but i don't know where to buy. One time I've watched Lovely Day on Channel 7 GMA and i saw your website. I hope that you can help to adopt one for my friend as a gift..tnx and Godbless.....
    agnes =)

  104. By siyerwin on Dec 8, 2008, 5:43:00 PM

    hi, anonymous! we discourage giving pets to anyone as gifts because pets, simply put, are a huge responsibility even for people who love animals. What i suggest is that you tell your friend about your intentions about giving him a shelter dog as a gift and come to the shelter with him to meet the animals and let him choose which of the shelter doggies he's willing to take in. It will be a fun trip!

    Thank you for thinking about the shelter animals. hope to see you around.

  105. By Anonymous on Jan 31, 2009, 3:29:00 PM

    by tina,
    I am also a pet lover. As of now I have 4 dogs, a bird and a cat at home. Kaya lang very noisy yung mga dogs namin, sabay-sabay kasi tumahol, that's why our neighbors get mad. Ilang beses me nagsasaway para kahit isa man sa kanila tumigil. Kasi pag may dumaraan na tao talaga ang lalakas nila mag-bark. My mom told me na ibigay ko nalang sa iba yung 2 dogs pero ayoko talaga. Sabi ko takpan na lang nila ung mga tainga nila para di nila masyadong marinig. Actually I don't trust other people sa amin kasi it seems that they are not responsible pet owner, usually napapabayaan lang tapos pag nagkasakit, di naman pinapaga,ot. Last time I had a dog na muntink ng mamamatay. He had a parvo virus, buti naman naagapan kaagad nung dinaala ko sa vet. Pinagtitayagaan namin siya ni mama painumin ng gamot kahit ayaw niyang i-open yung mouth niya. Tapos sinusubuan namin siya ng kanin kahit niluluwa niya at pinaiinom ng tubig na may mondex. At last, gumaling na siya, nakakatuwa, we were able to save an animal from sickness. Talagang di biro ang mag-aso. Para kang may kapatid na maliit sa haus, I olve my dogs and my petsn so much. Yuing cat ko na si mimicoy sinisipon at inuubo. Kuya sherwin, talaga po bang pinapaliguan ang pusa. Kasi nung last year pinaliguan ko siya dahil summer noon, tapos inuubo siya at sinisipon. Kya simula noon, puro dogs na lang naliligo, naawa na ko kay mimicoy baka magkasakit e.
    I love this site kasi it promotes love and concern for animals.
    Try ko bumisita jan sa PAWS.Kapag wala na kaming dogs dito. Mag-aadopt kami jan. Dami na din stray cats dito sa amin. Lagi sila nakikikain pero umaalis din kasi mailap sila.

  106. By Anonymous on Feb 2, 2009, 10:27:00 PM

    'kapag wala na kaming dogs dito', bakit saan ninyo sila dadalhin?. God bless you Tina. i hope there will be a lot more people like you. my sister does not like to give away her dogs either because she is afraid gawin lang nilang pulutan.

  107. By fAmouSchic on Feb 7, 2009, 6:54:00 PM

    hey, ur sites is touching.! i wish i could adopt ur pets.. more power. ur a very to animals..

  108. By Anonymous on Feb 9, 2009, 10:03:00 PM

    i would really like to adopt a dog or a cat from PARC but i believe it is located in manila and im in cebu.

    hoping to find more people to adopt them God given animals.
    God bless!

  109. By Johanna P. on Feb 21, 2009, 11:01:00 PM

    hello, i would like to seek advice for our 5-month-old adopted female cat. we would like her to be spayed. we live in tarlac city. is it safe for her to undergo the procedure when she is in her heat cycle? she started being "in heat" this thursday night (feb 19) and she went missing that time; today afternoon (feb 21), we found her trapped in a roof gutter at the back of our house, calling to us, we managed to get her out in an hour. She was very dehydrated and hungry. She immediately ate the catfood we gave her and drank all the water(with vitamins) in her bowl, and used the litter box after her meal. we found out the reason she went out of the house is because she was in heat and we dont want to have unwanted kitties as they are a big responsibility; we cant afford to have many cats in the house; and also, i dont want to throw unwanted kitties, so my husband and i decided to have her be spayed. may i ask how much does it cost to have a cat spayed? is it okay to have her be spayed during her estrus?
    i would really appreciate your response..thanks! more power to PAWS!!

  110. By Johanna P. on Feb 21, 2009, 11:54:00 PM

    hello, just wanted to tell about our female cat (the one that's undergoing estrus) is an adopted cat found at the back of our house. i had posted my first comment here a few minutes earlier. i hope u can give us your sound advice(s) about our previous questions. i am a cat lover and i adore cats very much (i like dogs too). i rescued a female kitty from an old house that was going to be demolished at that time (1994) and took her in (my mom permitted me to keep her after my persistent pleading. she is a unique one bec she eats anything the she sees that we eat such as chocolates and junk food! she grew up being very healthy (we give her catfood as treats usually) and had 27 additional offsprings (of different generations) in my parents' place.i was able to take care of them all although most of the males went missing. The other female kitties were given away to other homes who need 'em (so rest assured they are not thrown away). what made me really sad was at the year 2002 when my cat went missing. my mom says she probably got hit by a car (it was impossible for her to just not come back bec. she left me 3 kitties at home that are less than a week old). the 3 kitties died one by one, as i cannot manage to feed them despite my efforts of putting milk in small baby bottles, in small spoons, letting them to suck on a cloth with milk, or even in my finger soaked with milk..i tried..but sadly they died one by one..

    its been a while since i had another cat to take care last cat was back in 2002; now, on nov. 19, 2008, my husband rescued a female "tuxedo" cat (black and white color of coat). she's been with us for about 3 months now and having no problems with her health whatsoever. she is a very good cat and we did not need to potty train her as she already how the moment she saw the litter box we put in our bed room. she is a very special cat for us as we saw her being bullied one day by other cats outside the house and we noticed that since then she never wanted to go outside. she only trusts me and my husband and other children (our nieces and nephews) in the house. she is afraid of the other adults here such as my husband's mom, brothers, etc. she only stays in the room, playing with balls of strings and doing self-play as she bites her legs or kicks her ears in a playful way. she gets really frightened if there are a lot of people in the room especially children and some adults who visit us. she panics and heads straight for nooks and crannies in our room like below the bed or behind the tv stand (it's hard to get her out of there). our problem now is she is "in heat" and went missing since thursday (feb19) and we found her dehydrated, hungry and stuck in a roof gutter on saturday (feb21). we found bite marks on her head and face, we guess from the male cats that tried to mate with her.

    we wanted her to be spayed. is it okay if we have her spayed during her "in heat" stage?
    thanks! we live in tarlac city. and how we wish there is an animal shelter here in tarlac that we could visit. my husband and i are animal lovers (he loves dogs; never had a cat but this female black&white "tuxedo" cat he rescued for me) and how he searched for her when she went missing that night, the next day, until this Saturday afternoon that we found her.) so this tuxedo cat is named "pai-pai" as the very first food she ate that we gave her was "tinapay" ^-^. this is my husband's first cat and he loves her very much (biruin mo di makatulog nung mawala xa). i told him that she would return if she is still alive and knows how to fend for herself as she is grown up na. but how wrong i was when we found her stuck on a gutter. we agreed to have her spayed..and that's my story for now. i hope you find my short story interesting. thanks! i would always find time to visit your site as i love inspiring stories about animals. (i watch on animal planet the PAWS segment about rescuing sick, tortured, or abandoned animals and i feel happy and relieved when they are rescued and taken to good homes)

  111. By siyerwin on Feb 24, 2009, 7:59:00 PM

    Hello, Johanna. I hope this reply, late as it is, finds you and your cat well.

    My cat went into heat about every 15-18 days when she turned about 6 months old and each episode (estrus) lasted for about 4 to 6 days. I know how it's like to have such a cat inside the house and know that things can get crazy. What I suggest is that you have her spayed after the estrus but I believe you will find information from the internet that you could have the procedure done even during estrus. I'd prefer to have it done in between heat so as not to complicate things. I was able to have my cat spayed after a couple of heat cycles. What can I say, my baby turned into a lady! :)

    Now, for your cat's case, there's a high possibility that she's already mated and may be on her way to having kittens. What I would suggest is for you to go to a good vet right away to learn more about your options.

    At any rate, since you've already decided to have her fixed, I urge you to go to a vet as soon as you can. You may call up the PAWS shelter (475-1688, call during afternoons only) to learn more about where you can find low-cost spay services. I'd say put your budget around 2,000 pesos for the operation and the medicines if you have the procedure done at low-cost spay/neuter centers.

    Thank you for being a refuge to homeless animals. You and your husband are a special breed! We need more people like you! please email me at sherwin @ for more of your queries or clarifications.

    PS. Chocolates are said to be toxic to cats and dogs so please avoid giving them chocolates. :)

    Oh, geez, I re-read your message and realized that you're in Tarlac. I'm really not sure about how much the operation costs in vet clinics (I had my cat done at the PAWS shelter which is giving out low-cost spaying). A rough estimate would be around 3,000-3,500 exclusive of the medicines needed.

    Hope this helps.

  112. By Johanna P. on Feb 26, 2009, 7:23:00 PM

    hello, thanks a lot for the response. We had our cat spayed on Feb 22, 2009 (Sunday). We searched the town and found a vet clinic that's thankfully open even on Sundays. The operation costs 2000 pesos(complete with postoperative medicines and one night of confinement. She was still on her "heat cycle" but the vet says its okay for her to be spayed even during her estrus, so we agreed. The next day, we took her home. She was still doing "mating calls", the irritating yowling of female cats in heat..but today (Feb 26)Thursday, she stopped the yowling and is becoming our usual housecat again. We took in another cat, this time a male one, maybe a month younger than her (5 months) so that she can play with him and not get bored in our room. At first, she does not like it, but after about half a day's time, she does not seem to be annoyed with the new cat. That's all for now, thanks for your advise(s)..I won't feed cats chocolates from now on..i didn't know those heavenly candies are toxic to cats..thanks for the tip! will be visiting this site every now and then!! (NB: I hope all stray cats/homeless cats can be neutered/spayed so there won't be much overpopulation of felines, kakaawa lang kasi cla begging for food, love, and shelter if you happen to see one in any place outside, yung mga mapapayat at gusgusin pa)..

  113. By ailex15 on Mar 2, 2009, 11:27:00 AM

    hi i just viewed the site..
    i just want to ask what types of dogs i can adopt?
    can you send me pictures of them so that i can choose from them
    i also have a puppy and i think she needs a playmate.
    thanks in advance

    here's my email

  114. By ailex15 on Mar 3, 2009, 11:21:00 AM

    awhile ago, while im on my trip to school
    i saw a dog under the bridge

    i thought that the dog was the one i saw

    cute ng dog kaso di ko alam ang breed. hehe

  115. By maysh on Mar 16, 2009, 10:48:00 AM

    good day.,
    i really want to adopt a dog/puppy
    but i couldn't go to your center in QC,
    kasi nman po ang layo ko,
    im from Malaybalay City, Bukidnon
    here in Mindanao., pero nandito po ako sa Cagayan de Oro City para mag-aral.,
    gusto ko po talaga mag-alaga.,
    pwede po bah??
    i'll be paying any expenses for the adoption.,
    thank u po., ;)

  116. By Janey on Mar 18, 2009, 10:59:00 AM

    Good day! I'm looking to adopt a native dog preferably big in size because I've heard 'aspin'/s are good guard dogs. I have a house full of shih tzus, poms and lhasa apso.. all 7 dogs in total. I'm interested in having an aspin as our guard dog because all of my dogs are toydogs. The dog that we will adopt will share the same food, same living condition, same love and affection as my pedigreed dogs. I dont discriminate dogs as I love them all! I hope I could find one that would suit me and my needs. I prefer a neutered male bigger in size .. pls send me an email if you have one available. More power to your organization and I wish to take part of it in some of your volunteer works.. :)

  117. By siyerwin on Mar 18, 2009, 11:23:00 AM

    While it is in their nature to be protective of their territory and family, I don't really believe that you should base your decisions on getting a dog because you want them to guard you. I believe this idea of dogs being good at security duties is one of the sources why dogs get the treatment they get in many homes--- chained to the gate and fated to live a life walking in circles. You say you don't discriminate but I believe you did it by your second sentence. Pomeranians and shi tzus make good guard dogs, too, you know. Most dogs (if not all) will bark when they sense danger.

    At any rate, the rescue dogs being adopted out at PAWS aren't rehabilitated or trained to become guard dogs (this comes but naturally to them). They are rehabilitated to become well-rounded dogs that we hope would fit well in homes like yours.

    Please don't get offended. I just needed to say these things to help change the way people perceive our very own Aspins. I don't discriminate too but I think they're the best breed in the world! :)

    Hope to see you at the shelter!


  118. By Marla on Mar 19, 2009, 3:35:00 PM

    Well said Sherwin!

    Just an observation.. it seems as if the Adoption Application is not very visible. Or, interested adopters (is this the right word?) don't click on the link to see the questions they need to fill up in order to help Adoption Heads determine if they can be ideal forever homes.

    The Adoption Application is just 1 step, but a helpful one. :)

  119. By siyerwin on Mar 19, 2009, 4:10:00 PM

    maysh, kelangan mong pumunta dito sa Manila if you want to adopt from PAWS kasi requirement ang personal visit to the shelter.

    Pede sigurong dyan ka na lang mag-adopt sa Malaybalay. Kung may city dog pound kayo, pede ka dung pumunta at mag-save ng aso. May experience ka ba sa pag-aalaga ng aso? Email mo ko sa sherwin [at] if you want to know more. salamat po.

  120. By siyerwin on Mar 19, 2009, 4:19:00 PM

    Marla, thanks. will go tweak the blog to solve that problem. thanks for pointing it out. am actually in the process of changing the blog layout to go in line with my blog's new objectives, one of which is to push out the online classified ads (selling cats and dogs) from the top of the search engine results using keywords related to getting a pet here in the Philippines. Wish me luck! :)

  121. By Anonymous on Mar 24, 2009, 8:17:00 PM

    hi. actually first time ko maencounter ang PAWS. but i am really a dog lover. gusto ko sana ng mga big dogs na cute. Yung hindi halata na native. Hehe. i am very interested mag adopt. maybe this april i will adopt a dog and a cat para naman sa boyfriend ko. sa cats naman, meron ba kayong siamese cats? yun kasi ang gusto niya. Please email me more regarding sa mga questions ko. here is my email ad: thank you very much sa reply. =)

  122. By Anonymous on Mar 28, 2009, 2:51:00 PM

    hi im really interested in adopting a dog from PAWS instead of finding a pup from friends. But its just now that i discovered that there is an adoption fee. OUCH! we currently have 2 indoor dogs and 3 mongrels, 1 in our garage and 2 in our backyard. they are really nice guard dogs but 2 of them are really old, we had them since i was in high school, and now that im turning 23, i reallly think that they need replacements. im really short for cash and in need of a pup. any pup will do.. :) ty!

  123. By Leto of Blood on Apr 13, 2009, 5:13:00 PM

    Hi. I was just wondering if the PAWS in-house vet can see other pets that are not adopted from PAWS?

  124. By Anonymous on Apr 13, 2009, 6:14:00 PM

    hi! i'm z! i have a kitten her name is akira, she is now 8 months old. she's an indoor cat but i want her spayed. where could i spayed her

  125. By Anonymous on Apr 13, 2009, 8:24:00 PM

    What breed can I ADOPT?..

  126. By nicole on Apr 14, 2009, 12:45:00 PM

    hello! i am new here in your site..i am a very very dog lover..our family once had a dog before but unfortunately he died because i think of the heat and that he was too old also..his name was "gulpo"..anyway..i would like to adopt a dog..but i wanted a puppy so that he could grow up with it possible? i would like to know..please help me...

  127. By Marla on Apr 14, 2009, 1:33:00 PM

    Hello to everyone interested in the dogs and cats at PARC.

    Some shelter dogs' pics can be viewed at


    For those serious about adopting, Sherwin provided the detailed procedure above *scroll all the way up please*.

    In summary:
    1. Accomplish Adoption Application (email answers to
    2. Interview by Adoption Counselor
    3. Meeting the pet at PARC
    4. On approval, payment of adoption fee
    5. Spay/neuter of adopted pet (if not already done)
    6. Scheduling of pickup or delivery
    7. Signing of Adoption Agreement

    For more info, please email PAWS at or call tel.#475-1688.

  128. By Anonymous on Apr 15, 2009, 9:33:00 PM

    halli hallo...i'm elvie i always visited this site everytime i'm online...we already have two dogs before, kya lng nkatakas ung isang dog q kse my aunt,forgot to close our gate when she go out,it was late ng malaman q na wla n xia i look for him kya lng ndi q n tlga xia nkita, we want to buy sana ulet, kya lng ng mkita q nga this site about adopting dogs,it iterest me a lot... kya lng d problem is dito p kmi sa las pinas...dont have time pa to visit ur shelter (it's in QC right?!)...

  129. By mootzie on Apr 20, 2009, 11:45:00 PM

    Hi im adog lover also sana marami pang mag adopt nga aso para ma alagaan at mahalin sila.

  130. By nicole on Apr 21, 2009, 2:29:00 PM

    are there still puppeis at your place? or maybe the not so big ones? i am really grandfather and i are looking for a dog..please help! :)

  131. By sarafred on Apr 23, 2009, 4:53:00 PM

    I really love cats, gusto ko snang magadopt kso iniisip ko kung pano ko sya ibabyahe pauwi:( i live in a province kc eh

  132. By jude on Apr 23, 2009, 5:17:00 PM

    hi a cat lover and im really interested in adopting a kitten...
    please help... i also don't have tym to visit ur shelter because its far.
    I already have 3 grown up cats and 3 kittens. they are all street cats...
    i want to help giving shelter to many many homeless cats...

    hopefully many will have interest and enthusiasm in adopting and caring for animals...

    thankZ PAWS... when i finish my studies i want to join your organization.

  133. By Anonymous on Apr 23, 2009, 5:20:00 PM

    hi a cat lover and im really interested in adopting a kitten...
    please help... i also don't have tym to visit ur shelter because its far.
    I already have 3 grown up cats and 3 kittens. they are all street cats...
    i want to help giving shelter to many many homeless cats...

    hopefully many will have interest and enthusiasm in adopting and caring for animals...

    thankZ PAWS... when i finish my studies i want to join your organization.

  134. By Anonymous on Apr 26, 2009, 3:18:00 PM

    hello. i have 3 dogs and sad to say we have to leave them pag umalis na kami to live with my sister in Canada. The problem is wala akong mapagiwanan nung 3 kong aso. is there anyway that i can send my dogs to your shelter? I can't think of anyone who will take care of them the same way we took care of them. Thank you.

  135. By Anonymous on Apr 27, 2009, 11:53:00 AM

    hello anonymous! kailan ang alis ninyo papuntang canada? kawawa naman ang mga aso mo. why not call PAWS or CARA. please huwag mo silang iiwan na walang mag aalaga sa kanila. they will end up dead soon, or in somebody's plate(s)

  136. By siyerwin on Apr 27, 2009, 12:39:00 PM

    We should not think about PAWS and CARA as the place to give up our dogs to. The shelter was made for dogs that are victims of cruelty and neglect and PAWS files criminal charges against people who are cruel and neglectful of their duties to their pets.

    Leaving your healthy dogs who have been used to having a home in a shelter environment will be very hard on your dog. Please do not leave your dogs behind. There are ways you can take to prevent them from going through a traumatic experience like abandonment. Animal shelters (including that of PAWS) are nothing like your home. Abandoning your pets in a place where there are hundreds of other homeless pets like him with an uncertain future will be emotionally devastating.

    If you really don't want to leave them behind, why not take them with you? We can get you in touch with someone who has taken his pets with him to Canada so you can ask what needs to be done.

    If you really can't take them with you, please work harder at finding a new home for them. If you can't think of anyone, look. Actively search for potential homes like what most PAWS volunteers do in looking for adoptive homes for shelter cats and dogs.

    Please email me if you have more questions about your options. Take care and good luck.

  137. By Adrienne on May 5, 2009, 11:52:00 PM

    Hey there! I'm Adrienne and Im just 17 yrs old. Though we have 2 dogs already at home, one is mine and one is my sister's, i really want to have another one. Ive been wondering if I could earn and buy one myself but it seems it'll take too long for me to earn as much as 10k or 11k. so I was wondering, maybe I could adopt one and I was so glad to find this site.

    I was so interested with Nicole and the blind dog. However, I read above that Nicole passed away? :( Why? How? When? well, my sincerest condolences for such a sweet beautiful pup. Is the blind dog still available? Her/his pictures really struck me. I really like her/him but Im just worried because I might have some problems with dealing with her/him. Ive never dealt with a blind dog before..

    Please contact me (09174045985) about more info about other available puppies to adopt and the blind dog. :) or email me at Thank you!!

  138. By Anonymous on May 12, 2009, 10:26:00 AM

    Good day po. sobrang na-amazed ako dahil hindi ko alam na may ganitong program dito sa bansa natin for pets. ako at ang family ko ay sobrang pet-lover din kagaya nyo.since bata pa lang kami talagang malapit na kami sa mga pets esp. dogs and cats.hanggang dumami na sila sa bahay namin, sa ngayon we have 9 cats and 9 kittens,kaya medyo nahihirapan na din kami mag-alaga sa kanilang lahat dahil maliit lang naman ang bahay namin at nangungupahan lang kami sa apartment. kahit gusto namin sila alagaan lahat hindi naman pwede kaya ask ku lang po kung ok lang po ipaampon sa inyo ung 5 cats at 9 na kittens kasi ayoko naman sila iwan na lang sa isang lugar na walang kasiguraduhan kung makakahanap sila ng mga mag-aampon sa kanila. gusto ko din po syempre na maalagaan sila na katulad ng pagaalaga namin sa kanila dahil sobrang napamahal na sila sa amin at lalo na sa'kin. ilang beses na talaga dapat ililigaw sila kaso nagiging emotional ako kapag dumadating na ung araw na ililigaw sila kaya laging hindi natutuloy.kasi gusto ko sana na mapupunta sila sa lugar kung saan hindi sila pagala gala at naghahanap ng ibang bahay na walang kasiguraduhan. kaya po humihingi po ako ng tulong sa inyo na kung pwede dyaan ko na lang sila dalhin.thank you very much po. wait ko po ang response nyo pwede nyo po ako iemail dito sa salamat po.

  139. By Fonqui on May 12, 2009, 3:25:00 PM

    Hi! I read about PAWS in an advertisement and I was deeply concerned about the abandoned and homeless animals in the shelter.

    My birthday is in a few days, and I asked my parents if I could have a dog. At first, the thought of having a dog in our new dream house was a DISASTER. It would poop in the garden, spread parasites, and make a mess everywhere. Well, their impression didn't last for long.

    For the past two weeks, a robber entered our house. He wasn't satisfied the first time so he came back for another round. We added extra security since then so the robber will have a pretty hard time getting in. ;) My parents are finally reconsidering getting a dog.

    Dogs don't only keep us safe, they also accompany us through every obstacle we might break into, whether thick or thin. Can I ask if there is any dog in the shelter who is watchful, alert, and friendly at the same time? It would be great to have a Super Dog around. :)

    It would be easy to ask from my Lola as she has plenty of Pomeranian dogs she usually sells away (which I admit are EXTREMELY cute). But I thought about the animals in PAWS who are in need of good and loving homes, and I'm willing to change a life.

    Hmmm, the only problem now is if my pet rabbit can relate well with dogs. My rabbit scares the cats away. :)

  140. By Anonymous on May 13, 2009, 10:53:00 PM

    im interested to adopt a puppy any breed basta po ung tea-cup size lng kung pepwede po txt nyo po to number ko 09281141732 or my email

  141. By Anonymous on May 13, 2009, 11:12:00 PM

    kuya sherwin wait lo po ang response nyo tungkol dyan sa last comment.aku din po yan.thanks po.willing po kami na magdonate para sa pagkain nila sa abot lang ng aming makakaya at pati po ung mga ma-iipon namin na dyaryo ay idodonate ko din po dyan.salamat po

  142. By siyerwin on May 14, 2009, 12:19:00 AM

    hi, guys. if you are really serious in adopting a dog from paws, I will urge you to go to the shelter the soonest possible time.

    Fonqui, i'm usually not keen on having dogs adopted just to become security guards but if you promise to love the dog and be a responsible guardian, by all means go to the shelter and meet the dogs along with the humans there.

    Anonymous, a tea-cup is awfully small for a dog. :)

  143. By Cleo on May 17, 2009, 10:47:00 PM

    why is the cat nameless??
    wish i could have it..
    but i cant w/o my parents consent
    it really needs a home and a name of course..

    hope to have more info about that cat

  144. By ariana on May 23, 2009, 1:54:00 AM

    hello we are willing to adopt a pet dog which is a pure breed pls contact us at my no. 09217924337 if you have a homeless dog....

  145. By charlene on May 29, 2009, 4:38:00 PM

    Hi..I would like to ask for your help..
    I have 2 wonderful cats, they are both hybrids from a Siamese Cat(father) & a Persian Cat(mother). The thing is, I am looking for a shelter for the both them..they are born November 21, 2007..I would like to be fair to my cats & I love them both..I am looking for a shelter for them because Me and my husband started to be very busy and we unintentionally sometimes neglected their needs..which is so unfair to them..eventhough it breaks our hearts, we would like to send them for adoption..Their names are Gabby(girl) & Popoy(Boy)..we are looking for people w/ kind heart who are willing to adopt them and take care of them..
    for those who are interested, u can contact me @ 09273421947 / 09235237555..Thanx,,

  146. By Anonymous on May 30, 2009, 7:36:00 PM

    hello po... im maharlika duclayan from and ma family are fond of animals, we actually own a pitbull which is a half breed he is very playful and nice. then feb this year my moms friend give us a very cute kitten a half breed persian, we named him "gamma" in hist first few days in the house all he do is cry evry night and day, then me and my twin brother been very patient feeding him, he is very intelligent he approaches us when he is thirsty, and he went out if he wants to poo or pee. he often sleep at my bed and even at my brothers room, my niece fiona loves him at first fiona scare him but as they get along gamma love playing with her, but oh his 3rd month he died, we really dont know the reason but we tried our best to give him some medication which is prescribed by my cousin a veterinarian. the stories an infos in here touches my heart and im willing to have another cat now. but ur office is quite far from us but i would be glad to have a cat from PAWS, i would love to be a volunteer too, sir here is my email add majarlica_ducz27@, i just wanted to ask is there any fee to be paid incase i adopt a cat?? hope u can send me an answer. i hope i can go ther and see all the pets there,, god bless PAWS

  147. By Anonymous on May 31, 2009, 12:47:00 AM

    i love dogs..i'll adopt as soon as i already done fixing a room for the dogs. i have a shi..and gusto ko sana may kalaro sya =)

  148. By prettyaix on Jun 5, 2009, 7:49:00 PM

    seeing homeless animals really breaks my heart... *sigh. i'm looking forward to visit you guys, hoping that even with such little way, i can show them that i'm just one of the many who still cares for them and let them feel -loved- again...

  149. By Anonymous on Jun 6, 2009, 10:46:00 AM

    i want to have a dog in the house..i think of buying one as a birthday gift this june 16 but instead i have decided to check here on paws..hopefully i can adopt one...
    -adelle of bataan

  150. By DocTiggerlovesDog on Jun 13, 2009, 2:16:00 PM

    Hi. I already downloaded an application form. I'm very much interested in adopting a female adult dog. My only wish is that you do not spay her. I need her to be the companion of Elmo, my pet male dog "askal" whom I love. He is 10 years old.

  151. By Anonymous on Jun 15, 2009, 7:58:00 PM

    Hi sherwin
    I have 6 dogs, right now were having a problem regarding our dogs cause we will be transferrring to a new place wherein they will only allow 2 dogs. Some of our pet dogs are adopted also but unfurtunately we have to give up some of them because that the policy in that place. could you help us find ways so that we could bring this to PAWS, my son went to PAWS and they told him that they no longer adopt dogs. i pity on my dogs to leave them to anybody with whom were not sure if they will they care the dogs.Only PAWS can do that. Pls help me.

  152. By Anonymous on Jun 16, 2009, 8:50:00 PM

    every story that's written here makes me sad. it made me cry too. how i wish i could adopt them all. i hope that they cud find owners who really loves them. i'm Leli alipio. i would adopt dogs and take care of them. they deserves it! they should be treated as humans not a monster.. i really love animals it hurts me seeing them homeless and i promise to do something about it.

  153. By celyn on Jun 22, 2009, 12:43:00 PM

    hi, i just learned about you guys and i wish to be a volunteer there at paws but the orientation is over last month. so i'm thinking of adopting one instead. when are you going to have your next orientaion? back at home in la union, we have 5 cats and we actually just pick them up in the market and in parks. now they've grown in size with shiny furs and even our neighbors are amazed how beautiful they become. my sister and i are just renting and i hope you could still be able to let me adopt one. i'm planning to visit parc and i cant wait to meet all the animals there!
    more power to you guys!
    And God bless you always...! -celyn

  154. By Cel Mondejar on Jun 22, 2009, 4:49:00 PM

    Aaaww, i was just looking for some option to join some animal stuff org, and i thought of PAWS, til I saw this site. I have 5 cats at home, no breed at all. It's Dory, Globy,Dexter,Celestina a.k.a Bunso and Blanca a.k. Micy (bec. she's black). I even wanted to adopt another pet, but I don't have enough room for another one...But how can I simply help by not really adopting them yet. Email add:, that's my account in friendster as well, my cats pic are there. Thank you. More power. Keep in touch. Love pets. Cel here.

  155. By siyerwin on Jun 23, 2009, 10:16:00 AM

    Hi, anonymous, celyn and cel. Sorry for this late reply. It's always great to have comments such as yours because it gives us reassurance that there are still a lot of animal lovers out there that are concerned for the welfare of homeless animals.

    I have been getting some inquiries about pet abandonment and it's pretty sad to think that there are those who think animal shelters are dumping grounds for unwanted animals. I've been thinking of posting about it as I am unable to answer most of them.

    Again, thank you for visiting and please do drop by the shelter anytime to meet the furry ones. Email me for your inquiries! sherwin at mefindhome dot org.

  156. By Anonymous on Jul 1, 2009, 8:03:00 PM

    there's a dog here in Marulas, Valenzuela City, her name is roca. the owner of this want her to die, they dont feed her anymore, and she's dying..i want to save her, but how?pls response here's my e mail

  157. By Anonymous on Jul 11, 2009, 10:47:00 AM

    hi Paws,

    i want to adopt a dog.. i prefer small ones.. pure or mixed breed.. because i have a 1 yr. old nephew, im really a animal lover.. and i want to have a dog to love and take care.. i have a good job so i can sustain the dog..

    ill w8 for your reply..

    tnx..more power..!**

    heres my email..

  158. By nikoslim on Jul 22, 2009, 1:54:00 PM

    hi! i am from malabon. today i was about to return a cat and her 2-month old kitten to its former owner (who left his apartment without bringing the cat with him; the kitten was born in our apartment when my daughter liked the pregnant cat and took care of it; unfortunately i think my maids are allergic to the felines)so I had the maid place them in a sack (so they wouldn't wander about and be handy when the guy comes along).
    just as i was about to leave for the office my neighbor (without my knowledge had taken the sack) smashed the sack against the cemented floor almost 10x before i realized it was the cats he was hurting! i was horrified and asked him to stop and just throw the cats away. Regaining my composure i asked my maid to run after him and be the one to do it to make sure he doesn't hurt the cats anymore. When she released them the mother was bloodied and looked angry and terrified and ran away, while the kitten just stayed in the sack and looked dazed. I told the maid to take him home and feed him.
    Is there a place where the kitten may be given first aid and treated? Vets and the required tests are quite expensive and I'm kinda hardup on the budget. I would like to see this kitten recover (I can't find its mother anymore, I hope she didn't suffer too much). It is such a playful fellow and brought so much joy to my daughters. I really have to let him go, though, as my kids have manifested an allergy to him. He has been quiet all morning and refused to eat. My maid gave him Hemostan (poured the capsule's contents in his mouth) and Mefenamic acid. Would these help? Thanks and more power to you! bing of potrero

  159. By Anonymous on Jul 27, 2009, 7:53:00 PM

    Hello PAWS..i'm a 16 yr old boy from calatagan batangas who want to adopt a pup. I have this passion for raising dogs but i dont have money for payment of adoption. can i have a pup for free?.. i promise to raise it well and always give it a warm hug.. this is my email address ( please mail me if you want a pup to be saved..thaks!

  160. By Anonymous on Aug 2, 2009, 11:26:00 AM

    hi im Lj...i just wanna ask if paws can adopt dogs and puppies...we have 3 dogs and 7 we cant handle to many dogs...we disided na kung pwed nyo b kmi tulungan sa case na to..pls help us..

  161. By Anonymous on Aug 8, 2009, 7:53:00 PM


    Is there an office or anything for the adoption of dogs in Cebu? Please reply at

  162. By todoke on Aug 11, 2009, 1:31:00 PM

    hi Anonymous with 3 dogs and 7 puppies. :D

    I would love to take one of your puppies :)

  163. By Anonymous on Aug 14, 2009, 8:45:00 PM

    a while a go my office mate and i were changing stories on abandoned cats and dogs. i also saw people who were about to catch dogs within our vicinity so i immediately called my aunt to look for my dog since i was on my way home at work.good thing my dog was sleeping at our garage that and my officemate would like to volunteer for PAWS. but we dont know how. as my way home i saw a man abusing a poor little kitten i felt so sad and my heart feels like it stoped at that moment i hate people like that!!!!!!!!!!

  164. By Anonymous on Aug 30, 2009, 8:50:00 PM

    Is there a PAWS office here in Davao. I really wanted to adopt a puppy and a kitten.

  165. By on Aug 30, 2009, 8:56:00 PM

    heya ! guys ! i am verry happy to know this site and the importance of pets ... animals !!! before , i was so afraid of dogs and all of the animals even birds ! but then you opened my mind andmade me feel comfortable with pets that also gave me the reason to adopt a dog from you ... hope to see a list of dogs and their pix and background for me to choose from ... thanks and GOD speed !!

  166. By regina salazar on Sep 10, 2009, 11:14:00 AM

    hello, we will be moving to our own house maybe this year or early next year so ill be able to finally adopt a kitty cat :) i also just started my first job so its just perfect timing! :) how do i start? i mean who should i talk to? :)thanks for any help. anyone can email me at :)

  167. By point_dee16 on Sep 10, 2009, 1:50:00 PM

    animal adoption is a good idea. rather than dog pound will catch them. Actually I'm planning to own a lot here in cebu to give dogs and cats a shelter. but I'm still working on the funds to make it happen.

    If there is somthing i could help you guys, just email me. I'm very much willing to help you.


  168. By Sarah on Sep 14, 2009, 10:00:00 AM


    This is my first time to be here. Karen Pamintuan directed me to this site. My Dachshund died today.. She died of complications due to her diabetes which I've never known about until she grew weaker by the day.. :( I'm really heartbroken and this is the most comforting place that I know of right now.. I would be glad to visit PARC and visit the dogs there. I still have a toy poodle and he's 9 years of age. I still miss Charmelle though because she's the sweetest ever..Anyway, Charlie, my poodle would like to have someone to play with when I have to work.I know he'll be feeling lonely now that Charmelle's gone. I bid her farewell last night when she was breathing heavy and too tired to fight. She died under the couch where no one would see her. :(( Gaah I can't stop crying.. :( I used to remember holding her and taking her beside me when she was just a pup. She was whining and howling 'cause she doesn't wanna sleep alone. And I was the last person who held her before you died too. I'll miss her forever..

    Charmelle I love you and I'm sorry I couldn't save you anymore. But I know you're in a better place where you can run and drink fresh water all you want and even pee all over the place. Sorry guys, I'm just so emotional. I really hope I can find another dog to love and complete the family again together with Charlie, the poodle. Thanks guys!


  169. By Joey on Sep 24, 2009, 2:57:00 AM

    I want to help by adopting a cat.

  170. By Anonymous on Oct 8, 2009, 6:44:00 PM

    hello, i have a problem regarding my cat's poo (is that correct). i want her to poo just in one place. i wish they could wear diapers =)
    btw, the owner of the establishment doesnt know i have a pet. it is forbidden.
    pls help, thank you very much & God bless

  171. By Anonymous on Oct 12, 2009, 8:43:00 PM

    Just recently my rotweiler named"ping" died.And I love him so much. I love dogs and I want to adopt nicole, is she taken? or any puppies that is playful.

    Email me at:

  172. By Melay on Oct 26, 2009, 10:46:00 AM

    hi there,

    Any one here who wants to adopt a cat, i have a cat in the house but my neighbors does not like it to have it there. The cat is sweet and clean compare to stray cat, and i wanted someone to care for my cat and love it as one of the family. Not only once that many people attempt and put it to the garbage but my sister gets it back from there and take home, they were so mad at it.

    Please contact me if you want to adopt a cat. I love this cat but its life is in danger.

  173. By Anonymous on Oct 29, 2009, 8:50:00 PM

    hi there,

    i really want to adopt a dog. if possible a puppy and a small on and pure breed? i really love dogs and i want to have a puppy right now.
    thanks! please email me at


  174. By Anonymous on Nov 6, 2009, 5:17:00 PM

    I've always been an animal lover since birth growing with all kinds, from dogs, fishes, rats, snakes,turtles, hermit crabs, hamsters, rabbits, guinea pigs,chickens, ducks and a handful of birds. But I love cats most of all. I adopt street cats and treat them like my kids. I recently lost one of my favorites last September 26 (the ondoy incident), when the 1st floor of our house was flooded. My husband couldn't rescue my cat(Wally) for his life was also at stake. His brother(Chester) survived, but is now gloomy coz he's all alone, now I'm planning to adopt another but couldn't find any on the streets.

  175. By Anonymous on Nov 11, 2009, 9:15:00 PM

    Hi! I'm sorry to hear about your cat Wally and glad to know you and your family were safe during the lambasting of typhoon ondoy. I have exactly two dozens of cats and kittens right now from two stray cats that adopted me a year ago and I'm worried sick how would I take care of them the way that they deserve such, any of them really need a new loving home. I would be happy and at peace if an adoptive human like you can take care any of them. Should you be intrested to adopt one please let me know. Most of the time they stay indoors esp. at night so they are clean.

    You may please keep in touch with me at hope to hear from you soon. thanks!


  176. By Anonymous on Nov 18, 2009, 5:30:00 PM

    to anonymous ^ ... PAWS has a lot of cats(more than a hundred) that are waiting for good homes =) try to visit these lovely cats at PARC and I'm sure you'll find the right one for you.

  177. By Anonymous on Dec 4, 2009, 10:45:00 AM

    hi, ive owned dogs all my life, used to have 2 labs, they now are at my parent's house. i now only own a lhasa apso and 2 birds. all of them are trained, yup, i also trained the birds. im thinking of owning a cat. are there available kittens for adoption?

    like to thank you for the wonderful work you guys do. if there are kittens available id love to visit PARC really soon.

  178. By ALISTA on Dec 17, 2009, 1:45:00 AM










  179. By Anonymous on Dec 28, 2009, 9:00:00 PM

    hi I do really love dogs... that's why i really want to buy one for my self.

    I'm browsing to the internet hoping i can find a for sale dog that will suit me and for my family, when i accidentally noticed your site. i was touched in your advocacy of finding home for those animals who needs shelter and rescuing them in bad situation.

    In our house we have 3 dogs namely milky, viva and Bucks but unfortunately Bucks is gone right now, he died last December 27 2009 because of infection that makes his body to refuse food. that's why until now where still in pain for the lost of our beloved bucks.

    the other 2 dogs that we have, Milky and Viva was also rescued by us, Milky was supposed to become a meal while Viva was supposed to be killed because of her skin condition by there former owner. Now Milky and Viva is living with us happy and healthy. plus Viva's Hair is Growing now.

    Because of your site i realize that its better to adopt than to buy one since i want to have a dog for my own. and its nice to know that finally there is a organization here in the Philippines that helps animal.

    hope i can adopt one... >Paulyn<

  180. By Jennifer Alzona on Dec 30, 2009, 2:04:00 PM

    Hi, I have a pet cat that we rescued from the streets three years ago and two weeks ago my cousin bought a dog and I thought it would be really nice if I had one too but then I thought about adopting one would be better and would be cheaper too so are there pups available for adoption at PAWS? I'm really interested.

    Please contact me at


  181. By Anonymous on Dec 30, 2009, 10:09:00 PM

    i was wondering if PAWS conduct cheap cat castration. i have 5 boys and they keep on spraying here and there its just a mess. of course i want to keep them but if theres another way to avoid spraying, id love that.

    adelle (

  182. By Anonymous on Jan 13, 2010, 4:43:00 PM

    can I adopt a pet?

  183. By Anonymous on Feb 8, 2010, 9:52:00 AM

    I love dogs and cats however since I have a limited space for them, would it be possible instead of adoption, I can visit and take care of the animals and be a volunteer..


  184. By Anonymous on Feb 11, 2010, 9:18:00 PM

    hello gud evening. i'm from western visayas.i just want to ask if is there anybody or organization like yours who can help dogs (pitbulls specifically) endulged by owners in dogfighting? this is very rampant here in our place. it's a heartbreaking to see dogs knowing they're in dogfighting,they also are skinned and bone! FYI,i have pitbulls in our home and they are one of the most loving and loyal creatures i've known

  185. By siyerwin on Feb 14, 2010, 9:12:00 AM

    Hello, anonymous. This is a law enforcement matter that I know very little about. I am sure it is not as simple as calling on the police on them (or is it?) but if you wish for more advice, I'd urge you to get in touch with PAWS for advice. As an organization, it has experience charging animal offenders (dog fighters included) in court. I have seen first-hand the cruelty dog-fighting inflicts on pitbulls and I really wish those who run this cruel games in your province get punished and get the karma that they deserve.
    Email PAWS at

  186. By siyerwin on Feb 14, 2010, 9:15:00 AM

    bonz, volunteers are always welcome to become part of the work PAWS do. Please call or email PAWS if you wish to start volunteering. PAWS email: Tel:4751688

  187. By Anonymous on Feb 28, 2010, 9:51:00 PM

    Is it possible to buy the 5-1shot at paws to take with me? As in the Province it is so diffucult to get it?

  188. By Anonymous on Mar 17, 2010, 4:11:00 PM

    hi! isa rin akong animal lover. hindi ko matiis na makakita ng cat or dog na nasa kalsada lang, lalo na yung kitten pa lang. inuuwi ko talaga dahil naaawa ako sa kanila na baka mamatay lang sila sa kalsada. bali ngayon, i have 7 cats already, at may new ako na mother cat with her 3 little kittens na inuwi ko. nakakatuwa na may ganitong institution na nangagalaga at promoprotekta sa mga animals natin. may mga tao kasing walang pagpapa halaga sa mga animals, di nila naiisip na may buhay din sila at gaya nating tao na kailangan din ng kalinga at pagmamahal. kaya ako, sa abot ng aking makakaya, sini save ko sila, basta kaya ko, kahit madami na akong alaga sa bahay.

  189. By Anonymous on Apr 6, 2010, 1:28:00 PM

    may available kayong kitten na half or mixed-breed cat? im interested in adopting a cat..

  190. By kreyah on Apr 9, 2010, 1:43:00 PM

    I like to have a dog.. but is there any dog which is not too big? i have a 4 year old sister at home, and my parents would not allow me to have a dog larger than her.. thank you!

  191. By Anonymous on May 7, 2010, 2:38:00 PM

    i want big breed of dog

  192. By Anonymous on May 13, 2010, 7:53:00 PM

    I want to adopt a puppy but we are way too far from there we live in the province but im very desperate i already told my mo that i will earn to buy a dog but i thought what if i just adopt 1 ooohhh... i wish my mom would just let me adopt 1 :(

  193. By DOG OWENERS CLUB on May 15, 2010, 11:20:00 AM

    Dear, PAWS

    We are DOC Dog Owners Club of San Antonio Zambales.The Video touch our hearts with warmth and by this we are willing to open our doors to those dogs who have no home. We have plenty to share and were happy to share it with them.

    We have 5 Adult dogs and 2 week old pups,another one would'nt be much of a weight.

    And We (DOC)are having our Event this May 23 for our campaign to prevent and stop those people whom are eating and selling dog meet. we can recruit some outstanding family to adopt. With proper details we can help find a suitable family for adoptation with your consideration and guidance.

    Yours Truly,
    Dog Owners Club (DOC)

  194. By Anonymous on May 17, 2010, 11:06:00 PM

    hi po!! im a pet lover since i was a child!! and i want to adopt a dog cauz i believe na they are really a man's bestfriend!! pero i want sana ung mga toy dogslang du u have one??

  195. By Anonymous on Jun 12, 2010, 10:55:00 PM

    hi? rhoan...idol kuh poh ang PAW kaya nag aadopt ako ng marami pets.merun na akong 8 cats and 2 dogs.naghahanap pa kami ng mga dogs..hope u can help me po..,,

  196. By Anonymous on Jun 21, 2010, 2:11:00 PM

    hi and good afternoon! is it really a requirement to go to your office in manila, even if i live here in Davao?

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