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Beautiful Philippine Dogs Pageant

Posted by siyerwin on Tuesday, November 14, 2006 at 7:30 PM

This coming Saturday, November 18, 2006, 5:00 PM, at the SM Megamall Atrium in Mandaluyong City, 10 remarkably gorgeous and intelligent dogs will take center stage in a pageant like no other.

Entitled "Ang Pinakamagandang Hayop Sa Balat Ng Lupa", the pageant will showcase the best of our very own breed, the Filipino dog. Dogs with fancy breed names-- the Japanese, the Germans, the Siberians and the Americans--- will temporarily take the sidelines to make way for the true and blue Pinoy dogs; to let them strut their stuff in front of believers and unbelievers alike. Watch them show off their oozing good looks, superb intelligence, amazing temperament and loyalty that are the hallmarks of the Pinoy's best friend!

Please do come and fall in love with our very own. See you there!

See more of the 10 finalists at Liza U's Multiply Site or at Karizma's Website.

Above photos by © Jay Javier.

me.find.Home Wallpapers

Posted by siyerwin on Friday, October 27, 2006 at 11:27 PM

Here are some images that you guys can splash into those screens. They're not much but I'm hoping they'd help in the continuing quest to bring more attention to the homeless animals. All of them are in the 1024x768 resolution so i think they'll fit snugly into most monitors.

How to download:

Simply click on the images below to see the actual wallpaper versions. Click and drag into your desktop or wallpaper folder or right-click to "Save Picture As".

You may also just right-click on the images below and then "Save Target As"...

Shelter cat (and dog) on the the catwalk!

Posted by siyerwin on Wednesday, October 25, 2006 at 10:39 PM

Talk about hitting it big! A couple of erstwhile PARC residents, Kisha and Tiopi, strutted their stuff on the glamorous fashion scene last Saturday at the Furry Tales fashion show held at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall.

Kisha and Tiopi were both abandoned at the animal shelter but were lucky enough not to have waited too long to get adopted.

Kisha was brought home by a fellow volunteer Marian the same day she was abandoned at PARC. Her story actually got published on the April issue of Animal Scene magazine and she has since turned into a celebrity of sorts, as she had also won a place in the PAWS-organized Whiskers, Purrs and Tails cat show/contest held last August 5 at Eastwood. You'll find tons of Kisha images and magazine/newspaper clippings at Marian's online photo gallery.

Tiopi likewise was adopted not too long after he was abandoned at PARC. He was taken in by a pet-friendly company (Team Asterisk) and now resides in its office in Pasig. The office, home to 12 cats and one Tiopi, was featured in October issue of Animal Scene magazine so I'd guess that Tiopi, like Kisha, would also be no stranger to the limelight. Check out the article clippings in Liza's online photo gallery.

Below are a couple of Kisha's and Tiopi's catwalk moments! Most animal participants were pedigreed by the way and they were all pretty. But none were as charming as the homeless turned ramp models Kisha and Tiopi. :-)

Tiopi with Beth Hashim.

Kisha with Cristina Pecson.

A more detailed, well-written account of the event may be found at

dogs aching for home

Posted by siyerwin on Tuesday, October 17, 2006 at 9:03 AM

Make adoption your first option. There are more homeless animals out there than I can show here. Please give the shelter a visit and take one home.

For more information on the homeless, please get in touch with PAWS through the following:

Telephone: 475-1688
Mobile: 0922-8815600
E-mail: find.home @
Adoption Form: Click here
Adoption procedure: Click here
PARC map: Click here

cats aching for home

Posted by siyerwin on at 8:47 AM

Make adoption your first option. There are more homeless animals out there than I can show here. Please give the shelter a visit and take one home.

For more information on the homeless, please get in touch with PAWS through the following:

Telephone: 475-1688
Mobile: 0922-8815600
E-mail: find.home @
Adoption Form: Click here
Adoption procedure: Click here
PARC map: Click here

Pinakamagandang Hayop sa Balat ng Lupa

Posted by siyerwin on Tuesday, October 03, 2006 at 2:52 PM

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) is abuzz with fundraising activities this month of October and November. One of the events, which PAWS dubbed as "Ang Pinakamagandang Hayop sa Balat ng Lupa", is a dog show like no other. It is exclusive to Filipino or native dogs and carries with it a prize of Php10,000 for the champion. It's time for our very own to take the center stage and show the world how pretty they are and that we Filipinos are proud them!

The dogs will need to undergo an audition process which will be held at PARC on Sunday, October 8, 2006, 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

You don't have a native dog to enter? Why, we can remedy that---> Adopt! :)

Please email philpaws @ for your queries regarding the event/s or the adoption process. You may also text or call 0922-8815600. PLDT phone is still down, down, down.

Poster layouts by Heidi Guzon (1st poster) and Val Lee (2nd poster).

Below is the formal announcement of the upcoming events that was made in the WhatsUpPaws yahoogroup:


We would also like to announce the following PAWS fundraising activities - our way of celebrating World Animal Day the whole month long and our way of transmitting various messages on adoptions, spay-neuter, responsible pet ownership to the public:

1. PINOY PET SUPERSTAR Photo Contest - Email (philpaws @ hi-resolution image files or submit 8x10 prints of images of your pet/s to PAWS together with the following details- Name of owner, address, telephone and mobile numbers, Name of Pet, type of pet, breed of pet, age and sex of pet. Theme of the contest is "Pinoy Pet Superstar" so make sure to submit a photo that shows your pet in his/her most glamorous or Hollywood / "pa-star" pose. Deadline of submission of entries is October 18, 2006. Winners will be awarded on October 21 during the Furry Tales main program (see #3 below). Exciting prizes from major sponsor, Pedigree, await the lucky winner - snap those photos of your 'babies' now! You may mail your entries to:

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society, Inc.
87 Small Horseshoe Drive
New Manila, Quezon City
1112 Philippines

Or you may bring the prints personally to the PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center (PARC). Please check out the map here. See poster below for further details.

2. Ongoing AUDITIONS FOR OUR NATIVE DOG BEAUTY CONTEST. Dubbed as "Pinakamagandang Hayop sa Balat ng Lupa" Native Dog Beauty Pageant, auditions for this pageant will bring us closer to finding the dog who best exemplifies the beauty, intelligence and grace of the Pinoy Dog breed. Those interested in auditioning their dogs this weekend can come to PARC in Katipunan Valley, Loyola Heights, QC on Sunday, October 8, between 10am to 12 noon. Map to PARC available at Queries? Text your landline and name to 0917-8315970. The contest will be held on November 18, 2006 at the SM Megamall Atrium.

3. FURRY TALES 2006 - Our celebrity pet fashion show is not only a major production - but a labor of love - involving celebrities and their pets modelling pro bono, some even lending us their own clothes or costumes just to help out! Make sure to catch the show with your kids or young nephews/nieces, October 21, 2006 (Saturday) - 5pm at the SM Mall of Asia, Music Hall. This is a family event! Art contest for kids start at 11am, free face painting at 1pm while PAWS Humane Education and fun games start at 2pm.

4. SCAREDY CATS & DOGS - Our pet costume contest on October 29 (Sunday), 3pm at Eastwood Central Plaza , ensures that your pets won't miss out on all the fun of Halloween. Dress up your pet in their cutest or scariest Halloween costumes to win fabulous prizes from M&Ms.

5. PINAKAMAGANDANG HAYOP SA BALAT NG LUPA - The first of its kind native dog beauty contest will feature swimsuit and evening gown competitions plus a Question and Answer portion involving the guardians of the dog contestants. With this event, we aim to educate the public and uplift the image of the native dog. Be there to watch on November 18, 2006 (Saturday) - 5pm at the atrium of SM Megamall A.

Please support PAWS events by:
1. helping us get media coverage of these events.
2. helping us look for additional corporate sponsors for events numbers 3, 4 and 5.

PAWS volunteers who want to help out at these events, please come to PARC at 2pm on October 7 for a briefing.

Thank you!

- The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS)
PAWS joins the international animal welfare community in celebrating World Animal Day (WAD)!


October Seven

Posted by siyerwin on at 8:20 AM

Adoption is only one aspect of the animal welfare advocacy. There are other ways that you can help the animals. If you're interested in learning more about those ways, please attend the forthcoming PAWS orientation for volunteers on October 7, Saturday, the year 2006, 10:00 AM, at the PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center (Map here).

A hundred cat and dog licks await those who come. Bring a friend. Ask your friend to bring a friend.

They need more of us to lean on.

Please get the volunteer application form here, fill it up, and kindly bring it personally to PARC on October 7!

If you have questions regarding the orientation, kindly email PAWS at philpaws @ Phone service is still down thanks to the wonderful service of PLDT.

Alfie, the lap cat

Posted by siyerwin on Wednesday, September 13, 2006 at 10:34 PM

Alfie's the name and the lap, his domain. This kitten is perfect companion to anyone who loves the gentle and the quiet ones. Scoop him up anytime for a cuddle-session and you'll rarely get complaints. Only purrs in generous plenty.

Me and Alfie hit it off the first time we met, which was around 3 months ago. Picked him up during a lull in PARC activities and was pleasantly surprised by how friendly he turned out to be. Went to nap right then and there on my lap like it was a pillow made of clouds.

I think Alfie's in a bit of trouble though. I've noticed that most cats cope really well in the forty-plus-cat shelter environment (yes, there are at least 40 of them at PARC). Alfie, unfortunately, is not one of those cats. Let's just say that he is not very well-placed in the corporate feline ladder and he's got the wounds to show for it. I know. Cats will be cats. But I figure some of you kind souls out there may be looking for a mild-mannered companion cat with a snuggle and cuddle-ready attitude 24/7. Alfie is the one!

Please adopt Alfie and save yours truly and a bunch of PARC volunteers from a whole lot of heartaches.

Alfie facts:

1. Alfie is around 1 year old.
2. Alfie will be ok in a multiple-cat home so long as he's able to eat well. He's one of the shy ones during feeding time and forty cats is probably just too much competition for him sometimes.
3. Alfie is 100% certified cuddly!

Here's one of Alfie's earlier pics when the white in his fur was still pristine and still no wounds to show his rank. I'm rooting for the under-um-dog, er, cat! :)

Alfie's one of my most photographed PARC residents. He's not the unruly type and knows how to stay put... most of the time. So it's easy to take pictures of him.

Kittens will be kittens. Here's Alfie sticking his head into piled up sacks of goodies!

You'll get a lot of this kind of affection from this fella.

One of Alfie's favorite places on earth: up in the arms of friends.

Shoulders are a favorite, too!!!

Please help find Alfie a forever home [ADOPT | LINK UP]. Kindly show his pictures to your friends and forward this post to anyone whom you think might be able to help. Click HERE to forward this post. More images of Alfie are in this post. Email me at find.home @ for your queries.

September Two

Posted by siyerwin on Sunday, August 27, 2006 at 1:40 PM

Adoption is only one aspect of the animal welfare advocacy. There are other ways that you can help these homeless animals. If you're interested in learning more about those ways, please attend the forthcoming PAWS orientation on September 2, Saturday, the year 2006, 10:00 AM, at the PAWS Animal Rehabilitation Center (PARC), and become a volunteer. Here's the chance you may be waiting for, fellow advocate. Pounce on it. Now is the time. Stop denying your heart the fulfillment of seeing the animals freed from pain and misery and into better lives. Do it. Do it. :)

A hundred cat and dog licks await those who come. Bring a friend. Ask your friend to bring a friend.

They need more of us to lean on.

Please get the volunteer application form here, fill it up, and kindly bring it personally to PARC on September 2!

If you have questions regarding the orientation, kindly email PAWS at philpaws @ PLDT phone service is currently down.

Amazing Kate

Posted by siyerwin on Wednesday, August 02, 2006 at 1:00 AM

Seeing Kate for the first time was almost mind-blowing for me. My brain rejected what my eyes saw: a kitten hopping and bouncing around on only three legs! It was like one of those CG animated movies that we sometimes find ourselves marveling at; like something unreal made to appear so fascinatingly real.

Kate, by all means, is real and is indeed a very fascinating creature. Her limping and hobbling don't stop her from being the curious and playful kitten you would expect a kitten to be. Hundreds of my shots were not framed well and were generally unfocused and contained some kind of motion blur. She just kept on playing and sidling up and rubbing up to me. Kate was a whirlwind on three legs!

Kate is starving for love. You'll learn this fact immediately when you meet her. Her disability will not slow her down in giving you the affection most homeless cats give with reckless abandon. Check out her video below and I'm sure you'll agree 100% with how amazing Kate is!

Look, 'ma! Three paws! No camera trick on this image.

One of my favorite Kate images. It wasn't framed well though as I was holding the camera with only one hand. The other hand Kate's trying to jump!

Kate's eyes are not well. One of them's cloudy and was perhaps injured as a result of her inability to keep perfect balance. All the more reason why she needs to get out of the shelter environment.

A friendly moment for Kate and a shelter pup.

Below is a short video clip (shot and put together by another PAWS volunteer) to show you guys how cute and unique this shelter amputee kitten is. I just know she will touch your heart.

The video above is around 3mb. A lighter version is provided in the link below:

Video hosting by YouTube. Please email me if the videos and links aren't working. I'm a youtube newbie.

Kate badly needs our help and the urgency of it is quite obvious. The shelter environment, while good enough for most cats, will not be very good for her. She needs a good home to nurse her eyes, among other things, to sparkling health.

Adopt Kate and keep her from getting further injured. She gets free consultation from PARC's resident veterinarian, Dr. Henry.

Tell your friends about Kate by forwarding this post to anyone you know who might be able to help. If you have websites of your own, I'm sure Kate will love you for telling your readers about her. Link to me.find.Home!


The rescue of Kate

Below is an account of the rescue of Kate, the three-legged kitten, written by her rescuer Fatima Reyes who's also a PAWS volunteer. You may thank Fatima for her generosity and admirable compassion through the commenting link right after this post. I will make sure she gets them. Thanks for reading.

The kitten is about I think 4-5 months. I went out of our gate to leave for a meeting when I saw some kids looking at something on the ground. Since I was in a hurry I decided not to investigate…then when I was near the exit to our subdivision…I remembered I left my wallet behind so I went back to get it. When I arrived at our gate, I notice that the kids are all gone but there is this small black and white furry thing among the garbage at the side of the road. To my horror, I saw it was a kitten and its front paw was mangled beyond recognition. It was barely alive so I took it inside our house. I decided to postpone my meeting since I thought that the kitten will not make it if I will still have to take it to the vet in the afternoon. I called up Anna who very kindly advice me to take the kitten to the Marikina vet so I drove there and got lost since I don’t know the place. Finally I got there and was accommodated very kindly too by Dr. May. The kitten was touch and go at that time, it was so pale. Dr. May bandaged the mangled paw and cleaned the kitten who was whimpering in pain all the way. I monitored the kitten’s condition by sending text messages to Dr. May, and finally was informed that the kitten will pull through but will lose its front leg and is also blind in eye. I visited the kitten again and was ecstatic to see how alive and lively it was. I really admire the kitten. I would have wanted for the kitten to live with me so I am fostering it. However, our place is small and I am kind of worried about its safety here so I am also open for it to be adopted…

-Fatima Reyes

Tala, The Bright

Posted by siyerwin on Thursday, July 27, 2006 at 9:50 PM

A blur of black and white zoomed past by me as I walked up to the PARC office. That was Tala, the bright, the black and the white, and she was saying hello.

Tala has been at the receiving end of a series of seemingly unfortunate events. Affectionate, playful, intelligent and obedient, and certainly one of the prettiest, it's strange why no one has taken her in yet. She has appeared on TV and the newspapers and has been represented by a handful of determined home-seekers but she remains a homeless 9 month old pup nonetheless.

There has been a number of kind souls who have expressed interest in adopting her. In fact, there was even a time when they had to make a waiting list! But alas, by reasons unavoidable and of no Tala's fault, each candidate adopters reneged on their promises and no adoption pushed through.

Tala's one of the animal residents of PARC with superbly well-balanced temperaments and she is up there at the top of my personal must-find-home list along with Hanny. Heck, I think she's at the top of everyone's must-find-home lists. Another volunteer told me that she thinks Tala's developing some sort of inferiority complex as consequence to all the failed adoption. It would be heartbreaking if that were true.

Let's not allow that to happen. Tala has all the makings of a great companion. Let her show that to you! Please adopt her or help find someone who would. No one will go wrong adopting this dog!

Please call (02) 475-1688 for more information on Tala. Click here to learn about the adoption process. Tell your friends about her and use the images as you see fit. Forward this post via email by clicking on the envelope icon at the end of this post, just between the commenting and voting links. You may also link to this blog! Please click.

Tala and her trademark smiling face. Check out the tongue on that dog!!!

Tell Tala to sit and she will!!!

Tell Tala to play and watch her go!!!

One-eyed Angel

Posted by siyerwin on Sunday, July 16, 2006 at 10:46 PM

One of the wonder cats of PARC, Angel walks around with the feline gait and confidence that usually earns her the admiration of those that she meet. She's only got one eye but it doesn't bother her one tiny bit. I asked Angel about it one time we were hanging out at PARC and her reply was surprising wisdom beyond her years.

"Why do I need stereoscopic eyes to estimate distances?", Angel retorted as she intermittently licked a paw the way a child licks on a lollipop. "If I see you, any friend, a playmate, or cat food, with my one good eye, I'll come near anyway! I don't need two eyes to know who's close to me...", her one-eyed gaze seemed to take her to some imaginary place where playmates abound and cat food are plenty. "I mean, PARC is very nice and all and I like hanging out with 1-2-3, Zorro and Alfie, and the dogs, and the occassional volunteers, but it would be great if, you know, someone would just...", Angel trailed off and fell silent.

But I understood.

Indeed Angel, like all cats, was not meant to be homeless. And neither was she meant to be walking around with a void in one of her eye sockets and, most of all, her heart. Restore the latter by taking her home and showing her that she really doesn't need two eyes to be loved and cared for.

Facts we know about Angel:
1. She was abandoned and rescued by a fellow advocate.
2. She's around 1.5 years old.
3. Infection damaged her right eye beyond healing so they had it surgically removed.
4. She'll be perfect for any cat-lover who's taken care of cats before.

Please call (02) 475-1688 and adopt Angel. Learn more about the adoption process here. If you know a kind soul who might be able to take Angel in, please forward this post to him/her by clicking here or that envelope thingie at the end of this post, right beside the commenting links.

A hundred cat licks to everyone! Thank you very much!

Paw Prints

Posted by siyerwin on at 9:53 PM

Once in a while, animal advocates get the chance to give a louder voice for their charges through publication. And I've been happy to have seen the homeless animals featured in newspapers and magazines more than once since I started volunteering. This section is dedicated to those publishing institutions that help out in un-silencing the silent plea of the abandoned and neglected. Check them out and buy their products if you can. Let's support those who support us. That is the only way we can sustain the little victories that we attain everytime people hear and listen; and everytime one of our animal friends gets adopted into a "forever" home.

Image hosting by PhotoBucket.

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